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  Topic: Amazon Warrior Women Were Very Much Real
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Post number 26103Forum: News   Posted: Yesterday at 21:23   Subject: Amazon Warrior Women Were Very Much Real
New Russian Gravesite Proves Amazon Warrior Women Were Very Much Real 09:44

January 14, 2020
Tonya Mosley
For centuries, scholars assumed that Greek myths about fierce warrior women they called Amazons were just that — myths.

But new archaeology confirms what modern historians like Adrienne Mayor from Stanford University had begun to suspect: Amazons were very much real, and they were actually Scythian nomads.

Earlier this month in Russia, archaeologists found the gravesites of four female warrior women — buried together along with their weapons. Mayor says it's the first time archaeologists have discovered remains of warrior women within a range of ages, from about 45 to 50 years old down to about 12 years old.

“These four women were companions in warfare, probably died in a skirmish and were buried together, ” she says.
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  Topic: Schedules, Yours and your Cat’s
Post number 26104Forum: Off topic   Posted: Today at 10:30   Subject: Schedules, Yours and your Cat’s
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