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PF London ..Pagan NEWS: Festivals, Rituals, WIcca courses

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Morgana Post number 16370 Posted: 6th May 2012     Subject: PF London ..Pagan NEWS: Festivals, Rituals, WIcca courses
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PF London... Pagan NEWS: Festivals, Rituals, WIcca courses, Astrology webinars MAY 2012

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Dear all,

Feel free to pass this on to other pagans with interests.

In this bulletin:

-Eclipses, Blue moons & Venus Transit
-Pagan Videos
-Pagan Pride Parade
-Hasting Jack o' Green festival
-PFL Midsummer open ritual
-Intro Wicca & Witchcraft course (London)
-Astrology Webinar


How are you doing? Did you manage to get a glimpse of last night's `Super Moon'? Here in London is was cloudy, so I missed it.
Hope some of you got to see it. (Full moon in Scorpio happened to coincide with moon being closest to Earth, so it would have been the biggest moon ever).
If any one managed to get a photo (your own please. Not some circulated one from internet), please send them to me, ad I'll share it with others on PF London website, with credit given to you [Smile]

SOLAR & LUNAR Eclipses, INDIGO & BLUE moons; VENUS transit of the Sun.

The news is everywhere in the media and internet groups. But here's the facts. On 20th May'12, there is an annular Solar Eclipse (23:47 hrs GMT) in Gemini (new moon). It's not visible fro UK. And then on 4th June'12, there is a Lunar Eclipse (11:12hrs GMT) in Sagittarius (full moon). Am sure magicians and witches will be busy doing magical work on those new moon & full moon days as usual. Next set of eclipses will be in November & December of this year. INDIGO moon: Quick word on this- There are 2 consecutive new moons in the same sign (20th May in gemini, and 19th June also in Gemini). This is what I call an Indigo moon. Of course there is a BLUE moon (2nd full moon in same calendar month) on 31st August. Finally (well, not finally), there is the much anticipated VENUS TRANSIT of the Sun. Basically the planet Venus will be seen passing across the front of the Sun (from our point of view). This is on the 6th June! For those
interested, this is just like a Solar Eclipse by the moon, except it is Venus that is in front of the Sun, and it is so small, that it doesn't block out the whole Sun [Smile] So really it's like an annular eclipse of the Sun by Venus! [Smile]
Lots of stellar opportunities for special magical workings.

GAIA Video Competition & SEASONAL VIDEOS.

For Earth month, we ran a special `Gaia video competition' (joint venture with PF London & Gaian Times eco-magazine).
Alas, we did not receive any entries. No worries, as we may do a more relaxed video competition. In fact, if you do have any pagan-relevant 3 min videos, please send me a link, and if it's fitting in wih PFL & GT themes, we'll show case it on our sites [Smile]. That reminds me. In case you have not been to visit PF London website of late, do visit. I've been putting up Seasonal videos with invocations, mini-features of pagan festivals etc. There's also a few promotion vids- on PF London, Enfield Town Circle (moot), Pagan Pride Parade, etc.
You can see some example videos at htttp:// (the channel I use for pagan stuff).


1. PAGAN Pride PARADE (London)
Many of you have been asking about this. As far as we know, The Atlantis Bookshop in conjunction with PF London's support - is organising this year's parade in the later part of June (close to Midsummer). Watch out for updates on our website.

2. Jack of the Green - HASTING festival.
This annual festival culminates on this coming bank holiday MONDAY 7th May'12. Check their website for details. Am sure there will be giants and fairies, and Green man. Might be raining, but hey, the land still needs the rain [Smile]

3. PFL MIDSUMMER Open ritual.
The next PFL open ritual is Midsummer, and it takes place a week early, due to conway hall bookings. It is on Thursday 14th June'12, 7.30pm for 8pm start. Ritual by Moonlit Path Coven. Details in PFL website.

4. Course: WICCA & WITCHCRAFT - 1-day taster (evening).
This is on in few week, on Thursday 16th May in a central London venue. (Run by Mani & April). We'll be covering all the basics, in about 2-3 hrs (we'll try!) between 7pm- 9.30pm. There will be question time of 30mins afterwards. Fee: 10 payable on the day. But pls book in advance by e-mail to me or phone me on 077689-41373, as we have only 12 spaces total, and 6 are gone already!

5. ASTROLOGY webinar.
What with all the astrological things going on, there's a nice Intro to Astrology webinar replay. You can watch it any time (available for next week or so).
Go to website and follow links. There; s also lots of other videos and fun stuff related to Eclipses and magical working... [Smile]

Well, that's it. This is a big round up.
For more updates, do opt-in to one of our many Opt-in boxes.

Have a great Month of May.
Bright Stellar Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

Webmaster / PF London
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