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First Dutch PP Day: short report to share

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Phaedrus Post number 17086 Posted: 23rd July 2012     Subject: First Dutch PP Day: short report to share
The first Dutch Pagan Parenting Meeting was last sunday. It was a wonderful sunny day in the Elswout Estate, old English landscape gardens full of so called 'folies' near Haarlem. Many thanks to all who attended. Here I want to give a short report, maybe to inspire other parents in this community.

The main group of children was from 5 to 8 years old, and we allgave them a specially designed fairy tale map so they could guide the paerents aroudn the woods. Younger children stayed with their parents of course, for them a stroll along the woods was exciting enough. In the end we ended at a small wooden 'temple' (another 19th century folly') were we thanked the spirits of the wood with all kinds of offerings the kids had gathered during their walk. The day ended with a good picknick in the green, where the kids could play around and we decided to continue this initiative. Next time another couple will choose a location, and we will continue to advertise them on the lists for other parents who want to join.

Brightest Blessings from the Dutch PP team
Morgana Post number 17096 Posted: 24th July 2012     Subject:
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Hi Phaedrus,

Many thanks for posting this report.

It sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon.
A couple of people have been ssking me more about the group in Amsterdam. and Pagan Parenting in general

Is it open to everyone... or just residents of Amsterdam?

Sunny blessings (finally!)

Phaedrus Post number 17098 Posted: 24th July 2012     Subject:
It's open to every pagan parent with her or his kid. The first meeting was near Amsterdam because that is the home of the first ones who took the initiative. But next time will be another place, that is near Zoetermeer because that's where the next organising people live.
Only thing is to let us know beforehand if you want to come, so we will know when everyone is present and how big the group will be.

Enjoy the summer

Morgana Post number 17108 Posted: 25th July 2012     Subject:
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Thanks Peter!

Btw do you have a general email address to which people could contact the PP group?

We can make arrangement via PFI if you would Like??

We are also starting a category in "Pagan World" for PP - so that people can submit articles.

Of course for the PFI Forum etc the world is open so I hope more people from abroad will contribute.

Off out again... the 4th day of Summer!
Hope you and the children/family
are enjoying the summer hols,

Phaedrus Post number 17109 Posted: 25th July 2012     Subject:
I can not and don't want to give a general e-mail adress, because the PP group is not mine to regulate. I was the contact person for the first meeting because it was our initiative. But the next meeting will be someone else, and the e-mail adress will be posted with the invitation. his could be me or someone else. No central planning in this stage, too many initiatives failed because of it. I hope this one will manage to structure itself via different channels.

For me, I will keep people informed on this forum as long as neceassary. People can always post their willingness to join here. That way this subject will get a life of its own too.

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