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Morgana Post number 15742 Posted: 23rd March 2012     Subject: Pagan Parenting Forum
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Hallo pagan parents,

Many pagans with young children have questions about how to bring up children in a pagan family.

How can we involve children? Should we involve them?
What about schooling? Health? General upbringing.

In this sub-forum we would like to encourage discussion and include pagan resources such as children's books and books about pagan parenting.

I found this website recently:

Pagan Dawn also carries a regular column about PP.

What are the current views on PP? My daughter is an adult now so many things may have changed since she was small.
However if anyone is interested I can give you some ideas of how we coped during her younger years [Very happy]


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Zevenster Post number 15752 Posted: 26th March 2012     Subject: Pagan parenting
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My son is almost four and I have been introducing him to Nature as the force behind his life. I do this by showing him changes in Nature, the stars and Moon, and telling him stories with that. We look at Youtube sometimes, when questions about natural occurances come up. We celebrate the seasons in and around the house...
Now he is about to mix with children of different religious believes, his next pubic school is multicultural, I try to tell him some people believe in a God, some people believe their God is called something else, like Allah, and his mother beleives in a Godess. With all that I try to tell him that even though we sometimes think we should discribe our believes as a knowledge, a fact - it is mere beleives, a way to accept the world around us, and ourselves in it... and that we can never challenge the believes of others, as we should be respected for our own...
It is my wish to take him to the honoured sacred places of the Ancient, throughout Europe... one by one will give me opportunity to introduce him further in historic and religious facts and myths.

Elck Syn Waerom
AndreaGreen Post number 15853 Posted: 4th April 2012     Subject:
Great!! I got a Blog, in spanish, about how to be a mom (or dad) and being pagan. I`ll read the link thanks! [Smile]
Phaedrus Post number 15899 Posted: 10th April 2012     Subject:
Our daughter is 5 at the moment, and grows up with Wicca parents and lots of Wicca friends in the house. She had her Wiccaning together with our coven, and was part of the group from that moment on... Of course, she is very young and small at the moment. For her it's all just a game, but we took her with us to the yearly festivals when she was just a baby in a pram. She is to young to have serious talks about gods and religions, but slowly she learns and understands. We make no secret of our religion, never did, and now she is at school her little friends and their parents don't react strange when she or we talk about it. However, it would be nice if there should be some serious information material ready, should there be questions from parents or teachers. But I guess we will have to produce it ourselves in time.

Meanwhile we give her little roles at the festivals, and this year she had her own Samhain pumpkin party with her friends, just before we and our friends met for the serious ritual. We have our limits, of course. She does not attend full moon rituals and nightly meetings, because they are closed rituals anyhow. But slowly, if she wants it, we will start to teach and learn her things, but always against the background of the greater world she lives in. Our aim is not to make her strange or different, but to make her realise being Wiccan is just as normal as being christian, muslim or hindu (like her friends).
I don't know when or if she will be ready to join the coven, or if the coven will still be there when she will be old enough. We will see.

Phaedrus from Amsterdam
Hecatere Post number 16842 Posted: 22nd June 2012     Subject:
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Itīs a pleasure for me meet pagan parents in PFI.
I have got two daughters: 10 and 6 years. They are in a public school too, where the most of the students estudying catholic religion (yes... in a public school: the religion mayority in Spain is Catholicism, althougt there are others religions on the school), but they have a diferent subject: "Alternative". Of course, the most of parents are "catholics". We never have had any problems, but I think that the subjetct "Religion" donīt must be teached in a public school. For me, this subject must be learned in your own home.
Of course, the "pagan path" is my path, donīt must be the path of my daugthers, but they see the altars, see candles and incenses, they know to my pagan friends and some times they come with me to some pagan festival... I would like they share this path with me, this would be a honor for me, but I think they are very small still to decide her spiritual path. Of course, I am "open" to answer her questions and I try that they learn to respect others religions. Itīs a hard work, but I try make it the better possible.
PD: sorry, my English is not very good, but I hope you understand me [Confused]
Terrigenas Post number 17753 Posted: 2nd November 2012     Subject:
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My children are coming up 4 and 7. I have not exposed them to any of my beliefs. I don't know if I should tell them something that contradicts what is commonly exposed to them. (ie: Christian mainstream idea of heaven and hell that all kids pick up quickly). I want them to keep a open mind. But not sure how to explain that to them. Any suggestions?
Phaedrus Post number 17769 Posted: 4th November 2012     Subject:
Yesterday we had our Samhain celebration, and just like last year we gave our daughter (nearly 6 now) the opportunity to invite some friends during the day for making pumpkin lanterns and scary masks. We had scary food and they were all dressed up. We tried to read a story of Persephone to them, but at this age they just like to run around and scare each other. It was a real pandemonium, but scary, allright.

This is our little way to introduce some pagan ideas to the other children and parents. The school is very open, and we experienced that they are just as interested in 'pagan' stories as the usual 'christian' ones. It only takes some courage to step forward and come out off the broomcloset. I know this is difficult in a lot of countries and situations, but it is really important that others and we ourselves accept a pagan faith as something absolutely normal and nothing to hide away. Don't make it too difficult, it's possible not to use the word 'witch' or 'pagan' to much, and still explain what it's all about.
Morgana Post number 17774 Posted: 4th November 2012     Subject:
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Thanks Phaedrus for sharing this with us.

Yes we don't need to shock people. They can do that all by themselves.

The other thing I have noticed is that if we look at other cultures we can often find similar stories and festivals.

If we look at the older ritual/festival calendars we can also see that our parents had similar celebrations.

Sint Maarten 11th november, celebrated in UTRECHT and the northern provinces of the netherlands.

Other examples at this time of year can be found in the old almanacs.

See: Volksweerkunde.
Slachtmaand/ Blod monath (Anglo Saxon)/ Blood Moon ... na_01-11.htm

A similar English website:

Some of the rhymes and customs are quite interesting.

Happy reveling,
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