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Sweetleaf Post number 20598 Posted: 12th April 2014     Subject: Substitutions
Blessed be!

I have a question and I hope someone here can help me.
I live in New Zealand and we are suffering a terrible drought where I am at the moment. It's so bad we're having to truck in water for our cattle because all the ponds have dried up completely and the situation is getting pretty dire. I've found a spell for rain, but it say to use broom. I've never seen actual broom here and I have no idea what could be used as a substitute. Any ideas? We have a large number of European and American trees around the place, but most are native to NZ, so I'm hoping there are some NZ wiccans with an idea of good substitutions.
Enjoy your weekend everyone,
Morgana Post number 20601 Posted: 12th April 2014     Subject:
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Hallo Sweetleaf,

Welcome to PFI!
(Can you post an introduction under INTRODUCTIONS... Thanks... )

Most of my friends would say "Get Morgana to come... " I brought rain to Croatia 2 years running and in December on my first visit to Israel
I brought the worst storms in 60 years - torrential rain and SNOW in Jerusalem. Recently I was in California... and yes it rained the first 3 days I was there, pleasing the grape farmers no end [Very happy]

Anyway... a substitute for a broom... what do you use to sweep verandas? You must have something traditional using local material.

I have seen little brooms in Turkey with the famous blue eye charm to ward away the evil eye.
It would be good to incorporate similar amulets on your broom. Or in this case a talisman for a particular purpose. In this case RAIN.

It's full moon on April 15th... and a moon eclipse. Definitely do something then!

I'll have a think too. Maybe we could do a PFI ritual calling on everyone to work for you?
Bright Blessings,
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