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WHRIN at the United Nations

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Morgana Post number 20489 Posted: 18th March 2014     Subject: WHRIN at the United Nations
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WHRIN at the United Nations

We were delighted to launch our report - 21st Century Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution: 2013 Global Report - at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week. To establish an idea of the global spread of the various spiritual beliefs that result in violations of human rights, WHRIN monitored online media reports in 2013 of cases of abuse and the interventions that have been carried out by governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and human rights activists. WHRIN believes that this report may represent the first systematic attempt to assess the scale of the problem worldwide and responses to it. Special thanks goes to Lois Herman at the Women's UN Report Network for arranging the side event at the UN and providing WHRIN with a platform to share the report findings.

Please do read the report and share with anyone who you feel has a stake in these issues. We very much appreciate your ongoing support as we worked to further raise awareness of these horrific human rights abuses and strive to support the development of solutions.

WHRIN Launches Report to UN – 21st Century Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution
March 11, 2014
Geneva, March 10th 2014 – WHRIN launches what may be the first ever report into the global scale of witchcraft accusations and persecution,
muti killings and human sacrifice at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

See more: ... persecution/

Full report here: ... ll-FINAL.pdf
Introduction P 1
Organisational Background P 1
Understanding Terminology P1 - 2
Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution (WAP)
What is witchcraft?
What is a witch?
What is spirit possession?
What is juju?
What is muti?
What is human sacrifice?
Study of the Global Situation P3 - 6
The Study
Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution (WAP)
Murder to Obtain ‘Magical’ Ingredients
Human Sacrifice
Persecution of Human Rights Defenders
Promising Practices P6 – 8
Christian Responses
Pagan Responses
Humanist Responses
Government Response
Community and NGO Responses
Conclusions P8-9
Recommendations P9

Morgana Post number 20791 Posted: 26th May 2014     Subject: Accusations and Persecution in Nepal: 2014 Country Report
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Accusations and Persecution in Nepal: 2014 Country Report Launched
WHRIN have posted a country report about NEPAL: ... rt_FINAL.pdf
Morgana Post number 21611 Posted: 5th January 2015     Subject: WHRIN Mail Winter Update
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WHRIN Mail Winter Update

Firstly, let us thank you all for your support and engagement in 2014. It has been a great year for WHRIN and, looking back, it is amazing to see what the organisation has achieved. The year witnessed us releasing our first ever reports at the UN Human Rights Council and in Nepal. We were also humbled to be invited by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to present at an expert meeting on on persons with albinism: violence, discrimination and way forward.

In the UK, WHRIN's training course has been delivered to over 300 front-line practitioners, with increasing numbers of Local Safeguarding Children Boards seeking this service. Recent reports in the UK suggest abuse linked to belief in witchcraft is on the rise. Our expert witness report services have also been in high demand and we have assisted 9 asylum cases this year.

However, whilst our small team continues to work hard to "light fires in the darkness", it is the work of the diverse people that make up our network that inspires us the most. Below you will see some updates from around the world to provide hope that 2015 will see more progress being made to put a stop to the widespread human rights violations that continue to scar the world due to beliefs in witchcraft, spirit possession and other malevolent beliefs. You will also see details of our "Heroes and Heroines of 2014" to whom we take our hat off to and offer our fullest of thanks and respect to for all that they are doing to bring about positive change...

Wishing one and all a very peaceful and happy 2015.
Morgana Post number 21781 Posted: 10th March 2015     Subject:
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WHRIN, in Partnership with Aya Distribution and Under the Same Sun,
Warmly Invite you to UK Premiere

In recent years People with Albinism (PWA) have become a commodity across many parts of Africa – human targets of a lucrative and sinister trade. Witch ddoctors offer thousands of dollars for their body parts which are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity and the ability to cure any illness. As a result, Tanzanian PWA, including children, have been murdered by gangs of men who hack off arms, legs or genitals.

White Shadow, set in Tanzania and directed by Noaz Deshe, tells the story behind the headlines of the persecution of PWA in Tanzania, through a captivating narrative this fictional piece takes us inside the life of a young PWA, The film has won numerous awards at festivals across the world including Venice Critics Week and Seattle International Film Festival. It has been highly acclaimed by film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola who describes the film as ‘Timeless, haunting, horrific, beautiful’.

WHRIN member, Under the Same Sun, has been leading the fight to put a stop to this practice and has recorded significant success recently with the UN Human Rights Council adopting a special resolution to prevent attacks on PWA and announcing an historic International Albinism Awareness day (13th June 2015).

Event Details:
7.30 PM - Drinks Reception with Director, Noaz Deshe, Lead Actor, Hamisi Bazili, Under the Same Sun International Advocacy Officer, I. K Ero and WHRIN Executive Director, Gary Foxcroft.

8.30 PM - Screening of White Shadow

10PM - Q & A Session

Venue: The Tricycle Theare, 269 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 7JR

Tickets are £10 and available on the door or on line here: ... hite-shadow/
Morgana Post number 21791 Posted: 13th March 2015     Subject: Deference to faith is preventing effective challenges..
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Deference to faith is preventing effective challenges to the “horror” of witchcraft accusations and persecution
Posted: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:29

The Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) has warned that "considerable reluctance" to intervene in people's faith is preventing an effective response to suffering caused by witchcraft accusations.

WHRIN, which campaigns for a "world where all people can live freely without fear of their rights being abused due to the belief in witchcraft", urges serious consideration for the suffering caused by witchcraft accusations and persecution (WAP) and warns that the issue has "slid beneath the radar."

They write of how "women accused of witchcraft are beaten to death in India, mutilated in South Africa and Uganda, and burned alive in Papua New Guinea, while elderly women die in their burning houses in Kenya. Small children and even babies may be subjected to cruel treatment and violence because of these misguided beliefs."

In a written statement to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Gary Foxcroft, executive director of WHRIN, warns that the killing of women for witchcraft "has not be consigned to the history books" and urges more research into the problem to establish its scope and how many women are effected by WAP.

Mr Foxcroft writes that "there appears to be considerable reluctance to intervene in areas that impinge on people's faith" and notes that "many in the international community fear being seen as contravening Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights" which guarantees freedom of religion and belief. However, he argues, "there must be greater understanding that this right does not supersede other human rights, such as the right to life."

WHRIN compares the approach to witchcraft accusations and persecution with female genital mutilation (FGM) and other forms of gender-based violence which are perceived to be related to religious or cultural beliefs and argues that persecution because of beliefs about witchcraft has been neglected.

WHRIN are contributing to the growing research in this field and have challenged the assumption that such practices are exclusive to any particular country or culture. In 2012 the Metropolitan Police warned that children believed to be possessed by evil spirits or believed to be witches are at "clear and immediate risk of significant harm".

The group has called on the UN to "do more to understand why these abuses are still taking place, why so little is being done to stop them and why governments, UN bodies, NGOs and faith groups remain unaware and unresponsive" and urges for "concerted pressure on governments, UN agencies, faith leaders, and civil society to ensure that the current scourge of WAP does not to continue."

Read the full WHRIN statement to the UN Commission on the Status of Women here. ... tions-panel/

See full article: http://www.secularism.o ... -persecution
Morgana Post number 24054 Posted: 4th December 2017     Subject: ]Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution; Muti Murders...
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Witchcraft Accusations and Persecution; Muti Murders and Human Sacrifice::Harmful Beliefs and Practices Behind a Global Crisis in Human Rights
October 2017

This report was specifically compiled for the United Nations Expert Workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights, in Geneva on 21st and 22nd September 2017.

The report outlines a study of all recorded online cases of human rights abuses linked to beliefs in witchcraft, muti and human sacrifice in 2016. It aims to provide some background understanding into the work carried out by the United Nations on these issues to date; outline the current scale of the abuses of human rights that are taking place across the world due such harmful beliefs and practices; identify emerging trends and, finally, act as a call to action for all UN, Government and civil society agencies working on these issues to redouble their efforts to develop solutions to prevent further abuses from taking place.

Full report here: ... RT-final.pdf

Witchcraft Research Archives Published

Prof. Norman Miller from Dartmouth University in USA has published a collection of materials and studies from his life and work researching the environment, global health and human rights issues in eastern Africa and beyond. In the last decade, he has concentrated much of his work on contemporary issues surrounding human rights, witchcraft and witch-hunting violence in Africa.

This website allows you to view a selection of archive materials and aims to provide a scholarly resource as well as an introduction to the many historical documents and artifacts. This is an ongoing project and more articles will be added in the future. You can access the Norman Miller Archive for free HERE
Rexin Post number 24647 Posted: 8th July 2018     Subject: Re: Accusations and Persecution in Nepal: 2014 Country Report
Morgana wrote:
 Accusations and Persecution in Nepal: 2014 Country Report Launched
WHRIN have posted a country report about transfers Caen NEPAL: ... rt_FINAL.pdf
Morgana Post number 25538 Posted: 8th April 2019     Subject:
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WHRIN are still active

Check out their website for up-to-date information

Morgana Post number 25847 Posted: 11th September 2019     Subject: Support the Witch Way Forward Campaign
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Support the Witch Way Forward Campaign

You tube: ... =aO08kruH6WI
Gary Foxcroft
Innocent people are being hunted, tortured and killed every day due to harmful practices related to manifestations of beliefs in witchcraft (HPW). This is not the 16th century. It needs to stop. Now! Please sign the petition -
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