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Summer Wiccan Festival 2014

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Garzia Post number 21076 Posted: 5th August 2014     Subject: Summer Wiccan Festival 2014
This weekend saw the 3rd Wiccan Summer Festival of Russian Wiccan Alliance, this year hosted by Northern Capital Wiccans on the bank of river Oredezh, close to Vyritsa, Leningrad District. About 30 attended, which is the average turnout these three years. People came from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Lipetsk. Among those who attended, there were followers of Norse and Celtic paths, Cosmos cult, people interested in Paganism as well as Wiccans.

The festival included lectures (about the structure and meaning of myth and the cult of Cosmos), workshops (creating "magick balls", historical fencing, handcraft, Tarot reading, rune lore and lucid dreaming) and a midnight Lammas ritual celebrating God's life-giving sacrifice before the Triple Goddess. There was also a small fair of magical ware.

Lammas altar with an oak crown, a sheaf and a sickle

Northern Capital Wiccans banner

Russian Wiccan Alliance banner

Fencing class

Summer festivals started in 2012 under auspices of Russian Wiccan Alliance, bringing together Wiccans and Pagans from different places of Russia and Ukraine. This is the first time such an event occured outside Moscow District. Also this festival was attended by two members of Pagan Federation International (one of them from the organizing crew).
We thank all the wonderful people who came to share this unforgettable holiday with us, and we're sure the sparks of the wild joy we shared will unfold magically in ways only Gods know!
Blessed Lammas!

Original post on Northern Capital Wiccans facebook group:

Reports in Russian:

Summer Festival Vkontakte group:
Morgana Post number 21081 Posted: 5th August 2014     Subject:
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Thanks Garzia!

This is really interesting to know [Very happy]
And such lovely photos!

We celebrated Lughnasadh which is the festival honouring Tailtu:

Quite often the story of Lugh is misinterpreted as "the sacrifice of the dying god" when he in fact is continuing an age old story of honouring Tailtu who died in child-birth.
This is a very good example of an ancient story becoming christianised.

For more information about the origins of Lammas/ Loaf Mass see:

Bright Blessings,
Garzia Post number 21083 Posted: 5th August 2014     Subject:
Thanks, Morgana.
We didn't mean Lugh in the ritual. And we didn't employ Celtic Reconstructionist material.
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