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ACTION Mabon 2014

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ChristopherBlackwell Post number 21275 Posted: 20th September 2014     Subject: ACTION Mabon 2014
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ACTION is free to everyone. You can
read the Mabon issue here.

First go to
Note the two link buttons on the upper right corner.

Here is what we have for you in this issue:

Article 1, Page 2
The Pittsburg Black Hat Society
Interview with Je'Amour Matthews
Je’Amour Matthews tells us about herself and the The Pittsburg Black Hat Society and its Witches’ Ball

Article 2, Page 5
Order of the Mithril Star
Interview with Rev. Druid Ellis Arseneau Patriarch Emeritus, Order of the Mithril Star, RDG
Rev. Arseneau tells us how the Book Stranger in a Strange Land leads him to Paganism and founding a Druid order that includes some ideas from the book.

Article 3, Page 12
3rd Wiccan Summer Festival
of the Russian Wiccan Alliance
Interview with Grazier
Grazier reports in the the St. Petersburg area of Russian on some Wiccan groups in the country and the recently sucessful 3rd Wiccan Summer Festival.

Article 4, Page 18
An Interview with Victor Aradia
Interviewed and translated by Garzia
Starting at the 3rd Wiccan Summer Festival, Garzia interviewed Victor M. Aradia the founder and administrator of the largest Wicca and Nature Witchcraft social network group in the Russian language “The Spirit of the Goddess” or Dukh Bogini with more than 11,000 subscribers world wide.

Article 5, Page 21
Solitary Witch in Wales
Interview with Tylluan Penry
Family raised Witch who went her own path, became an author speaker, had her own radio show did pod cast videos and started her own publishing copany.

Article 6, Page 32
Raised Pagan, becoming Heathen
Interview with Kelly May
Kelly was raised Pagan, then Christian and became Heathen.

Article 7, Page 34
Druid on the Path
Interview with Michael Talvola
Michael is an officer in two Druid groups and we learn a bit about how he got there and what each group has in its favor.

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
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