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ACTION Imbolc 2015 is ready

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ChristopherBlackwell Post number 21717 Posted: 3rd February 2015     Subject: ACTION Imbolc 2015 is ready
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ACTION Imbolc 2015 is ready

Looking for more people to interview for the Ostara issue, so your suggestions are needed.

ACTION is free to everyone. You can
read the Imbolc issue here.

First go to
Note the two link buttons on the upper right corner.

Here is what we have for you in this issue:

Article 1, Page 2
Gods, Spirits, Ancestors, and
Hard Polytheism
Interview with Anomalous Thracian
A full time priest, Anomalous Thracian gives us the view of a Hard Polytheist.

Article 2, Page 18
Student, Polytheist, Writer, Blog
and Lecturer
Interview with Conor Davis
As a young student who hopes to become a full tie priest, Conor Davis gives his view of some of the things needed to help the young polytheists within the community.

Article 3, Page 25
A Druid and his Pilgrimage
Interview with Rhyd Wildermuth
Rhyd Wildermuth tells of what it is like when the gods disrupt your life and send you on pilgrimage.

Article 4, Page 30
Student, Mother, Faery Tradition,  
Hindu Polytheist
Interview with Niki Whiting
Niki Whiting went to Wales to finish off her doctoral program in feminist and systematic theologies only to walk away and head in a whole different path as a Polytheist student, wife and mother of three children.

Article 5, Page 34
Conjure in the City
and On Sacred Ground Radio
Interview with Khi Armand
Khi Armand is owed of the shop Conjure in the City, a Shaman and Hoodoo Rootworker, also a priest of the Unnamed Path tradition, and a macumbeiro in the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Quimbanda. He also has blog and writes the column Hearts of Fire at

Article 6, Page 38
Seeker, Scholar, Author,
Radio Host, Activist
Interview with Karen Tate
Karen Tate is a long tine follower of the Scared Goddess spirituality, cofounder of Isis Ancient Cultures Society, speaker, author and now runs the bog radio show the Sacred Feminine. She believes that this goddess spiritually can better the world society that we live in.

Page 48
Role Reversal, I get interviewed by
The Wild Hunt

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
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