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Introduction- Crafty pagans and witches

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Damiana Post number 19934 Posted: 16th October 2013     Subject: Introduction- Crafty pagans and witches
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Just a suggestions for all crafties out there. introduce what's you interest on. I'll start:
Damiana, 30, Israel PFI Team member.
I love crochet wool and jewelry also making Jewelry and using beads
also I'm making things and amulets with Plymer clay and wood burning sometimes and always love learning new crafts:)

who is next?[Smile]
Lothanna Post number 20157 Posted: 13th December 2013     Subject:
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Better late than never I say!

Lothanna, 32, the Netherlands

I love drawing and coloring, taking pictures and editing them and practically making useful or pretty items for the home, using either wood, clay or fabric. I find great relaxation in hand making items, just focusing on the creation process and keeping all other thoughts out [Smile]

Who is next? [Smile]
Christy Nicholas Post number 23247 Posted: 4th February 2017     Subject:
Another beader! Yay!

I make wearable art with beadweaving. I take photos, mostly mystical landscapes and ancient structures. I do digital painting as well, mostly with mythological themes. [Smile]

"May the light be your guide and the darkness be your comfort."
Christine Brigantia Post number 23406 Posted: 7th May 2017     Subject: Spinning, knitting, beading, etc. all things craft-related
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I am Christine and I have been interested in crafts all of my life. I love knitting, crochet, and also spin my own yarn both on a spindle and a wheel. There is something very meditative about working with fibre in all of those methods. I also make jewelry and make beautiful sewn pouches for the beautiful wooden pens that my husband makes. I've tried so many different crafts over the years, including making paper, working clay on a wheel and by hand, made my own beauty creams and lip glosses, etc.
This last year has brought a lot of creativity into my life, more than before. I also am an avid photographer, since I was 9 or 10 years old.
Thanks for asking,
Ontwaken Post number 23477 Posted: 22nd May 2017     Subject: Arts

I'm Ben, 61 years old living in Belgium.
I'm interested in Celtic art especially celtic Knotwork.
I do them as drawing and woodburning.
Kono Loki Post number 23810 Posted: 8th October 2017     Subject:
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I am good with symbol mysticism and enchanting channeling items.
Among other things.

Unfortunately nobody takes me seriously so can't really help anyone ir share my knowledge...

My FB page is called Kono Loki so its easy to find.

The information i put on there is pretty basic but you can chat with me for more detailed and on topic information.

Maybe and hopefully you can teach me things as well.

Kono Loki.

I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
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