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Morgana Post number 21367 Posted: 16th October 2014     Subject: Circle Sanctuary
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Circle Sanctuary Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Terence P Ward

“I didn’t really set out to be a priestess for a living. . . that’s what happened. ” — Selena Fox

Indeed, that’s what happened. Selena Fox is the High Priestess for Life at Circle Sanctuary, a legally recognized Shamanic Wiccan church that will be marking its 40th year this Samhain, October 31 and is celebrating with events and online reflections all month. The Wild Hunt spoke with Reverend Fox and several longtime members of Circle, as it is alternatively known, to get a sense of what Paganism looked like in 1974, and how Circle Sanctuary has participated in its evolution.

Circle Sanctuary logo

Circle is aptly named, as circles are particularly significant in Wiccan theology, serving as both the border of sacred space and a metaphor for the repeating cycles of life. Over the past four decades, the group has focused a lot of its energy on the beginnings and endings of life. Its Lady Liberty League was instrumental in efforts to get the pentacle approved as a religious symbol on military headstones; the group’s retreat center now includes a Pagan cemetery; and Reverend Fox has performed dozens of baby blessings, including one for this reporter’s long-since-grown stepson. The church’s calendar begins each year at Samhain, around which time some of the most significant milestones in its history tend to congregate.

In late October 1974, Fox “had a vision of starting Circle Sanctuary, the name and logo came to me, as well as the concept of having a rurally-based center that would help humans of different nature religion paths connect with each other, as well as the circle of nature of which we are all a part. ”

Before the explosion of online social media, Paganism was a very different group of religions. How diverse the religions were under the Pagan umbrella is difficult to say. Solitary practitioners were very isolated, while some people practiced together in circles, covens, and groves. In the days before Drawing Down the Moon and The Spiral Dance, books were rare and publications, such as Green Egg, were the best source of knowledge. Fox had been traveling and working with Pagans around the country, “but it was not very public, ” she recalled.

- See more at: ... qeOaZWL.dpuf

Selena Fox at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in 1992
Rebecca Post number 21466 Posted: 18th November 2014     Subject:
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I really enjoyed reading this, and going down memory lane with Circle Sanctuary. I had the honor of meeting and talking with Selena a few years ago. As events coordinator for Reading Pagans and Witches, the President of the organization and I had caught her attention with a festival we were organizing called, "Celebrating Earth Spirituality", an educational festival for paganism. The first year we had it, it was so heavily protested by the local Christians that we caught the attention of many news reporters, making it in small news reports across the country. The next year, Selena came out to support us, and even led our ritual. It was wonderful! She is a beautiful, beautiful woman.
Morgana Post number 21472 Posted: 18th November 2014     Subject:
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Yes Selena is a wonderful lady.

I have been in contact with her since the mid 1980's when we exchanged magazines.

This is a photo of when we met at PantheaCon this year.

Bright Blessings,
Rebecca Post number 21479 Posted: 18th November 2014     Subject:
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Nice! I think she was wearing that, or something very similar to it when I met her, too! What a neat woman!
[Very happy]
Morgana Post number 21494 Posted: 21st November 2014     Subject:
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A recent interview with Selena from THA Talks/ UK

Morgana Post number 21613 Posted: 5th January 2015     Subject: Circle Sanctuary Full Moon Circles
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Circle Sanctuary Full Moon Circles

See: https://www.circlesanct ... -moon-circle
(for registrations too)

Celebrate the Full Moon each month with the Full Moon Circle at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

The Full Moon Circle is part of the Circle Sanctuary Community.
Full Moon Circle evenings are held on or near the evening of the Full Moon, and typically are held 7-9 PM. Each evening includes ritual, meditation, discussion, and socializing. Depending on focus and weather, some or all of the evening may be held outdoors. Full Moon Circle evenings are facilitated by Selena Fox and/or other members of the Full Moon Circle.
Circle Sanctuary land is open for arrivals at 6 PM and the Owl's Nest, Circle Sanctuary's spiritual gift shop, is open from 6-7 PM and 9-9:30 PM on Full Moon evenings.
The Full Moon Circle is open to adult women and men. Each person attending should bring a votive candle in a votive glass to light during the ceremony.
Please RSVP in advance in order to get more details. Use the form below or call: 608-924-2216 or email:
Donations are welcome, but not required.
The Full Moon Circle has its own e-mail list which is used for communication among members between Full Moon Circle evenings. To become part of the Full Moon Circle, attend a Full Moon celebration and ask to join.

Full Moon Circle Evenings in 2015
Monday, January 5: Befana Night Full Moon Circle

Celebrate the Full Moon and make Magic with the Yuletide Witch Befana, who brings gifts to children and others across Italy and other parts of the world each year on January 5, Epiphany Eve. Explore Her possible origins as an ancient Roman crone goddess and some of Her commonalities with other Winter Solstice goddesses. Bring a candle in a candle holder to light during the ritual. If possible, also bring a broom to use during ritual, and if you wish, some cheese, crackers, sweets, or other snacks for our Befana snacking table.
Monday, February 2
Thursday, March 5
Friday, April 3
Thursday, April 30
Monday, June 1
Wednesday, July 1
Thursday, July 30
Friday, August 28
Friday, September 25
Wednesday, October 28
Wednesday, November 25
Wednesday, December 23
Morgana Post number 24440 Posted: 1st May 2018     Subject: Circle Sanctuary gains equality in chaplaincy
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Circle Sanctuary gains equality in chaplaincy
Sean McShee — February 13, 2018

BARNEVELD, Wis. — In January 2018, Paganism reached another milestone in equality for Pagan religious bodies. A Pagan institution has gained equal status in endorsing chaplains with that of the institutions of other more dominant religions. The Association of Professional Chaplains accepted Circle Sanctuary as an endorser Jan. 4, and the COMISS Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings accepted Circle Sanctuary on Jan. 7, joining the Sacred Well Congregation.

This step makes it possible for Pagans to expect culturally competent chaplaincy services.

(Rev. Tim “Cern” Staker, Rev. Selena Fox, and Rev. Tiffany “Denora “Andes [courtesy].)

read on... ... rm=hootsuite
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