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The Three Degrees of Wicca: Birth, Death, and Love

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Morgana Post number 24827 Posted: 21st August 2018     Subject: The Three Degrees of Wicca: Birth, Death, and Love
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The Three Degrees of Wicca: Birth, Death, and Love
Posted by Sable Aradia on January 4, 2011 at 8:36 PM

An initiation ceremony, in any tradition, religion or path that has one, is intended to illustrate a Mystery and confer a Rite of Passage, by making the subject of the ritual into the protagonist of their own mythic story. A properly performed initiation ceremony takes the recipient into the living realm of the Hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell wrote about. The Hero is called, propelled or forced into leaving his/her familiar home and entering on an adventure; s/he is tested by a guardian at the threshold who challenges his/her right to enter; if she passes the test, s/he descends into the Underworld, fights the monster or defeats the challenge, learns the lesson, and takes his/her newfound wisdom back to the mundane world, to teach it to others or share the lessons s/he has acquired.

Many Witches from an initiatory tradition believe it is the “Apostolic Succession” aspect of the initiations that are important – “only a Witch can make a Witch. ” I don’t agree. While I like the connection to Witches that have gone before me, for me it’s the conferring of the Mystery that is the important element. Receiving the initiation, becoming the Hero in the myth, learning the Mystery, and later passing it down to others, informs our faith and thealogy, and passes on a great mystical truth in a direct and real way that other forms of teaching cannot possibly imitate.

But, I don’t believe that a formal initiation is the only way to learn these essential Mysteries of the Craft. I think that if you undertake the Wiccan path, even as a solitary, life will try to teach you these Mysteries anyway, as you call upon the Wiccan gods and change your thoughts and spirit to become a better Witch. I think having someone who can help to guide you through this makes the process a lot easier than trying to figure it out for yourself, but if you do the training and the study, and work to better understand the Craft, you will receive the lessons anyway; whether you consciously want them or not. I see this happening to many Witches out there, many of whom have no idea what’s going on. This article is about my thoughts on the matter, a way in which I try to understand the Mysteries based in my experiences. It’s not the only way to understand them, but maybe it might help someone else out there grasp that which cannot be properly described or explained, even by those who have experienced them.

The three degrees of Wicca, as I understand them, are about Mysteries of the human condition, and can be likened to stages and experiences in our own, everyday lives. These stages are not easily comprehended and are so vast in their scope and understanding, that we spend our whole lives trying to grasp their full implications, and we fear them instinctively. Initiations teach us greater, mystical truths about these vast experiences and teach us not to fear them, which I believe improves our quality of life as a whole.

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https://mirthandreveren ... ath-and-love
Tarwe Post number 24828 Posted: 21st August 2018     Subject:
Thank you Morgana, it is very interesting.

Many years ago I must to initiate myself and of course it has been a rugged road. Since I teach, I see how different is for my students to understand or to walk for some roads, that for me were desconcerting.

Many blessings,
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