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┴satr˙, ... is the fastest growing .. religion in Iceland

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Morgana Post number 25080 Posted: 22nd October 2018     Subject: ┴satr˙, ... is the fastest growing .. religion in Iceland
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┴satr˙, the old Norse Paganism is the fastest growing and largest non-Christian religion in Iceland
BY STAFF |OCT 17 2018

HILMAR ÍRN HILMARSSON The High Priest of the Pagan Association ┴satr˙arfÚlagi­ at Ůingvellir. Photo/┴satr˙arfÚlagi­

The religious practices and convictions of Icelanders have been undergoing rapid changes in the past years. The most recent data from Registers Iceland shows that Icelanders continue to turn their backs on the National Church of Iceland. At the turn of the century 89% of Icelanders were members of the National Church. This figure has dropped down to 65.6%.

Read more: Icelanders abandon National State Church, as old pagan ┴satr˙ continues to grow

At the same time the old Nose paganism ┴satr˙ is doing well. According to the latest figures from Registers Iceland 4,375 people belonged to the two separate pagan congregations, the small ReykjavÝkurgo­or­ (26 people) and the much larger ┴satr˙arfÚlagi­ (4,349). Currently 1.2% of the population belongs to the pagan congregations. This makes the old pagan religion of the Vikings not only the fastest growing religion in Iceland, but also the largest non-Christian religion.

˭inn and ١r make a comeback after a millennium
In the year 1000 Christianity was adopted as the national religion of Iceland by Al■ingi, the Viking-age commonwealth parliament of Iceland. At the time Christianity was making inroads, winning converts. Since Christianity had a very different moral and legal code from paganism, the leading chieftains of Iceland feared that society would be torn apart by permitting two different religions to co-exist. The matter was referred to Ůorgeir Ůorkelsson, who was both one of the members of parliament (Go­i), representing the Ljˇsvetningago­or­ constituency/district in NE Iceland, and the Lawspeaker (l÷gs÷guma­ur), the highest political office in Iceland.

(read on... ) ... gion-iceland
Jay Brafeha Post number 25081 Posted: 22nd October 2018     Subject:
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I thought this was also an interesting follow-up article: ... -association
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 25090 Posted: 25th October 2018     Subject: It is rather easy to be the fastewst growing religion
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when your numbers are small. You have one person, he converts one person then he has doubled the numbers in your religion. Does not mean much. Counting the numbers of new members may, or may not, may not, mean anything. When I was in a evangelical form of Buddhism, we quite proudly talked of all the new members at every level of our religion. We went out three times a night every night, even had our own rock band at the district level. We were one of the fastest growing religions. However during my five years in, I noticed that the number of people active ended up nearly the same every year don't. I would suspect it was true and nearly every level, in spite of the fact that we did probably grow a bit over the years, most of the people we recruited did not stay long.

So while I am happy that new people join Heathenism, or any other of our various religions, there is the question of how many will be active in the community and how many will last. That is what determines the future of our religions. I know from experience that mere fast growth of numbers, may not actually mean much of anything by itself. As we often note even leaders, and leaders, do often suffer burnout.

This is where the quality of the community may mean more than just numbers. Does the leader run everything him, or herself. Not good, for who will take over if the leader leaves. Does the leader look for the talent and nurture it in his or her group, train them and have them share the load, even make mistakes so that they can learn. This may give the group a future, or at least spin off new groups in the future. What about the ordinary members. Do they follow blinding, or do they ask questions and want to have explained why they are to do what the leader says. This kind of group may even get rid of a bad, or useless leader, and some may become leaders and elders in their own right. They will even learn from the leader's mistake, as well as from their own mistakes. A good leader, or elder will laugh at their own mistakes and make it a teaching point.

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
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