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Extinction Rebellion

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Frigga Asraaf Post number 25600 Posted: 26th April 2019     Subject: Extinction Rebellion
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About 5 years ago I started the Flame of Frith, a germanic heathen initiative for peace, because I wanted to do something. Exactly the same words I heard from a young woman after the funeral procession in Rotterdam last Sunday, an Extinction Rebellion demonstration.

After the second Extinction Rebellion demonstration I joined two day later I even more realized how natural XR and the Flame of Frith go hand in hand and share the same goals. Me and others from my generations have and still work for peace. The young people of today fight for their future and that is a fight for the climate.

Extinction Rebellion is a non-religious and non-violence climate movement which started recently in the UK and the concept already spread world wide. Iím really impressed by the way they are organized, their ideaís, the way they take care of each other.

So, all nature and earth loving heathens and pagans if you want to really help your earth mother have a look at Extinction Rebellion. We have to act now!

A spring Flame of Frith poem:

Together we create opportunities.
Together we make compassion,
kindness, generosity
and solidarity flourish forever.
Together we grow fast
into peaceful hedges of courage and unity.
Together we further for a fair and just policy
for our earth and all living beings.

Extinction Rebellion International

XR Funeral Procession Rotterdam Swipe to the left to see all the pictures.

Flame of Frith

#frith #vlamvoorvrede #flameoffrith #flammedesfriendens
Morgana Post number 25609 Posted: 28th April 2019     Subject:
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Thanks for sharing Frigga!

(How about sharing your photo? From Facebook. I thought it was great [Very happy])
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