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PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA

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Morgana Post number 25360 Posted: 30th January 2019     Subject: PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA
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PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA

PFI Bulgaria “Spring Symposium – Paganism: Ancient and Modern” May 3-5, 2019

LOCATION: The Cultural Capital of Europe 2019 – PLOVDIV, Bulgaria

The program and details of location will be announced soon

For more information:

English: / Bulgarian:

http://www.paganfederat ... iv_bulgaria/

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Morgana Post number 25361 Posted: 30th January 2019     Subject:
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Facebook event:

PFI BULGARIA Spring Symposium - Paganism: Ancient & Modern
Date: May 3-5, 2019
Location: The Cultural Capital of Europe 2019 - PLOVDIV, Bulgaria.

PFI Bulgaria welcomes you to an invigorating and inspirational gathering in PLOVDIV!
The weekend will be filled with excursions, talks, stalls, book signing sessions, music & dance –
all activities celebrating Spring and the ancient city of Plovdiv/ Philippopolis

Friday, May 3
• Excursion to the Archaeological museum with a Guided tour (14:00- 17:00)
Location details: pl. "Saedinenie" 1, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv
• Meet & Greet (19:00 – 22.00) at the "Citizen Club" in the Old Town of Plovdiv

Saturday, May 4;
Symposium: talks, stalls and music
• Coffee and Opening: (09:00 – 10:00)
Morgana, PFI International Coordinator, will open the symposium

• Talks with guest speakers: 10:00 to 12.00
Confirmed: Archaeologist, Ekaterina Ilieva, Bulgaria “The Gods of the ancient city of Philippopolis”
Author, Georgi Mishev, Ph. D, Bulgaria “Sacred architecture of the Thracians”

Afternoon: 13:00 - 16:40

"Spring Celebrations" with presentations from Adulruna / PFI Ukraine, Angel/ PFI Spain, Morgana PFI Netherlands,
Gwiddon & Eva / PFI Russia and Israfela/Vesy PFI Bulgaria

16:45 – 17:00 closing words for the Symposium, Morgana

Evening "Beltane Celebration" with musicians and dancing, (19;30 – 22:00)

Sunday, May 5, (10:00– 15:00) STAROSEL- an excursion to the Thracian temple near to Plovdiv. An option for Lunch at Wine & Spa Complex Starosel - with traditional Bulgarian folklore & music

Weekend arrangements, costs and tickets.
It will be possible to stay at the hotel where the symposium is being held. Full details of weekend arrangements and purchasing tickets for the event can be found on the PFI Forum.
There are discounts for PF/ and PFI members 😊
See: http://forum.paganfeder ... ;t=6687#menu

NB This is a private event and by invitation only. Only ticket holders will be admitted. Please register with Morgana, Israfela or Lina.

For general information and questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, email:

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Morgana Post number 25365 Posted: 30th January 2019     Subject: Weekend arrangements, costs and tickets
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Weekend arrangements, costs and tickets.

It will be possible to stay at the hotel where the symposium is being held. Full details of weekend arrangements
and purchasing tickets for the event can be found on the PFI Forum.
There are discounts for PF/ and PFI members 😊
See: PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA

There are 3 arrangements available for the PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium weekend, 3-5 May 2019.
The arrangement includes 2-nights at a 3*** hotel, including continental breakfast,
plus entrance to the symposium which is being held in the hotel.


1 Sharing a double room (2)- per person 60/ non PFI member 55/ PFI member
2 Sharing a suite (2) – per person 65/ non PFI member 60 /PFI member
3 Sharing a suite (3) - person 50/ non PFI member 45 /PFI member

4 Symposium only
10 EUR/ 19 BGN non-PFI member
7 EUR / 14 BGN / PFI member

The above hotel arrangements are limited – so please reserve as soon as possible.

Costs for the visit to the Archaeological Museum on Friday May 3 can be paid in cash/ BGN
Arrangements & costs for the Excursion to STAROSEL on Sunday May 5 will be made later.

To reserve email:
Payment preferably via paypal.
Use donation button:
And description “your name - arr * PFI Symposium BG”

Bank transfers are possible- details will be given on request.

For tickets to the symposium IN BULGARIA please contact Lina

For general information and questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, email:
Morgana Post number 25527 Posted: 30th March 2019     Subject:
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Come and join us in Plovdiv BULGARIA for the Spring Symposium weekend 3-5 May 2019:

PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA


Morgana Post number 25589 Posted: 24th April 2019     Subject: PFI Bulgaria Spring Symposium – PLOVDIV, BULGARIA
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Extensive information about the speakers will be included in the digital program booklet... but here is the information already about

He is the author of numerous published articles** on Bulgarian folklore, ritual and magic and on Thracian culture and Ancient magic, including THRACIAN MAGIC: Past & Present (2012).
His field of study is cultural historical heritage, traditional rituality, beliefs and practices; Ancient cultures in the Mediterranean, on the Balkans and in Asia Minor. Georgi is a member of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore SIEF.

** Publications:
Mishev, G. Magical rituals for gathering plants. In: Mirabilia: wonders and monsters. Sofia, 2018, in print.
Mishev, G. Insomnia in the folk belief – image and ritual. –In: Mirabilia: wonders and monsters. Studia Balcanica 31. Sofia, 2016, 320-335.
Mishev, G. The stone – faith and beliefs from Bratsigovo. -In: Megalithic Monuments and Cult Practices.
PROCEEDINGS of the Second International Symposium Blagoevgrad, 12-15 October 2016. Blagoevgrad, 2016, 315-322.

Mishev, G. The beginning of the path of the witch in the Bulgarian traditional culture. // Balkan thesaurus:
The Beginning. Balkan Readings 13. Theses and papers. Moscow, 7-9 of April 2015. Moscow, 2015,179–188. (in Bulgarian)
Mishev, G. The hierarchy as foundation of the ritual. // The leaders of masquerade. Papers from the conference for the XXIIIth international festival of the masquerade games „Surva – Pernik 2014. Pernik, 2015, 94–101. (in Bulgarian)
Mishev, G. Where Do You Come From, Ash? – I Come From a Pure Place. Magical Healing Practices from the Region of the Thracian Cult Centre of Starosel, Plovdiv region, Bulgaria. //
THE RITUAL YEAR 10 Magic in Rituals and Rituals in Magic. The Yearbook of the SIEF Working Group on the Ritual Year. Innsbruck 2015, 246–256. (in English)
Mishev, G. The mask of the divine multiplicity. // „Masquerade Games – visual tale“. Papers from the conference for the XXIIth international festival of the masquerade games „Surva – Pernik 2013. Pernik, 2014, 127–133. (in Bulgarian)
Mishev, G. White, red and black: Bulgarian healing ritual. // The Cauldron. No 149. London, 2013, 33–36. (in English)
Mishev, G. Thracian magic: past & present. London, 2012, 338 pages. (in English)
Mishev, G. Cultural Memory in the Region of the Cult Center Starosel. // Bulletin of the National History Museum, XXII. Veliko Turnovo, 2010, 185–197. (in Bulgarian)
Online publications:
Mishev, G. Тhe regulations of the Iobacchoi online: (in Bulgarian)
Mishev, G. Solar disk on peak Eldermen, region of Starosel online: (in Bulgarian)
Lectures and Conferences 2012. „Ritual – Cultural tourism – Buffoonery “– during the 10th National anniversary scientific conference with international participation "The society of knowledge and the humanism of 21st century" at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia 2011. “Nymphs – Image/Symbol of the Magical Femininity in Traditional Bulgarian Beliefs” – during the 3rd National Conference of Analytical Psychology in Sofia, Bulgaria.
2010. “Water – Deities, Beliefs and Rituals from Antiquity to Modern Times” – at the Night of the Museums in the city of Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Consulted and took part in the filming of some documentaries: 2012. „Fire relicts” – a documentary dedicated to the cult and the pre-Christian origin of the so-called fiery Saints – St. Elijas and St. Marina, a production of the Bulgarian national television – Plovdiv (online: ... relikti.html)
2011. „She” – a documentary dedicated to the cult of the Goddess, a production of the Bulgarian national television – Plovdiv (online: ... 641-tya.html).
2010. “Rhodope magic” – documentary trilogy, co-production of the Czech Republic Television and Golden Archer Productions, in collaboration with the Bulgarian National Television.
Morgana Post number 25613 Posted: 29th April 2019     Subject: The Exhibition "Bridge Between Cultures”
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From Petar Gramatikoff
The Exhibition "Bridge Between Cultures” visits in five Bulgarian cities from March to September 2019 and at the UN Geneva in the autumn
From 1 to 10 May this year. in the Trakart gallery in Plovdiv you will be able to see the inspirational exhibition of 22 professional panels with photographs of the photographers Kalina and Boris Borisovi. The exhibition reflects the innovative approach to seeking a dialogue between cultures that BRIDGES CC has been developing for a third year.

Inter-cultural Youth Project "Bridge-Between-Cultures" - a summer camp for children, implemented with the help of the municipality of Stara Zagora proves that the joint efforts of the non-governmental sector, the municipal institutions and the companies from the region can create a good partnership to give good fruits.

In 2016 and 2017 the initiative was implemented only with Bulgarian youth, but in 2018 it was successfully upgraded internationally. Two of the organizations, part of the global network of URI Europe - BRIDGES CC and East European Forum for Dialogue (BRIDGES CC) and URI Netherlands CC, in partnership with the Stara Zagora Municipality, have implemented the first international edition of Cross-Bridges.

The project was organised in two parts, with 18 children from Bulgaria and the Netherlands, with the participants spending four days together in each of the countries. The group met first in Stara Zagora from 16 to 20 July and continued with The Hague from 27 to 31 July 2018. Partners in the endeavour for the second part were Ethics Education for Children - Arigatou International and CERITA.

The exhibition presents distinctive moments, emotions, experiences of the days together, shows how 18 young people from Bulgaria and the Netherlands had the opportunity to get to know people of different religious and cultural identities, to look for ways to build bridges of trust contributing to positive transformation in the local communities.
The story of co-living through the eyes of professional photographers Kalina and Boris Borisova answers many questions and helps us to see the meaning of building bridges.
In the period 15-22 October 2018 the exhibition was presented to the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria with the support of the Deputy Chairman Mr. Emil Hristov and the MPs Mr. Radostin Tanev and Mr. Milen Mihov (who personally welcomed and opened event). After the successful reception and wide-ranging echo of the Parliament's Bridge-Between-Culture Exhibition, the 22 Panes are on the road to new challenges in five Bulgarian cities.

This year, the photo exhibition is hosted in the cities from which the children participated in the three editions of the project - Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Rousse, Plovdiv, Belitsa.
Plovdiv as the European capital of culture is an important part of the tour of the exhibition. It will be exhibited at the TRAKART Museum Cultural Center from 1 to 10 May 2019. From the Armenian community, with the active cooperation of the Armenian Charity Association "AGE" and Mrs. Hripsime Erniasyan, are our wonderful hosts and partners in Plovdiv who actively participated in the organisation and the preparation of the official opening of the exhibition.

It will be held on May 9 at 5.30 pm, after which guests will be able to enjoy a varied palette of musical performances of the choir "Evmolpeia", the violinist Nina Kuyumdjiyan, a violinist from the Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints, and Armenian dance formations at the "Parekordzagan" Plovdiv Branch.
Catering with Armenian specialities will be prepared at the Yerevan restaurant, owner and chef is Arto Tutjan, with the financial help of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and "Bridges" also provides a glass of wine from "Angel's Estate" .
All day 9.05. in TRAKART, training and lectures will be held for youngsters devoted to tolerance, Peter Gramatikov, Chief Expert on Religious Affairs at the Social Policy Directorate, Plovdiv Municipality.

Several dialogues will also be held, focusing on dialogue and inter-religious partnership.
Morgana Post number 25627 Posted: 9th May 2019     Subject:
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Dear all,

I have just arrived home after a fabulous week in PLOVDIV, Bulgaria.

As ever I was greeted by very friendly folk and quickly made the last arrangements for the PFI Bulgarian Spring Symposium.
And what a lovely weekend it turned out to be!
Sadly Lina / NC PFI Bulgaria was not ably to make it due to illness.

There were many highlights including Ekaterina's excellent guided tour of the Archaelogical Museum. On Sunday we would meet her & Georgi Mishev again for the excursion to Starosel to visit the ancient temple and newly founded temple.
They both gave talks on Saturday along with Yanina from Russia.
In the afternoon we had our 'Meet PFI' with representatives from Bulgaria/ Israfela, Netherlands/ Morgana, Spain/Angel, Russia/ Gwiddon & Eva and Ukraine/ Adulruna & Alexandra

Fr. Petar Gramatikoff represented URI and talked of the cooperation between the two organisations. He also introduced Michael Dickinson from Baraza e. V/ Germany - who has also worked with URI.
For the evening's entertainment we were treated to a traditional bag-piper and singer.
Hopefully a more extensive report will be made later!
But for now I would like to extend a BIG thank you to everyone for their participation [Love] [Love]

Here are some photo's

(Meet & Greet... with PFI representatives... )

(Piper and singer)

(Georgi & Ekaterina at the newly founded Thracian Temple, Starosel)
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