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Weekend workshop: “Connecting to Spirits of Land”

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Jochem Post number 25796 Posted: 7th August 2019     Subject: Weekend workshop: “Connecting to Spirits of Land”
Weekend workshop: “Connecting to Spirits of Land”. Residential intensive
29th November – 1st December 2019

This autumn British Reclaiming/Feri Witch Raven Edgewalker will visit the Netherlands to give a special workshop. During this weekend intensive we offer the opportunity to build relationships and deepen our existing connections to the land upon which we dwell, and the (un)seen Spirits that we share it with.

Join us in this experiential, participatory workshop where we will work to learn tools to open our senses to what these spirits might have to tell us, to build relationships, and to deepen those that we already have. We will listen to their voices and their needs and perhaps answer their call to step into ally-ship. We will use words and silence, trance and ritual, art and creativity, divination and other tools to engage with the Spirits of Land and Place.

This workshop is open to any folk regardless of experience level, who are 18 and over.

Date, Time & Venue
The workshop will start on Friday evening (29th November, 18:00) and close on Sunday afternoon (1st December 2019, 16:00). Participants are expected to attend for all sessions of the workshop.

The venue is in a beautiful, wooded location in the east of the Netherlands. The location is easily accessible by car and public transport, as well as being wheelchair accessible. It includes an accessible toilet and shower. You can indicate any other accessibility needs with your booking.

The Workshop is fully residential. Directions, Location and other information will be given closer to the start of the workshop.

The workshop will be in English, we can offer assistance with some language translation, but are not offering full translation into Dutch.

About Raven
Raven Edgewalker sees her work in the world as that of building connections, with self, with each other, with and within community, with the world, with deity and with seen and unseen beings. Raven has spent many years walking the land, listening to the songs, stories and poems that it has to offer, deepening her own connection with this glorious earth and learning how to guide others to open to deeper connections of their own.
She has been working, studying and teaching magic in both the Anderson Feri and Reclaiming traditions for over 20 years and is an initiate in both traditions.

Workshop cost
The fee for this workshop is € 200.

If you sign up (and pay) before the 15th of September 2019, we can offer an early-bird discount and you pay € 175.

The participant fee is all-in: the programme, the overnight stays, and food and drinks.

Please contact us if the fee is challenging to you. We are happy to discuss how we might be able to meet you with payment options, such as payment in instalments or an discount. We hope tob e able to make this workshop accessible to participants, organisers and teacher.

About the organisers
For over 20 years Soleil has been working internationally to improve accessibility, with a strong focus on social and spiritual accessibility. She was born with a (physical) handicap.
Soleil consciously chose paganism and now is in the teachings of the (Anderson) Feri tradition.
In her daily job she works as a volunteer coordinator at a large organisation. She used to be a professional music teacher an she has studied herbal medicine to be able to use the good medicine nature offers on the roadside.
Soleil is a natural animist who likes to communicate with everything that crosses her path. Any chat or talk with her will often turn out being about the meaning of life, spiritual drive and the beauty of trees.

Jochem is a pagan who doesn’t follow a specific path, and is experienced in reiki, core shamanism, and more. He likes to do interesting workshops (like this one), and is convinced these workshops should be available in the Netherlands too.
In mundane life Jochem is a queer & disability activist, who combines his experiences in the LGBTI and disability worlds. For some years now, he has a (non-visible) disability, which means he had to close his coaching practice.

More info & booking
For more information about this experiential, participatory workshop and booking for the weekend, please visit our website:

Or email us at

Nederlandse informatie over deze workshop vindt u hier:
Jochem Post number 25927 Posted: 9th October 2019     Subject: Podcast with Raven Edgewalker
If you are still in doubt to book or not for the Connecting to Spirits of Land, Residential Intensive, please listen to this podcast: You will hear Raven Edgewalker talk about her connection with the spirits of the land, amongst other interesting things. Brodie-Ann Wright and Gede Parma (Fio) host this podcast and are great to listen to.

More information:
Booking form:
Jochem Post number 25955 Posted: 4th November 2019     Subject: Amazing venue!
A couple of days ago we visited the venue, to make sure it is as accessible as they say on their website. (It is.)
We were impressed by the venue, the place, the spirits and the omnipresent feeling of rest and peace. (You'll find a couple of pictures in the comments of the event on Facebook. We are happy to email them to you, if you don't have access to Facebook.)
We chose well! [Smile]

Now we're even more looking forward to have this workshop in this place! And meet all the participants, who have booked already.

We still have a couple of places left. So, if you didn't decide yet, please do so soon, and book an very interesting weekend in an amazing place!
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