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Merlin Sythove Post number 636 Posted: 17th February 2008     Subject: Membership administration
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Welcome to all existing and new members!

As you may know, the PFI membership administration is handled on the forum, and this means that people who are already a member of the PFI, will most likely already have a membership account on this forum. These accounts are called Administrative Accounts.
People who also are forum members will have a Forum Account.

We hope that you all will start making use of the forum too!
Please follow these three simple steps:
  1. Ask for a password! (Applies to existing PFI members)
    Each PFI member or ex-member (from 2005 onwards) already has their own account on the forum! All you need to do, is to request a password, here: Link.
    Fill in your email address - the one the PFI has on file of course. If that email address is no longer correct, or requesting a password doesn't work, you can get in touch with the forum administrator,, and she will help you.

  2. Review your account! (Applies to existing PFI members)
    Once you are logged in, you can go to your account, and review your details, here: Link
    If there is something wrong, you can either change it yourself, or you can contact the region administrator / NC to help you or to change things for you, here: Link.

  3. Join the forum! (Applies to anyone)
    As long as you only have an Administrative Account, you can log in to edit your account, but on the forum you are just a guest and cannot post messages. To join the forum as well, go here: Link. Read the registration terms and conditions.
    Existing PFI members please click "I agree to these terms and am already a member of this organisation". You will follow the normal process to join the forum, but instead of a new account, your existing account will be used.
    If you are not yet a member of the PFI, you can join the forum anyway, here: Link, and maybe decide to join the PFI at a later date.
A staff of helpful people is standing by to help you with any problems, and to join in the discussions!
So welcome, and have a great time on this forum!

Blessed Be!
Merlin Sythove Post number 648 Posted: 20th February 2008     Subject:
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Duplicate email addresses

There are a few cases of (old) joint records where two people have the same email address. Obviously if a person logs in with that email address, there is no telling which user account they will see and edit, it could be the wrong one.
The software will give an error message when people try to log in with an email address that is not unique. They must log in with their forum username, the "AA 1234" type of name. Since members don't know that name yet, the error message advises them to get in touch with somebody from the administration. All you need to do, as NC, is to find the correct record based on last name or other distinctive criteria and give them their username from their account.
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