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Anna Pingina, Russian singer

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Morgana Post number 6684 Posted: 22nd August 2009     Subject: Anna Pingina, Russian singer
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I was very impressed with Anna Pingina who I saw at the ’Dikaya myata’ Festival in Moscow, August 15, 2009

Unfortunately I couldn't see any CD's to buy
Later that evening I did find her "My Space" in English (thanks Gwiddon for helping me with the Russian [Very happy])

Take a look:

Although I hate comparing artists with other artists Anna certainly reminded me of Sinead O'Connor.

I wonder if she ever tours in Europe? I'll see what I can find out [Very happy] [Very happy] [Very happy]

Анна Пингина (Pingy) - певица, актриса и автор песен. Направление музыки, в котором она работает, принято называть World Music. Точнее его можно определить как сплетение народной музыки с современными музыкальными течениями. Песни создаются на основе ладовой мелодики старинных песен разных областей как России так и других стран. Наряду с авторскими, Анна исполняет и переосмысленные ею традиционные народные песни. Помимо работы в различных музыкальных проектах, широкую известность Анна получила благодаря ролям в таких театральных проектах, как российская постановка мюзикла "Norte Dame de Paris" (Флер-де-Лис), рок опера "Иисус Христос - Суперзвезда" (Мария Магдалина), мюзикл "Вестсайдская история" (Мария).

which roughly translates as:
Anna Pingina (Pingy) - singer, actress and songwriter. The direction of music, where she works, to be known as World Music. More precisely it can be defined as a plexus of folk music with contemporary musical currents. The songs are based on the old tune melody of songs of different regions of Russia and other countries. Along with the author, Anna performs and rethinking its traditional folk songs. Besides working in various musical projects, well-known Anna received through roles in such theatrical projects, as Russian production of the musical "Norte Dame de Paris" (Fleur de Lys), the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar (Mary Magdalene), a musical "West Side Story (Maria).
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