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Faun - German pagan folk band

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Morgana Post number 6722 Posted: 25th August 2009     Subject: Faun - German pagan folk band
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I kept meaning to give them a plug [Very happy]

For fans of Elf Fantasy, Castlefest and Folkwoods they are familiar names.

They recently played in America - at Lammas.
This is part of their recent newsletter:

FAUN in the USA
We had the pleasure to celebrate this years Lughnasad as the Headlining Band at a festival in Oregon/USA. After receiving lots of mails in the last years, requesting to play finally in the USA, we were very happy, that the people of the FAERIEWORLD Festival made it happen. Thanks a lot again, for all the work and good will you invested in us. The presale of the festival worked out that good, that the whole festival had to move to a bigger venue, Mount Pisgah, near Eugene.

Anyhow we couldn't have wished a better audience or setting to celebrate this years Lughnasad, thanks a lot.

Our next concert in the USA will be:
7th Nov. 2009 in Baltimore/USA - Faeriecon.
We are very much looking forward to it [Wink]
(P. S.: A couple of private pictures from Oliver's camera from this USA trip can be found at our Homepage; "Gallery".)

Concerts Summer / Autumn 2009
We like now to promote our upcoming concerts, because we are very proud, to have found such great events and locations.

Sa. 29.8. & So. 30.8.
Close to the "Chiemsee" Bavaria / Germany there will happen on Sat. a One-Day-Festival, with In Extremo, Letzte Instanz, and many more bands. Here we will play our amplified stage show. Just 15 km away from it, we will play on Sunday evening our seated acoustic show at the very romantic castle "Schloss Amerang".

Sa. 15.8. / Sa. 5.9. / Fr. 11.9.
These are very, very good medieval markets, hundred percent trustworthy, with up to 20,000 visitors (Hamburg).

Sa. 12.9. / So. 13.9.
Festival Mediaval. A very beautiful festival, with a large medieval market and more than 20 bands from all over Europe, like Faun, Sava, Omnia, Haggard, Valravn and many more. Faun will be the headlining concert on Sun. evening, but some of us will be also around on Sat. for guest performances at concerts of befriended bands.

Sa. 19.9.
A beautiful medieval market in the "Allgäu / Bavaria". On Sat. Faun is doing the evening concert there, on Sun. evening there will be the Preview of the german movie "Wickie" at an Open Air Cinema surrounded by the medieval markets.

Sa. 31.10.
Halloween / Samhain in Hamburg north Germany. Medieval Indoor market in the catacombs of the Catonium / Hamburg.
At more than 1000m2, there will be firedancers, a party with many dancefloors, an absynth bar, an oriental lounge, and much more. Get in at 7pm, Faun's concert at 9 pm, afterwards party with DJ Oliver s. Tyr & Niel Mitra until 4 am.

Fr. 28.8. / Fr. 18.9. / Sa. 7.11. / Do. 26.11. / Fr. 27.11. / Fr. 29.1.2010
Finally we come back to some countries, that we haven't visited much too long:
Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Also we will be for the first time visiting Istanbul, Turkey and the East Coast of the USA.

Sa. 26.9.
A Faun acoustic concert in a cave and old druid school "Schulerloch im Altmühltal". Unfortunately this concert was already SOLD OUT many weeks ago.

- Here again all the concert dates for Summer / Autumn '09:

Fr. 14.8. Colos Saal / 63739 Aschaffenburg
Sa. 15.8. Spectaculum / 48291 Telgte
Fr. 28.8. Brintaal Celtic Folk / 36020 Valstagna / ITALY
Sa. 29.8. Steiner Burgfestival / 83371 Stein
So. 30.8. 83123 Schloss Amerang - ACOUSTIC
Sa. 5.9. Spectaculum / 22113 Hamburg
Fr. 11.9. Hayner Burgfest / 63303 Dreieichenhain
So. 13.9. Festival Mediaval / 95100 Selb
Fr. 18.9. Z7 Faun & Ikon / 4133 Pratteln / Switzerland
Sa. 19.9. OPEN AIR im Stauferpark / 87534 Oberstaufen
Sa. 26.9. 93343 Schulerloch - ACOUSTIC - SOLD OUT!!!
Fr. 30.10. Kurbelkasten / 34346 Hann-Münden
Sa. 31.10. "Night of Magic" / 22525 Hamburg
Sa. 7.11. Faeriecon / Baltimore, Maryland / USA
Do. 26.11. Rockhouse / A-5020 Salzburg / AUSTRIA
Fr. 27.11. Wien-Szene / A-1110 Wien / AUSTRIA
Sa. 28.11. Proli / 94032 Passau
Sa. 12.12. Münster St. Paul / 73728 Esslingen am Neckar - ACOUSTIC
Fr. 29.1.2010 Studio Live / Istanbul / TURKEY

Acoustic CD: FAUN "Buch der Balladen" (Book of ballads) release 20th Nov. 2009
Besides all the concerts, we have been very busy finishing our upcoming CD "Buch der Balladen". After we did a very successful Acoustic tour in the Winter 08/09 (18 of 22 concerts were sold out), we decided to make a CD out of these acoustic ballads that we enjoyed so much. All the ballads are very old folk songs or medieval fairy tales in the german language. We will release them in a 44 pages Hardcover book, with notes and guitar chords of every song and also translations into the english. On the 20th of Nov., we will also be releasing a "Buch der Balladen - Limited Edition" with one song more, titled "Brynhilds Lied".

Acoustic Tour Feb. - May 2010
After the CD release we will play then another seated acoustic tour, performing the songs of the CD and other more quiet and enchanted medieval music. We are still busy with the bookings of these tour, cause we do try to find very fitting venues like churches, castles ot theaters. In Sept. or latest Oct. '09 we will promote the tour then on our webpage.

More Infos:

Have a beautiful summer,
we hope to celebrate a part of it together.

Finest wishes,
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