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Museum Park Orientalis/

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Morgana Post number 12702 Posted: 3rd April 2011     Subject: Museum Park Orientalis/
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Museum Park Orientalis

Museumpark Orientalis opent binnenkort weer gedeeltelijk haar poorten voor het publiek. Vanaf 1 april starten de historische groepswandelingen en na het Festivalweekend (25 en 26 juni) zal het museum in de maanden juli tot en met oktober ieder weekend geopend zijn. Meer informatie op de agenda op de website.

Profetenlaan 2
6564 BL Heilig Landstichting
Telephone 0031 (0)24-3823110
Fax 0031 (0)24-3823111

E-mail info::at::muhttp://www. museumparkorientalis. nl/en/museum-park-orientalis/seumparkorientalis. nl

In 2011 exactly 100 years after its foundation Museum Park Orientalis is starting a new life. In September 2010, after a
tumultuous period, we presented the plan, A Meaningful Experience. Fortunately, the initial reactions from the various Orientalis
stakeholders were largely positive, and the media also devoted a great deal of attention to the plan. On 15 December 2010,
the States-Provincial of Gelderland decided to grant Orientalis a transitional grant of 835,000 for two years. This gives us the
New life for 100-year-old Orientalis

opportunity to elaborate the plans further, to raise additional funds, and to strengthen our core team of professionals. In our centenary
year, we will regularly open the doors of the park to allow the public to take a look behind the scenes. We are ready and eager
to make 2011 a successful year! This newsletter is intended to keep you informed of our progress and our activities.
Peter Berns, director

NEWSLETTER; http://www.museumparkor ... ype=original
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