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Garden Stone and Swain Wodening

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Morgana Post number 18460 Posted: 19th February 2013     Subject: Garden Stone and Swain Wodening
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HELITH, an Anglo-Saxon pagan deity
By Swain Wodening and GardenStone

The Cerne Giant, Cerne Abbas

The names Helia, Heile, Helið and Helith are recorded in several medieval and later publications as names for a pagan deity who was venerated in the
southwest of early Anglo-Saxon England. Strange enough, actual scholarly related literature does not mention those records, not even in footnotes.
Therefore this contribution, in which the two authors showed both their craving for this kind of clarification and could indulge their passion for
historical research in the fields of their interests, closes a 'historical gap'. Already at the beginning it has to be stated clearly, that the sources for 'Helith'
aren't as old as the ones for other pagan deities ascribed to the Anglo-Saxons, such as Hrêðe (Hrêða, Hretha, Hreda) and Ēostre (Ostara),
whose first written records date to the 7th/8th Century, mentioned by BEDA VENERABILIS (Bede the Venerable, 672-735).

The earliest sources for 'Helith” date to 400 to 500 years later. Whereas Bede's works were written within one hundred years after the conversion when there may
still have been pagan Anglo-Saxons, the first mention of 'Helith' is well afterward when nearly all Englishmen were Christian. However, the assumption is agreeable
that before older written documents existed for this on which those first authors will have relied.

Unfortunately, such older records aren't detectable anymore; they may have been lost as happened with so many medieval documents we only know of through other sources.
We hope, this paper may find his way to all interested people and may cause new fascinating discussions.

February 15, 2013
GardenStone & Swain Wodening

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Debs Post number 18465 Posted: 19th February 2013     Subject: Inquiry into the Cerne Giant
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I attended the inquiry into the Cerne Giant at Cerne Abbas village hall some years ago. I came across the papers a few weeks back. Ronald Hutton put forward the argument that he was a 17th century folly. Different speakers put forward different speakers put forward different theories as to his origins. The one thing they did agree on was, no one would know for sure without further archaeological investigation.
I will dig out the papers again and share what I can. It was a very interesting day.

I know a few people who managed to add to their family after spending some time on the giant
Morgana Post number 18469 Posted: 19th February 2013     Subject:
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 I know a few people who managed to add to their family after spending some time on the giant

There is something similar going on with The Long Man of Wilmington... [Very happy]

I was there on New Year's Day 2013

Bright Blessings,
Debs Post number 18496 Posted: 20th February 2013     Subject:
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Are you adding to your family? [Laughing]
Morgana Post number 18560 Posted: 23rd February 2013     Subject:
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[Very happy] well maybe a few spiritual children [Very happy]
GardenStone Post number 18855 Posted: 26th March 2013     Subject:
Downloadable meanwhile in several eBook formats at:

Morgana Post number 24819 Posted: 14th August 2018     Subject:
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Gardenstone is still active see for example:

"This site “Boudicca’s Bard” is the private web presentation of GardenStone, sometimes he calls it his ‘virtual home’.
GardenStone himself is a Dutch man; he was born in Groningen, a lovely city in the north of the Netherlands, a place he still sometimes visits.
Several decades ago he left his hometown and country and moved to Germany, where he, after several stations, now lives in a small town in the beautiful Taunus Hills in the German state of Hesse.
GardenStone, (yes, that is me, it is funny to write about yourself in the third person), is a writer of (mainly) non-fiction articles and books. Because scientific research around the historic Germanic peoples is almost an addiction to him, his publications almost all deal with that.
But because he is religiously a heathen, focused at a religion today often called Asatru, he sometimes also writes for that heathen community."

And about Boudicca:

Happy viewing,
Morgana Post number 24820 Posted: 14th August 2018     Subject:
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And a reminder

Swain Wodening and GardenStone
in a pretty and harmonious web collaboration.

Free e-book:
Tarwe Post number 24821 Posted: 15th August 2018     Subject:
Thank you!!! [Very happy]
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