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ACTION Mabon 2013 is ready

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ChristopherBlackwell Post number 19863 Posted: 20th September 2013     Subject: ACTION Mabon 2013 is ready
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ACTION Mabon 2013 is ready.

Looking for more people to interview for the Samhain issue, so
your suggestions are needed.

ACTION is free to everyone. You can
read the Beltane issue here.

First go to

Check out the rest of the issues, either [before 2011],
or [2011 and after] check the two buttons on the upper right

Here is what we have for you in this issue
Page 2, Article 1

South African Internet Columnist
and Activist
Interview with Francisco Fumarola
Francisco tells how and why he became an activist and Internet article writer.

Page 7, Article 2
What is the effect of being raised in a Pagan family? USA
Interview with Laura Wildman-Hanlon
Laura tells how her early activity in the Pagan community led to her curiousity about how being raised in a Pagan family would later affect those grown children in their lives and beliefs.

Page 14, Article 3
An Author Raised Pagan 
Interview with Morgan Ravenwood
Morgan tells about being raised Pagan and its affect on her life and writing.

Page 18, Article 4
Pagan Parenting in South Africa.  
Interview with Stara.
Stara explains what she has learned about raising and independent active Pagan children.

Page 23, Articlle 5
South African Transgender, Agnostic Witch, Author, and Activist
Interview with Christiana Engela Christiana explains how she has taken on the challenge of being transgender agnostic Witch and activist author.

Page 30, Article 6
The Kemetic Orthodox Faith
Interview with KhemaySekhmet
South Africa
KhemaySekhmet explains about practicing the Kemetic Orthodox Faith, and some of the diffreneces of Egyptian beliefs from other Pagan religions.

Page 36, Article 7
Traveling American Viking
Interview with Anthony Arndt
Anthony, an active follower of Asatru, tells us of how he, and his wife, lives as a modern day Vikings.

Page 42, Article 8
Why so much from South Africa?
By Christopher Blackwell
I explain why so many interviews from South Africa and how to get other countries featured as well.

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
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