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Doreen Valiente

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Daniel Post number 22656 Posted: 12th April 2016     Subject: Doreen Valiente
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Hi folks!

Here is the 5mins clip from The World Tonight (BBC 4 Radio) about Doreen Valiente and the Where Witchcraft Lives Exhibition in Brighton:

BBC4 Radio: The World Tonight

Doreen Valiente: the mother of modern Witchcraft


 To her neighbours, Doreen Valiente was very ordinary, but she was an internationally-regarded witch who played a key part in nurturing the modern Pagan revival.

"She turned an aural tradition into something that could be written down and spread. And it did. Paganism and Wicca and witch craft are now the seventh biggest religious faith group in Britain", explains Ashley Mortimer, director of the centre of Pagan studies and a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation.

Marilyn Rust has been to a new exhibition entitled Folkore, Magic and Mysteries: Modern Witchcraft and Folk Culture in Britain at Preston Manor Museum in Brighton. The exhibition celebrates Doreen Valiente's life and features her own collection of witchcraft tools and documents.

(Photo: Doreen Valiente. Credit: Doreen Valiente Foundation)

Release date: 12 April 2016
5 minutes

Enjoy it and don't forget to visit the exhibition!

PFI Spain
Morgana Post number 22715 Posted: 7th May 2016     Subject: Doreen: An English Witch Trailer
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Doreen: An English Witch Trailer

Published on 2 May 2016
Doreen: An English Witch is opening in Brighton on 21st November 2016
Morgana Post number 22785 Posted: 5th June 2016     Subject: The Cult of Nick - interview with Ashley Mortimer
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http://margerrisons.blo ... ndation.html

The Cult Of Nick relaunches with an awesome interview featuring Ashley Mortimer of The Doreen Valiente Foundation.

There's a few words at the end about cult founder Mr Margerrison's bumbling from one talk station to another, which put the podcast on a slight hiatus for a while.

In that period, weirdly, the audience has grown some more, looking at approximately 5,000 listeners (per podcast) these days.

The Discordian tribe is expanding!


See also: http://www.wherewitchcr ... Manor-16.php
Morgana Post number 24072 Posted: 14th December 2017     Subject: From the Doreen Valiente Foundation - Yuletide 2017
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From the Doreen Valiente Foundation - Yuletide 2017

Hi Folks,

Its that time of year again! - a time for families wide and small including our members of course! We are very happy to announce the release of our new book, which has never before been published - The Witch Ball and Other Short Stories.

We would like to thank everyone who have contributed to this most sincerely: -

Sarah Kay, who did the layout work and is now expert in this field. She is currently working on our next publication, which will be announced in the New Year!

Debbie Lewis, who provided us with images - one for each story - they are fabulous and we are so lucky to have her on the team.

Philip Heselton, Melissa Harrington and Ronald Hutton for providing most valuable and interesting introductions and cover notes.

Ashley Mortimer for all the background work, liasing with printers and doing the techy bits.

Tallis Harrill for her scrutiny and expert proof reading - a very tiring job.

A little about the background to this project: -

When we received the enormous pile of documents from Doreen Valiente’s flat in Brighton Sussex, the Centre For Pagan Studies team set about putting it in order. Imagine our surprise when they found a green ringbinder with these short stories in them.

The ringbinder was in amongst a boxful of documents relating to publishing, and all the old manuscripts of Doreen’s books and agreements that Doreen had made with Hales Publishers. Doreen’s folder of unpublished poems was in that same pile and John Belha-Payne had promised to publish these.

You can see John talking about this on
in his inimitable style when quoting Doreen, using her accent!

These Short Stories are based on two characters from Brighton, Sussex, UK Ashton and Blake who are antiques dealers with a difference! No spoilers here!

Brighton antique dealers in the 1970’s and 1980’s were part of the local ‘colour’, with their shops and markets in and around the famous Brighton Lanes, and North Laines, it was a bustling centre of commerce, dealing in all things exotic, historic and unusual. It is the area where Doreen would have bought and bartered for many of her artefacts that now form the Doreen Valiente legacy. Doreen would have met and known some of these “characters” and I would not be surprised if she had not based these stories on dealers she had met.

Youtube Excerpts

As a prequel to the release of the book we made several short videos with excerpts being read by various actors who volunteered their time - you can find our Youtube channel here - They are a most enjoyable way to spend 10 minutes listening with a cuppa: - ... AwwadmlFlacU

Members Discount
When members purchase the book, and any merchandise from our online store, they are entitled to their membership discount of 20%. See below details of how to go about this.

To find out if your membership is still “in vigour” please visit the site and log in using the “Members Log In”, at the top right hand corner on a desktop, or just under the header if using a mobile/tablet device. You will see if you need to renew after logging in.
Alternatively, once logged in and if you already know you need to renew then please visit this page http://www.doreenvalien ... HqRJo2U.dpbs in order to get your discount code. (Must be logged in to see this page).

Non-members The book can be obtained via our website without logging in as a member, along with many fabulous bundles on offer from

Don't forget sharing is caring!! - please share the links with your friends!!!!!

Wishing you a very Merry Yule and a Prosperous and Fulfilling New Year for 2018
Morgana Post number 24073 Posted: 14th December 2017     Subject:
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This video is about Doreen Valiente's book of short stories entitled The Witch Ball - to be published December 7th 2017 - available for pre order now
You tube: ... =6ncdGGxMQoE
Morgana Post number 24115 Posted: 5th January 2018     Subject: The Witch’s Guide to Doreen Valiente
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Remembering Doreen...

The Witch’s Guide to Doreen Valiente

For many people Doreen Valiente (1922-1999) is the Mother of Modern Witchcraft, and that’s not a title I’d argue with.
Recently a friend of mine wrote something online about not really being familiar with the work of Doreen Valiente.
After laughing a drink of coffee up through my nose I told my friend that of course she was at least a little familiar with Valiente’s work,
because she was! Almost anyone who had adopted the word Witch as their own over the last fifty years has been influenced by Valiente,
and that influence will continue into the far future.

Read more at ... t1qyg1smS.99
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