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Feminine, maculine or neutral

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Brutus Post number 23441 Posted: 12th May 2017     Subject: Feminine, maculine or neutral
Ok. I am not going any deeper this time. It is not primal or anything.
I was sitting in nature. In nature i feel free. Sitting until dusk this time.
Ofcourse. I was feeling fear. A little bit.
The woodants crawling on me and a few ticks.
A bit afraid of the viper. I was imagining I was sitting next to
where I imagined one stag might wanna sleep.

Maybe also a part of who I am.
They say I am not allowed to say nature is feminine,
but I was. What to do? Kill myself?

That is a rhetorical question.

Another time sleeping in nature.
It was the first time in a while. I was feeling fear.
This time a bit primal. I was feeling and thinking like a cat.
What do I do? Kill myself?
(Sun killed me that time, but still part of me says. It was that fucking preacher next door looking at me. haha)

That is a rhetorical question.

I hope this will be get better for me over time. I am sick of the rule.
"You have to be a masculine !"
THAT is not always possible.

Sorry if I put this post in the wrong place.
ShamanicRick Post number 24307 Posted: 13th March 2018     Subject:
Who are "they"?
Nature is feminine... the entire planet is.
Gaia is our Earth Mother, while Sophia, (pronounced So-fye-a), is the Wisdom of the Earth.
Check out the book "Not In His Image"

Mountain Post number 24317 Posted: 17th March 2018     Subject: Brutus
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Hey Brutus man, I'll reply to the message. My comments: It is only in honoring the Earthen Mother that our minds, nay- that our being is Masculine + gets accepted as One of her Men. Recently I've drropped the term Witch and have started using Goddess. Last year I had hiked and got lost + than practiced Zazen (a form of Buddhist Meditation that puts the body into a Full-Lotus position) For well over an hour. Totally peaceful near a swamp amidst Dusk. The getting lost and the sadness. sleep. SleEping during the day during my visit recently to this spot & found a bountiful area where edible berries were growing. I think woman should develop their Chi. Maybe some of our community on PFI Forum have preserving mana Ie (their practice) I'd like to get input pagan Meditation. The band Agalloch sings in this melancholy tone "The austere joy of meditation". Ps At a Library, a news reporter came in and talked to a librarian, I chimed in. This town has nice trails. That directed the conversation. Then I got a photo taken. That will likely be in that Boston Globe newspaper(the name of a local newspaper).
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 24347 Posted: 3rd April 2018     Subject:
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Is there only one way to be masculine? Perhaps every man does it his own way. So your way of being masculine would not be like me, or that next man over. Remember we are each created unique. So what way of being a man works for you might be the only question you need to answer. There is no one right way that fits everyone. This is why most men end up questioning their level of masculinity. They are trying for an imaginary ideal, that likely is not even possible to achieve.

Myself for instance, I am not a tough guy, I have never been in a fight, in fact I am incapable of slugging anyone for any reason. I have no interest in sports, never have. I can start conversations with anyone, but I have no need to be social, I am not a group person nor do I have any desire to be part of any group, I prefer being by myself, always have. I have no interest in machines, or technology, or cars. I can function with them but I have no interest in understanding them, nor taking them apart, and putting them back together, never have. I am a gay man but no longer sexual in any manner. I can make people laugh, making jokes about myself and my life, and I like to encourage people. I am self employed, because I can't function on a job. I have my own shop yet never have made a living of it, nor worried much about profit, as long as it pays for itself and gives me something useful to do, which I have done with my present shop since Jan. 1985. I am happy, I enjoy my life.

Now I have survived being drafted into the United State Marines and survived the Viet Nam War, which actually I had expected might kill me. I have survived mental health crisis. I survived Pancreatitis though two hospitals gave up on me. I have survived 25years of being type 2 Diabetic. I had one long term relationship of since 1975, literally to the death of my partner. I spent the last 17 years of it taking care of him, after he lost most of his lungs. I am still here nearly five years after, and rather amazed to seem that I am still here, interested and enjoying my life at age 72.

So you just do it whatever way that is comfortable, and that works for you.

Blessed Be,

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Morgana Post number 24348 Posted: 3rd April 2018     Subject:
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Hi Christopher,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Did you see that we included an article of yours in Pagan World?

Continuous readjustment to life by Christopher Blackwell
http://paganworld.pagan ... r-blackwell/

There you write:
"However, as an older person I have seen another side to it, the need to readily make continuous readjustment to life.
At each stage life must be ready for the change required of it, or it does not survive."

Spring blessings,
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