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How can we help refugees?

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Alva More Post number 23626 Posted: 24th July 2017     Subject: How can we help refugees?
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Since we Pagans have this history with moving from place to place, from all eras around, and we deal now with the reality of being a part of a human(itarian) society, what can we do to help refugees?

From a dear place of Pagan civilization, a lot of countries are recieving all kinds of people from the midle east: muslims, christians, atheist, pagans.

Can we be a positive and conscient force in this time of inclusion?
Morgana Post number 23629 Posted: 25th July 2017     Subject:
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Hi Alva,

It's great that you bring up this subject!

One of the things we can do is befriend refugees of a pagan persuasion - become their 'buddies'.
That sometimes happens via Facebook and then I advise them to join the forum.
The important thing, I think, is to reach out and let them know they are not alone.
We may not be able to help them with their legal battles but at least we can support them morally.

As far as helping (pagan, non-moslim) refugees generally - I try via my interfaith connections to keep up-to-date with the position of non-muslim refugees.
For example the plight of the Yezidis. They were/are really in desperate need of help.

I know a lot of friends help locally, as far as they can - in Germany, Turkey, NL etc but that is not because they are pagan but out of a sense of solidarity... and yes community.

Bright blessings,
Alva More Post number 23636 Posted: 26th July 2017     Subject:
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Yes, those are wonderful and pratical sugestions!

Making a net work of relations that allow us to know the newcomers.

We, in the university have some projects in the making like a formation for imams, a dialogue with sacred texts (wich is about selecting sacred texts and performing them for an audience), to mention 2 of them.

We have a lot to do still, but we believe that the academy, for being a inclusive and impartial space, serves perfectly to this common and trustful place where we can invite all communities and work with each one.
Jay Brafeha Post number 25058 Posted: 17th October 2018     Subject:
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I suppose it depends on where you are, but around here a lot of refugee organizations are asking for bicycles and old cell phones. Also, when refugees first get more permanent housing, they lack furniture, and can usually use anything you can spare -- that mis-matched chair you keep in storage, the coffee table you've been thinking of replacing. For people in Germany, I really like

If you like vegan cuisine and live near Nijmegen (Netherlands), there's a bi-weekly fundraiser for one of the local refugee assistance groups, 1st and 3rd Saturdays. It's 7.50 EUR + whatever you can donate, and it's very tasty!
Morgana Post number 25062 Posted: 18th October 2018     Subject: Yazidi doctor devotes her life to women who survived Islamic
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Yazidi doctor devotes her life to women who survived Islamic State
Dr Nagham Nawzat has provided life-saving support to around 1,200 Yazidi women enslaved by IS

Yazidi gynaecologist Dr Nagham Nawzat has helped hundreds of Yazidi women overcome trauma (MEE/Sebastian Castelier)

https://www.middleeaste ... e-1057630460
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