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Morgana Post number 23641 Posted: 26th July 2017     Subject: PF Pagans with Disabilities
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The Pagan Federation - Pagans with Disabilities

This page is for following the work of the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team.

We made the decision to create this page as its easy to lose admin posts in the Disabilities group and we'd like you to keep easily updated. [Smile]

This Facebook page for Pagans with Disabilities has been created with the support of The Pagan Federation (England & Wales), founded in 1971.

The Federation serves, promotes and supports the rapidly growing Pagan community. To further this aim, this page will provide a forum to connect Pagans with Disabilities,
of any sort, to combat loneliness and isolation and help each other in continuing their faith and religious practice in the face of obstacles arising from disability.
So, if you are Pagan or Pagan friendly and are interested in getting more involved or just in finding out more about Paganism in England and Wales then you are welcome to join us.

Any views expressed on these pages are those of the individual and are not intended to represent official Pagan Federation policies and opinions.

For general enquiries, please email our Team Secretary. For the DPVP, Online Festivals or Management, please email the Disabilities Manager.
To discuss booking a member of the team for your event, moot or conference or to submit your event, venue, moot or conference to our Green Pages or for more information of these things,
please email the Deputy Disabilities Manager. Emails can be found below.

Here are some useful links.

Our website and blog:

PF Disabilities group:

PF England & Wales group:

Pagan Federation website:

Disabilities Manager: Debi Gregory

Deputy Disabilities Manager: Jenny Luddington

Team Secretary: Jean James

Online Lughnasad Festival, hosted by PF Dis. Team

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Morgana Post number 23642 Posted: 26th July 2017     Subject: EVENT July 29, 2017
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Check out the calendar:
Online Lughnasad Festival, hosted by PF Dis. Team
Alva More Post number 23678 Posted: 18th August 2017     Subject: Re: PF Pagans with Disabilities
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Wonderful! What a team!

Just shared the FB page with my pagan FB groups [Smile]

Let this be another step into, not only a pagan community, but a general society inclusiveness.

Lets bring our community together and work as one Pagan conscience in the world!*
- Mariana Vital / Alva Möre - PFI Pagan Community Circle and PFI Interfaith Coordinator
Morgana Post number 23787 Posted: 29th September 2017     Subject:
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Thanks for your contact details!

Are there any blogs, Facebook pages/groups where people who are differently-abled can post to?

I think you mentioned that you received a lot of creative work - poetry and so on.
Can you post some links?

Bright Blessings,
Morgana Post number 23828 Posted: 12th October 2017     Subject: World Mental Health Day and further musings. by Debi Gregory
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World Mental Health Day and further musings.
by Debi Gregory | Oct 10, 2017 | Disabilities Manager

So, today is World Mental Health Day and we were going to make a HUGE deal out of it but, as is typical, we all seem to be in low function mode right now. It’s a bit of a daft time of year for this sort of thing really… Most people who suffer with mental health conditions in this country notice a marked difference in their mood when the days start to darken… So the chances of us being productive at this time of year are much slimmer than in, say, May or June…

You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quieter and if you were with us last year, you’ll probably have noticed it then too… The team is made up of disabled people and so, we made the decision very early on that we would not try to fight this and would, instead, go with the flow. Therefore, we’re going into hibernation mode!

Don’t worry! We’re not completely gone, we’re just not going to be working much until the Spring comes. We’re still here if you need us and we hope that you can join in our conversations in the support group and will still feel confident in coming to us if you need our support but there will be slow progress in our usual work for the next few months.
We hope to see you at our festival in a few weeks though, as that is definitely still going on!

On a more personal note, you may have noticed that i’m being quieter than usual… Some of you may have even noticed why! This time of year always has a bizarre effect on me… I tend to be a little more… Difficult, let’s say difficult, for the sake of being polite… I’m a little more difficult at this time of year and so i try to take myself out of situations where i may cause offence or upset… Well… That is… I do when i start noticing that i’m doing it… Which is usually after i’ve caused a bit of trouble… And it seems i’ve come to this point now! So, with this in mind, i’ll see you on the other side of this… Whatever it is… And i sincerely hope i see none of you during it! 😉

Stay safe, be blessed and much love!
xXx Debi xXx
Morgana Post number 23951 Posted: 5th November 2017     Subject: Recognising that mind and body are not separate opens door
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Recognising that mind and body are not separate opens door for new treatments

As a trial for a radical schizophrenia treatment begins, the link between biological factors and some mental illnesses is becoming clearer than ever

Scientists have discovered that immune cells in the brain, called microglia (stained green) appear to go into overdrive in the early stages of schizophrenia. Photograph: MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

Descartes’s notion of dualism – that the mind and body are separate entities – is wrong, but has proved surprisingly persistent, and until recently dominated attempts to understand mental illness. When the brain stopped working properly, a psychological origin was sought.

Undoubtedly, life’s experiences and our personalities shape the way our brains function. But there is now a compelling body of evidence that brain disorders can also originate from things going awry in our basic biology.

Particularly intriguing is the discovery that the brain, once thought to be separated from the immune system by the blood-brain barrier, is powerfully influenced by immune activity.

The latest trial, focused on schizophrenia, is backed by converging evidence from several fields that immune cells in the brain, called microglia, play at least some role in this disease. Prof Oliver Howes, the psychiatrist leading the work, discovered that these cells appear to go into overdrive in the early stages of schizophrenia. Genetics studies have linked changes in immune system genes to increased risk for schizophrenia and anecdotal evidence, including a recent case report of a patient who developed schizophrenia after receiving a bone marrow transplant from a sibling with the illness, also triangulates on to the immune system.

Radical new approach to schizophrenia treatment begins trial
Read more
“It’s all challenging the idea that the brain is this separate privileged organ, ” said Howes.

Schizophrenia is not a special case. Scientists are showing that immune activity may play a role in a broad spectrum of mental disorders, ranging from depression to dementia.

People with diabetes, an auto-immune disease, are 65% more likely to develop dementia, according to a 2015 study. Other research has found that Alzheimer’s patients who suffered regular infections, such as coughs and colds, had a fourfold greater decline in memory tests during a six-month period compared with patients with the lowest infection levels. And there is tentative evidence that some patients with treatment resistant depression may benefit from antibody treatments.

Perhaps most striking has been the discovery of an entire network of vessels beneath the skull, linking the brain and the immune system, that had surprisingly been overlooked until very recently.

“It has been a fundamental problem that the brain and mind have been seen as somehow separate entities, and that physical and mental healthcare are separate, ” said Belinda Lennox, senior clinical lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Oxford. “It has denied the psychological factors that play a vital part in all medical disorders, just as much as it has denied the importance of the biological factors in mental illness. ”

Whether the latest trial will yield a successful treatment is difficult to predict and the psychiatry’s record warns against premature optimism. However, recognising that biological factors, such as the immune system, can have a powerful influence on the brain and sometimes explain why things go wrong, will be essential to finding new and better treatments.

https://www.theguardian ... chizophrenia
Isobel Post number 23965 Posted: 7th November 2017     Subject: Re: Recognising that mind and body are not separate opens door
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Wow what an excellent article.
Thank you for sharing.

Blessings, [Very happy]

PFI National Co-ordinators for Portugal
Isobel Andrade & Jose Ferreira
Morgana Post number 24625 Posted: 4th July 2018     Subject: Introducing Lauren
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From Lauren Edwards:

Good afternoon. My name is Lauren Edwards, and I have been asked to be the International Disabilities Liaison for Pagan Federation England and Wales.
As well as this, I am already the Disabilities and Inclusion officer for the Scottish PF, and I lend a hand as a proofreader for Pagan Dawn.
As part of this role, I would really like to liaise with PFI and offer whatever help I can from here in surprisingly sunny Edinburgh.

I can be contacted here, or my official PF email address is

I look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

Blessings, and slàinte!
Morgana Post number 24638 Posted: 4th July 2018     Subject:
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hi Lauren,

This link isn't working anymore

Nor is the email addy:

Can you please check what is going on?

Lauren Corvidae Post number 24642 Posted: 5th July 2018     Subject:
Hi Morgana,

So, there are two places you can catch up with the PF Disabilities team on FB. We have a FB Page which hosts news from what is now known as the PF Community Support Team- this covers Disabilities, LGBTQIA+, Families, Hospitals, Prisons, and other such things. This is where to look for news from all of our Community groups, and where you can Private Message the Page to get in touch with a team member without using their personal contacts (we've apparently had a bit of bother with people abusing that privilege, alas). You can find this Page at

There is also the Closed Group on FB specifically for Pagans with Disabilities (and those who support them while being respectful of their beliefs). Here you'll be able to post to the Group and have chats with folks both from the team and from the public. People might post up interesting tidbits or questions, funnies or sites with free materials that might be helpful, that sort of thing. You can find this Group at

As for my email, I've just sent a test email from my GMail account and that has come through just fine. So I honestly have no idea what's going on there... sorry hun!

For PFEW International Disabilities enquiries:
For Pagan Dawn enquiries:
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 24652 Posted: 9th July 2018     Subject: On the link to PFD disabilies
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I am getting this message: This page isn't available
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.


Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Lauren Corvidae Post number 24655 Posted: 10th July 2018     Subject:
Hi Christopher,

Which link are you trying to use? The one in the original post is no longer active, so it's the ones in my previous reply that should be used- if either of them aren't working, please let me know and I'll see about sorting that out!

Ta muchly,
Lauren x

For PFEW International Disabilities enquiries:
For Pagan Dawn enquiries:
Jochem Post number 25663 Posted: 29th May 2019     Subject: Pagans with disabilities in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands we are in the process of starting a Dutch network for pagans with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

At the PFI-NL Spring Gathering Soleil & Jochem gave the workshop "Dis_spelling disability: inclusiveness as a matter of fact". It was good to talk with each other about paganism & accessability, about what pagans with disabilities have to offer to our community, etc. And the general concensus was we need to keep talking about these sort of topics!

Anyone interested in this netwerk can email to Soleil & Jochem at: for more info.

We will keep you updated both here and in the Dutch section of this forum.
Jochem Post number 25773 Posted: 24th July 2019     Subject: Network pagans with disabilities in the Netherlands
In May I posted a short message about us being in the process of starting a Dutch network for pagans with disabilities.

This month we have started a series of discussion themes in the Dutch section of this forum. Every month we will add another question about pagans with disabilities in our pagan community. We are looking forward to interesting contributions and discussions!

Anyone interested in this network still can contact Soleil & Jochem at: for more info.
Jochem Post number 25885 Posted: 20th September 2019     Subject: Report first online meeting Dutch disabled pagans
Online meeting about disability small, but nice!

Sunday 15 September was the first Dutch online meeting with pagans and heathens with a disability. We were with a small group, but soon it was clear that all participants are used being a go-getter. As a result, we had a very good and effective conversation. The next online meeting is on October 27th at 15:00.

After a round of introductions, we talked about what we need to be able to be participants as a matter of fact in our pagan and heathen communities.

Accessible events
One of the first comments was that according to (European) legislation it is mandatory to make events accessible to everyone. That is true, of course, even though not all organisers are aware of this (yet).

Apart from laws, it is our experience that accessibility often is understood in a limited way. People mainly think of wheelchair users, and forget about accessibility needs for all other disabilities.

Reflect on accessibility
That led us to the statement that accessibility is about being conscious. It is about the realisation among organisers that some of their “supporters” will have a disability. And that these people often need something extra to be able to participate.

To this we can contribute ourselves! We could raise awareness within pagan and heathen communities. For example, we could launch an awareness campaign through social media.
Or we could give a good example by organising an accessible event ourselves. This year several people with a disability were involved in the organisation of the PFI-NL Spring Gathering. Therefore the accessibility was much better this year than in previous years.
Another option is to structurally visit existing events, and make ourselves visible as part of the pagan/heathen community.

PFI Forum discussions
Since July Soleil and Jochem are having a discussion on a series of topics related to accessibility in the Dutch part of the PFI Forum. These discussions are well read, so people are interested in the topics.
However, so far people don’t have replied yet. We don’t know why that is, even though we do have some suspicions. Are people afraid to out themselves as pagan/heathen with a disability? Or do people feel reluctant to share experiences, because they are afraid of people judging them?

Role models
We also think it is important to show role models, both for pagans/heathens with a disability themselves (they also need examples) and for the entire community (to make our diversity visible). Plenty of famous people have both a disability and a connection with paganism/heathenry.

Film tip
Lastly, a film tip: Crazywise is a film about people with mental health issues. People who are labeled "crazy" in the west and receive medication, and are seen as "wise" in the east and become shamans or healers. More info at

Next meeting
Sunday 27 October 2019, from 15:00 tot 16:30. Would you like to participate? Please sign up at Soleil:
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