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St Patrick Vs the Goddess- Jenny Butler

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Morgana Post number 24343 Posted: 31st March 2018     Subject: St Patrick Vs the Goddess- Jenny Butler
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A little bit late but nevertheless an interesting read:

(Dr Jenny Butler, Study of Religions Department, UCC Image: Provisio
Last year on St Patrick’s Day there was much interest in the idea that St Patrick might have had a wife, Sheelagh and that her feast day followed his, on 18th March when celebrations continued.

The “feminist angle” was exulted by some and seen to reflect the balance between male and female in the cosmic order. However, what of the St Patrick we find in mythology?

St Patrick, as a “folk hero”, is the one who single-handedly converts the whole Irish population to Christianity. In legends, the way he did this was to destroy Paganism and interestingly many of the ‘monsters’ he battles may well be Goddess figures. For instance, the saint, after climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain in Co Mayo, kneels down to pray and is attacked by a blackbird. In some versions of the legend, St Patrick throws his bell at the bird and in doing so banishes her so that she cannot return to the mountain. A common motif in Irish mythology is the shape-shifting of the War-Goddess, the Mórrígan, into the form of Badb Catha, crow or raven of battle. Badb is also the name of another goddess who can also shapeshift into a crow and forms part of the trio of war-goddesses called the Mórrigna, along with Mórrígan and Macha. Mórrígan or “Great Queen” is a sovereignty goddess who presides over a certain territory and protects its people. While the Mórrígan is not described as engaging in combat herself, she rather affects armies psychologically by way of her fearsome appearance and by filling them with fury. The goddess is also attributed with powers of spellcasting and prophesy. We are reminded here that in the Old Irish text popularly known as St Patrick’s Breastplate, there are warnings about the “spells of women, and of smiths, and of Druids”.
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Kono Loki Post number 24876 Posted: 5th September 2018     Subject:
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The monsters probably represented PAGAN imagery, not just female deities, in other words everything not Roman Catholic.
I think this is toe tipping into feminist mythology of some ancient women dominated global culture.


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 24879 Posted: 6th September 2018     Subject: We have a bad habit of judging the past on the basis of our
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We have a bad habit of judging the past on the basis of our modern ideas, views and opinion. We forget our ancestors lived in much different times and conditions. Pagan religions were not always nice, some times they came with invaders and forced themselves of a people. Nor were the gods and goddesses nice, nor held high opinion of humans.

Sumerian gods created people to be their slaves, and when there got to be too many so that the noise of humans bothered the gods, they destroyed them with a flood. This is one of the few that we have written information about. So on most we have no idea how those people saw their good are how they ruled themselves. So any of our popular ideas may well have been completely foreign to those distant people.


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