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Dr Lila Moore

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Morgana Post number 25392 Posted: 5th February 2019     Subject: Dr Lila Moore
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Introducing Dr Lila Moore.

In the past Lila has been the Academic Advisor for PFI and has organised the PAEAN Online conference.

Dr Lila Moore is the founder of the Cybernetic Futures Inst., a networked platform and online academy for the study and research of technoetic arts,
consciousness and the spiritual in art and film.
Lecturer in the following academic courses: Spiritual Cinema, Religion and Spirituality in Film and New Media, Film and Ritual,
The Spiritual in Art, Department of Mysticism and Spirituality, BA programme, Zefat Academic College, 2013- 2017
Morgana Post number 25393 Posted: 5th February 2019     Subject:
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Recently Lila updated us with the following news:

My article entitled: The Shaman of Cybernetic Futures: Art, Ritual and Transcendence in Fields of the Networked Mind, was recently published in a special edition of Cybernetics & Human Knowing. For this edition, I was invited to contribute an article about my artworks together with a group of artists and theorists who are previous PhD students and collaborators of Roy Ascott, a pioneer of media arts.
See link:

My artwork was selected to a notable peer-reviewed/juried exhibition by ICM/SIGGRAPH, see link to the exhibition. My work can also be viewed on the project's webpage that includes more videos.
It is entitled Manifestos of Strange Becoming by Seeker_of_True-files and consists of a series of digital films with interactive elements that follows the explorations
and discoveries of an entity identified by the name of Seeker_of_True-files.
See links:
https://urgency-reality ... -exhibition/
https://urgency-reality ... _true-files/

Also, I am one of the selected speakers, offering Masterclass, at the Magickal Women conference in London, which will take place on 1 June, 2019.
It's a truly pioneering event!
See link:

And currently in final stages of a monograph on Maya Deren. I'll update you when it becomes available.

Plus, will be co-presenting a paper at the 7th Biannual ESSWE conference 2-4 July 2019, University of Amsterdam
Western Esotericism and Consciousness: Visions, Voices, Altered States

It may be an opportunity to meet in person... [Very happy]

Morgana: registration for the ESSWE conference: https://www.amsterdamhe ... egistration/
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