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The Dark Side is very real

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Kono Loki Post number 25489 Posted: 6th March 2019     Subject: The Dark Side is very real
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I made my own topic, since we are digressing:

Christopher and Mike,

I guess it all really comes down to the idea that there is no evil. [Rolling eyes]

That demons, for the lack of a better word, do not exist. [Rolling eyes]

That there no bad spirits just as power hungry and irresponsible as some humans are. [Rolling eyes]

That there is no twisted (black) magic. [Rolling eyes]

And that it is all just a natural flow. [Rolling eyes]

And that is what I mean by "Love ad light".


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 25492 Posted: 7th March 2019     Subject:
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My take on the points you brought forward.

Yes there is evil. It takes many forms and is expressed in many ways.

As to demons, bad or evil spirits I cannot say, I have not had any contact with anything or any one that I could describe as such.
Now I may just live in an uninteresting place to entities like that so I just don't know.

" Black Magic" has it's adherents.

I don't think of a connection between " natural flow" and "Love and light".

If "Natural flow" is nature I can't say it loves us, we are just part of it but we wrongly think we are above it.

We need to respect it and try to live in "harmony" with it or it will put us in our place.

Maybe the term "natural flow" does have a place for in my experience it is a lot easier to work with nature than against it.

Kono Loki Post number 25493 Posted: 7th March 2019     Subject: What consequences?
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Just one question:
How would nature put us in our place exactly?

And yes, as a sorcerer i do believe i am above nature.


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 25494 Posted: 8th March 2019     Subject: Kono, we are beginning to see
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how nature is putting us in our place is putting us in our place.


Above nature, hardly as we too are part of nature. Everything that we do to nature we do to ourselves as well. When we pollute nature, we equally pollute ourselves. For instance Round Up, weed killer sold by Monsanto, is also in the foods grown where it is used, and even in most the beer and wine here in the United States. Micro-particals of plastic are every in the world where including the fish and animals that we eat, in our groundwater, most of the lakes, rivers, and the oceans in the world, meaning that they are also in us humans. We don't yet know what that means to human health.

Lead is in the water pipes of most of our older cities, not to mention in older paint is many older buidlings, and in those humans that drink the water from those pipes or live, or work in buildings that still have layers of the older lead based paint.

There is no unpolluted water to drink for most of humans, just a question of how polluted it is. From the 1940s and on, we have dumpped millions of newly created chemicals into the air water and land, so that too is inside each of us. Mining, oil, natural gas production, fracking, and chemical production all add still more pollution to air land and water, mega tons each year. Modern farming adds more chemical pollution to air, water, ground and to us humans. Farmers and farm workers have some oe the highest cancer rates of all people.

You have read of the destruction of entire species of plants animals worldwide, even the sudden drop off insects. The same things killing them are killing us a well. This is what the scientist call the sixth great extinction, that will kill off at least 95% of all life on the planet, that includes humans, as only the simpler forms of life will surive such an event. Right now we face the real possibility that mankind will go extinct in the next hundred years, or not long after. So above nature not a chance we die with the rest of nature due to just what mankind is doing. Not even magic can change that.


Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Kono Loki Post number 25495 Posted: 8th March 2019     Subject:
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Sure, but I do not live in the USA, where I live we are a little more responsible when it comes to nature.

I may not like it, but I at least respect it when i have to.

And I was talking about the use of magic, not the effects of humanity on the physical world.


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
ChristopherBlackwell Post number 25497 Posted: 10th March 2019     Subject: It does not matter where yu live or how you treats nature
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What I am talking about will affect all humans everywhere. Our first world countries great living standards are based on third world country raw materials and labor more and more. Our corporations are responsible for most of the environmental destruction and pollution and that is what will kill us, no matter what part of the world the destruction is being done. Only thing more dangerous to our survival than our corporations, is our military, particularly the US military as it out pollute even industry and farming, but to some extent every country that has military.

Now add to that climate change which is happening far faster than even our climate scientists dared to consider possible. That alone will wreck food production around the world and not even the first world countries can survive a food shortfall, as that brings about economic collapse, political collapse riot sand revolution, and increasing numbers of climate refugees, that will make even our war refugee problems look like a walk in the park. War has give us only a few million refugees, but we are all ready passing that with climate refugees.

Imagine in the next decade with tens of millions more refugees, then increasing to hundreds of millions of refugees and finally billions of refugees. Guess where all those people are going to come to, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Much of this will already happen within your lifetime. There is no way humans can survive the destruction that we have already done to the environment, much less what we are still increasing doing with every week month, and year.

Magic can behelpful but by itself it cannot save us from ourselves. The role of magical person is going to be to help a dying human race. That will include our magical people as well, for they too will become extinct.

I have one advantage over you, I have been near dying much of my life. I am always aware that death is never far away be it still years away, months away, days away, or seconds away. Death is not a bad thing, it is the end process of being alive. Likely you will think I am a crazy old man, which is okay, because it is not a matter of whether you believe me or not. Everything that exists in reality is temporary, and change is the only constant. We like to think our spirit is an exception, but that remains to be seen though. A person afraid of death can never live fully. Focus on what you have at each moment, and appreciate every bit of it and its value to your life. Don't lose anything, only to discover after it is lost, how much it meant to you, that includes yourself as well.

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Kono Loki Post number 25498 Posted: 10th March 2019     Subject:
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It seems to be a very American thing to believe humanity is coming to and end soon, for as long as your nation was created, so i see you as a result of your culture, rather than as a crazy old man.
No offense.


I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
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