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The Institute for Ecological Civilization

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Morgana Post number 25724 Posted: 9th July 2019     Subject: The Institute for Ecological Civilization
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The Institute for Ecological Civilization works internationally to support systemic approaches to long-term sustainability by developing collaborations among government, business, and religious leaders and among scholars, activists, and policy makers. We build effective partnerships across social sectors through consultations, think-tank gatherings, and policy engagement.

The Institute carries out its mission in multiple ways.
Conduct academic research that takes ecological civilization as its subject.
Provide education through courses, conferences, and social media.
Amplify voices with indispensable information and those who inspire social change.
Support concrete projects in local settings based on the principles of an ecological civilization.

Core Belief

The present trajectory of life on this planet is unsustainable, and the underlying causes of our environmental crisis are inseparable from our social and economic systems. The massive inequality between the rich and the poor is not separate from our systems of unlimited growth, the depletion of natural resources, the extinction of species, or global warming. Social and environmental movements require an orientation that is neither too narrow and short-term, nor too abstract and long-term to offer concrete guidance. Formulating the requirements for the flourishing of life in all its forms ― an ecological civilization ― will provide the roadmap that leaders need and will ground a hope that stimulates the necessary reforms.
Morgana Post number 25725 Posted: 9th July 2019     Subject:
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EcoCiv at the Parliament of the World's Religions
Advancing concrete change toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

On Nov 5, 2018, EcoCiv helped plan and implement the Justice Assembly at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.
Watch the entire session here. ... 07965931594/
Morgana Post number 25726 Posted: 9th July 2019     Subject:
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Ecological Civilization Studies: An Emerging Transformative Discipline

By Philip Clayton and Megan Anderson

Ecological Civilization Studies (ECS) seeks to build an informed vision for a sustainable and just future. It involves rigorous research into ways of living that are not sustainable, as well as the study of new (and ancient!) ways of living that are models for the future. In ECS, the research is combined with practical steps to move humanity forward toward this vision, always concentrating on solutions that are viable for the long-term. It is about changing the way we live in relationship to our surrounding ecosystems rather than simply creating solutions to mitigate the damage that humans have wrought and continue to wreak on the environment.

The idea of an ecological civilization is much broader and more comprehensive than simply combining civilizational studies with ecology. We focus less on the past (although “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”), and more on what human civilization will need to look like in the future. Virtually every area of human society is included: ecology, economics, social and political structures, arts, philosophy, religion, human/animal/plant thriving, energy, culture, etc. Because Ecological Civilization Studies lies at the intersection of theory and practice, students are asked to think about real-world situations and brainstorm ideas about how they can be addressed.

Crucial for EcoCiv is a multi-sector approach. It’s impossible to create genuinely sustainable solutions in the amount of time we have available if we create them in sector silos. Consider some examples:

How we think about the solution to humanity’s current reliance on fossil fuels requires thinking about the structure of cities and how they relate to sub-urban environments and to the surrounding agricultural districts: is this whole model even sustainable?
Similarly, pursuing solar, wind, and water power requires a deep understanding of how ecosystems work, so that we can develop renewable energy sources in ways that disrupt these environments as little as possible. For example, while the solar fields near Las Vegas create a great deal of solar energy, the energy not absorbed by the panels, being released as heat back into the atmosphere, is literally frying birds as they fly over.
Any solution to the escalating water crisis must involve thinking about agricultural practices: how can we use water more efficiently in growing food? How do we cultivate soil that retains water better? How can we integrate crops that mutually support each other and reduce the amount of water needed? We also need to think about cultural issues surrounding water, for example the difficulty of keeping girls in school in many parts of the world because they are forced to walk miles to find water every day.
The key idea here is radical interdependence. We live in a globalized world, which means that everything we do has an effect on other parts of the world. There is no such thing as living in isolation anymore; human choices and behavior today determine the kind of planet our children’s children will inhabit. In one sense, this has always been true. But because climate change involves escalating feedback loops, and because we live today at a tipping point in the earth’s history, today’s choices are absolutely decisive for future generations.

read on... ... -discipline/
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