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Sacred words and the mystery that lies between them

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Morgana Post number 25729 Posted: 10th July 2019     Subject: Sacred words and the mystery that lies between them
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Karagan Griffith in WITCHES
Jan 3 · 7 min read

The Craft is simple. It is. The complexity of it lies only in those who cannot understand it. Then wisdom cannot find the path of consciousness, and true meaning cannot be.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. — Socrates
There are good and bad teachers, and each student will deserve its own. Not all initiates should become teachers, especially when there is no understanding behind the teaching. If the right question is made to that kind of teacher, it all comes to silence, because there is no basic knowledge to sustain the answer. But the choice of a teacher is, of course, a personal one. On the other hand, there is a choice that the teacher has to make which is quite extraordinary; the teacher has to determine if the student has the vocation and ability to work within a magic circle. During the teacher and student interaction, the student will learn its lessons, practice them which in turn will prove them true, and given the gift of freedom to develop their abilities and so they do so. At some point, a student can opt for changing teachers. This, of course, is their choice and one that sometimes comes with great joy or deep regret. I believe that students do have different needs and, as they evolve in their path, they will shift their focus and need to move on, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worse. But a choice is a choice, and as in anything else in magic, responsibility has to be taken for the choices we make.
From a teacher’s perspective, different methods are chosen for different students as each requires different teachings.
Dion Fortune says in her book
The Training & Work of the Initiate that
[the student] in seeking to study by contacting the Cosmic Mind he will often gain access to a mass of miscellaneous ideas, but will frequently let slip a piece of priceless information for lack of realisation of its worth; or bewildered by an unfamiliar terminology, he may not grasp the importance of what he is learning.

(Read on... ) ... 41a9207959ac

WRITTEN BY Karagan Griffith,
Alexandrian Priest and Witch, blogger, publisher, film director and author.
Host of “On the Blackchair” and “Hidden Light”
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