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William Leonard Pickard

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Morgana Post number 25732 Posted: 10th July 2019     Subject: William Leonard Pickard
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William Leonard Pickard

Podcast 609 – “The Rose Garden – Introduction”
Posted on June 10, 2019 by Lorenzo

Guest speakers:
William Leonard Pickard
Kat & Alexa Lakey, discussing The Rose from Santa Cruz, and Cusco, Peru

Julian Vayne & Nikki Wyrd, reading from Devon, England
Brother David Steindl-Rast, reading from Gut Aich Priory in Salzburg, Austria
Ben Sessa MD, reading from London, England
Ralf Jeutter, reading from Germany
Julie Holland MD, discussing The Rose from New York City
Ryan Place, reading from Detroit, Michigan
Mark Schunemann. reading from the University of Oxford
Estia from University of Durham (UK), reading from Paris
Jo from University of Durham, reading at Durham, England
Nese Devenot PhD, reading from Case Western University School of Medicine
Bruce Van Dyke, reading from Reno, Nevada
Greg Sams, reading from London, England


Today’s podcast features an introduction to The Rose Of Paracelsus: On Secrets & Sacraments by Leonard Pickard.
Rolling Stone once called Pickard “The Acid King”, and his book is being called a modern masterpiece.
It tells the story of an international clan of secret LSD chemists. And who better to tell this story than Leonard Pickard,
who is now serving two life sentences in a maximum security prison in the United States,
having been accused of manufacturing large quantities of acid, billions according to one ex-DEA agent.
Over the next two years we will present a reading of this book, along with commentary, by friends of Leonard’s.
Today we feature an introduction of The Rose of Paracelsus with a series of readings from various chapters,
followed by some commentary on the readings.
In the months and years to come, we will be podcasting a reading of this entire book, chapter-by-chapter.

EMAIL address to contact the producers:

https://psychedelicsalo ... ntroduction/
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