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  Topic: Ancient Germanic lord unearthed in a 1,500-year-old tomb
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Post number 26558Forum: Pagan Places and Sacred Spaces   Posted: Today at 10:46   Subject: Ancient Germanic lord unearthed in a 1,500-year-old tomb
Ancient Germanic lord unearthed in a 1,500-year-old tomb with a circle of six women around cauldron
September 22, 2020

The complex grave of a Germanic lord or prince who lived 1,500 years ago during the Great Migration has been unearthed in Saxony-Anhalt, near Brücken-Hackpfüffel.
Experts say the site is the country’s most important archaeological find for 40 years and have kept the exact location of the dig a secret to stave off thieves.
Excavations got underway when builders were clearing land for a new chicken farm, and stumbled across the cemetery of a royal court.

Despite the high-ranking status of the person entombed within, the researchers have yet to locate the remains of the prince they suspect was laid to rest there.
They speculate his ashes may be inside a bronze cauldron in the central tomb, which is around 13 feet by 13 feet in size.

The cauldron, the focal point of the mounded tomb, is surrounded by six women buried in a radial alignment from the pot, like the hands of a clock,
The Times reports. Researchers say these may well have been concubines or widows belonging to the person being buried,
but it remains a mystery as to whether they were slain for the burial or sacrificed themselves.

Speculation is rife about the cause of the bizarre arrangement, but researchers say it is too soon to talk of a ritualistic cult death.

(Read on... ) ... BwnXRaZO-vvU
  Topic: Same Sex Initiation Should Be Valid In Wicca
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Post number 26559Forum: People & Society   Posted: Today at 11:02   Subject: Same Sex Initiation Should Be Valid In Wicca
Same Sex Initiation Should Be Valid In Wicca
When I was initiated it looked like the old heteronormative cisgender ideals of man initiates woman and woman initiates man were slowly being phased out.

Fast forward twenty years and here we are still arguing over the same tired old subject.

As Wiccans we scoff at other religions who insist on the written information being continually right and valid whatever new evidence and ethics shines a light on. Yet barely seventy years on from the repealing of the witchcraft act, our religion is already drowning in unnecessary dogma.

There are several arguments for keeping initiations cross gender, the first being it’s always been done this way. I think we can all see why a pin needs to be stuck in that bubble. Tradition is beautiful, blind faith when we can see a better way is not.

For many years the argument was based in polarity. The gender distinction between the God (male) and the Goddess (female) created an energy current which was essential to initiation.
Then the argument went down the sexual attraction line. You were supposed to have a sexual current with your initiator.

But what happens if you’re gay?

What happens if you’re asexual?

What happens if you really want to be initiated by someone you wouldn’t want to have sex with for whatever reason? Or let’s flip it… you want to be initiated by someone who doesn’t have a sexual interest in you.

It all seems a bit silly to me.

We no longer have the same beliefs when it comes to sexuality and gender. I don’t need a penis to draw down the God and I don’t need a vagina to be a woman.
I also don’t think Same Sex Initiation should be limited to whether you identify as gay or bi/ pansexual.

We know Alex Sanders initiated men; and yet whilst we claim him as one of the founders of our tradition, we reject a chunk of his downline. Men he initiated himself. Oftentimes men he loved dearly.

For what? “Tradition”?

I’ve looked hard at Gardnerian tradition and tried to work out why cross gender initiation was a thing in the first place; especially when Gardner clearly said mothers could initiate sons and father’s initiate daughters. He even said a woman could strap on a sword and play the role of the High Priest at any point. This suggests Same Sex Initiation can happen if it’s a woman initiating another woman.

Was Gardner homophobic? Are we enforcing a tired old tradition which doesn’t suit us based on one man’s homophobia in 1953?
Not necessarily his own.

Remember when the witchcraft act was repealed and Gardner was growing his new religion, homosexual acts between men were still illegal in the UK. You could practise witchcraft, but you couldn’t have sex with another man without risking imprisonment and being labelled a sex offender.

Gardner was advocating men being naked in the same room together. What he couldn’t do was allow any instance of sexual energy between men. Not if he wanted to stay within the law. The sexual element of early Gardnerian witchcraft meant he had to be careful how his practise was perceived.

I believe the boy – girl – boy – girl standing around the circle and the Same Sex Initiation was part of this rather than for any esoteric reason.

When Alex Sanders burst onto the witchcraft scene with his own brand of witchcraft homosexuality was no longer illegal which meant it was no longer a concern if men initiated men.
Therefore, Alex himself initiated men where he had a specific connection to them.

Some of the people we consider to be elders or movers and shakers today have Same Sex Initiation in their uplines. Often the same people who are against the practise are quite happy to include them in initiatory spaces.

There are many people, including myself, who are willing to give Same Sex Initiations. But we won’t start doing so until the wider community accepts them. Which is frustrating because it takes people to start doing so and then throwing their arms out and saying, “Here are my Same Sex Initiates, are you going to accept them or not? ” in order to create change.

For me it’s too much of a risk to ask from a dedicant. Mostly because they have no idea how the Wiccan community works until they’re in it and can’t make an educated decision on whether they’re prepared to fight for their right to exist.

There’s rarely a time an initiator of the ‘right’ gender can’t be found. If this has happened I’d question whether that’s a coven you want to join when no one from the community is willing to stand in for them.
In many ways it seems unnecessary then to rock the boat when you don’t have to.

I’ve seen what having to question the validity of their initiation does to people. I would not wish that on anyone.

But whilst no one is making that first step for these important ethical reasons I think it’s key this conversation continues until Same Sex Initiation becomes a valid choice for initiates. Not just because they’re gay or transgender or non-binary. But because the person they chose to do the bulk of their training with was the same gender as them.

We need to keep having this conversation. Validating Same Sex Initiation is the right thing to do for the future of the tradition. ... isqus_thread
  Topic: Waorani - Puyo, Ecuador
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Post number 26557Forum: Community Circle   Posted: Today at 10:42   Subject: Court forces Ecuador govt to protect Indigenous Waorani
Court forces Ecuador government to protect Indigenous Waorani during COVID-19
Ecuador’s Indigenous Waorani community have won a lawsuit against the government,
demanding it take urgent precautionary measures to better protect their community against COVID-19
sweeping through their territory in the Amazon rainforest.
Mongabay Series: Global Forests
A provincial court ruled that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Inclusion must better communicate
and coordinate with Waorani leaders to get more COVID-19 tests, food and other necessities to communities.
It also ordered the Ministry of Environment and Water to send a report detailing how it is monitoring illegal mining,
logging and drug trafficking activities in the region, and to provide information on COVID-19 protocols for oil companies operating there.
The lawyer for the Waorani called these industries “vectors of contagion” in the Amazon, as they never stopped during quarantine.

QUITO — As COVID-19 sweeps across communities in the Amazon rainforest, the Indigenous Waorani in Ecuador are
celebrating a bittersweet victory after a provincial court ruled in their favor in a recent lawsuit against the government.
The decision on June 18 forces several government ministries to take urgent action to contain COVID-19 in Waorani territory,
and protect the uncontacted Indigenous nations of Tagaeri and Taromenane, whose territory borders Waorani land.

The court decision comes as COVID-19 cases have been increasing across Ecuador’s Amazon this month.
Recent numbers collected by Ecuador’s Amazon Indigenous federation CONFENAIE show 649 cases of COVID-19 and 24 deaths
confirmed in the Amazon, affecting seven of the 11 nationalities that live in the rainforest, as of June 23.
The vast majority of cases are within the Kichwa and Waorani territories.

Indigenous communities in the middle of the rainforest are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19,
as many have no access to hospitals or sufficient medication, putting their elderly populations in particular at risk.

Waorani leaders distribute food supplies as part of the humanitarian aid that the Waorani organizations have self-managed
with the support of the campaign and Indigenous Emergency Action Fund, organized by Amazon Frontlines
together with the indigenous organizations CONAIE, CONFENIAE and Alianza Ceibo, Shellpare, Pastaza, Ecuadorian Amazon.
Photo courtesy Mitch Anderson/Amazon Frontlines.

(
https://news.mongabay.c ... ng-covid-19/

Youtube: ... ure=emb_logo
A provincial court ruled that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Inclusion must better communicate
and coordinate with Waorani leaders to get more COVID-19 tests, food and other necessities to communities.

It also ordered the Ministry of Environment and Water to send a report detailing how it is monitoring illegal mining,
logging and drug trafficking activities in the region, and to provide information on COVID-19 protocols for oil companies operating there.

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