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  Topic: Dutch Castle Has Been Uncovered in the Netherlands
Mike The Blacksmith
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Post number 26416Forum: Pagan Places and Sacred Spaces   Posted: Today at 12:14   Subject: Dutch Castle Has Been Uncovered in the Netherlands
The Netherlands isn’t known as a country that announces weekly archaeological discoveries. However, there are countless ancient sites of medieval interest in the Netherlands ranging from Anglo-Saxon holy wells, churches, cathedrals and missionaries, to stone landmarks commemorating medieval murders. The recent find, hidden beneath the country’s medieval top soils, according to a news report by Holland daily, NH NIEUWS, marks the discovery of an ancient Dutch castle.

The newly discovered ancient Dutch castle was found on the grounds of Oud Haerlem castle in Heemskerk, Netherlands. The archaeologist who identified it, Nancy de Jong, said she “cannot believe her luck” after making this exceptionally rare find. Oud Haerlem comprises the ruins of a former castle located on the east side of Heemskerk town, about 400 meters southwest of Slot Assumburg. Oud Haerlem castle was built in 1248 AD by Simon van Haerlem. It was destroyed in 1351 AD during the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse disputes (Hook and Cod wars) which were a series of battles that took place in Holland between 1350 and 1490 AD. The battles were fought over the title of “Count of Holland. ” The castle was rediscovered in the 1930s by aerial archaeologists.

https://www.ancient-ori ... stle-0013929
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