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Non-Patriarchal Parenting By Nimue Brown

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ChristopherBlackwell Post number 23878 Posted: 23rd October 2017     Subject: Well Wicca got a head start
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So with more members, there is a larger market. But even with Wicca, most of the books are Wicca 101, for beginners and mostly copying each other. It is hard to get any more advanced. As for all the Women based information, that too has to do with the larger number of women than men in Wicca, including the larger number of We women authors.

For smaller Pagan religions and magical groups it is hard to get anything written a tall. Often it requires someone willing to self publish to get anything at all. Another problem in some magical studies is some knowledgeable people seem to like to give false leads that can distract students for years before they determine what is junk and what is solid stuff.

As to relationships we men often approach a relationship from lust. That is fine and I have nothing against lust, but it is pretty weak thing to form along term relationship on. Getting laid is one thing, forming a relationship is quite another. A young man is often more interested in getting laid.

But think of a relationship as more in common with having a friend who accepts you as you are, that you do not have to keep up a front with, that can handle your downside and not walk away. Of course the person is going to need much the same in return. If either of you feels a need to change the other person, or to control, it is not the right person yet. Find some one that you like talking with, doing stuff with, like just being around when you are doing nothing at all. Such a person may become the friend that you need, and friendship can become love. However even such friendship is pretty nice. A lot of long term relationships have been based on friendship alone. Both of you are going to change some overtime, not all of that change will be in the same direction. So each has to be able to adjust to those changes again and again over a life time.

I was fortunate enough to have a long term relation that lasted literally to death do us part. However I also can handle being alone.

So just keep your eyes and ears open and don't be afraid to make mistakes, as that is how we learn. Just try not to keep making the same mistake, and learn something from each mistake.

Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Kono Loki Post number 23880 Posted: 23rd October 2017     Subject:
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I just think Wicca focuses to much on the feminine, certainly for a fauth that claims to be "balanced", and i would live a book that just focuses on the magic, not the matrifocal religious things.
I don't need infirmation on a "feminine side" i don't have.
I would be better looking if i did.

I don't think that is quite fair,
Women do that to, it depends on the individual.
Not their gender or sex.

As if men are mad lust beasts by nature and women divine beings that are on a much higher level than men.

And i do not want to get laid i want a soulmate.
And if you believe in reincarnation i can say this:
I know what i am doing.

But all my efforts are just pointless.

I love women, women does not love me.

I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
Alva More Post number 23914 Posted: 26th October 2017     Subject:
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Kono, I think you should sit back, and reflect on what is it that is making you feel lost.

Is it your relationship history?

Is it your spiritual call?

Are one seriously influencing the other, right now?

Are you, for a number of reasons, feeling fragile and looking for a comfort in your spiritual life?

All these are good reasons to reflect upon, but you must be aware of them first.

What you call for will eventually caught you, and you should try and understand what is under you skin and under this grieve of yours. Because it will project on your future.

Maybe it not a question of what is out there that can help you heal, but what inside you needs healing... and what inside is ready to be healed.

Count with us, as a community to help you, always. You maybe hurt, but you are not alone [Wink]


Lets bring our community together and work as one Pagan conscience in the world!*
- Mariana Vital / Alva Möre - PFI Pagan Community Circle and PFI Interfaith Coordinator
Kono Loki Post number 23918 Posted: 26th October 2017     Subject:
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In order:

Probably, i am ashamed of my libido, though i have not even kissed since i was 14.

Yes, brought on by my quest for my cultural origin.
Who am i? And where did i come from?

No idea but i think it is extremely likely.

Yes, and diminished, as if i used to be a lot more powerful.

Well i used to be very different, though when i look inside i find a twisted jumble of contradiction, a strong desire for intimate relationship and a lust for greater power.

Cosmic power most only atribute to a deity figure.

Like i said before, may the sun was your hair gold.

I really HATE yin and yang, especially because it's true.
Helen Post number 25570 Posted: 14th April 2019     Subject:
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Interesting point of view. I agree almost with all.
When you need help, you're going to the tutor. Even with such problrms like personal starement.
If you don't know where to find a tutor [url][/url] There are a lot of advanced writers who can help.
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