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Introducing Morgana: Wicca courses

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Morgana Post number 7599 Posted: 9th November 2009     Subject: Introducing Morgana: Wicca courses
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Dear Seekers

A number of people have suggested I post a little note here about the workshops and courses I give regarding Wicca.

For many years I have given the Silver Circle "Guidance Course".
This is a series of 8 lessons containing readers with assignments & questions.

Designed to help those who have already read a number of books and know the first basics in Wicca it is always given on a one-to-one basis.
Originally presented and edited in Dutch I have also used it for English speaking students. There is a translated version.

I use my book "Beyond the Broomstick" as supplementary material, plus various articles and material published in Wiccan Rede.

Although the Guidance Course is no guarantee for initiation it does contain a "Self-dedication". On completion one can continue as a solo-witch.
It is demanding since there is a lot of self study and discipline necessary. Most people take about 18 months - two years to complete it.

For distant students i work with email. Skype and telephone. However since I travel quite a lot for PFI it is quite possible/probable that we will meet personally.
If you are interested in more information, please email me with an introduction and motivation.

PFI Wicca course "First Steps on the Path"
For those starting on the path I am still developing the "First Steps on the Path" course.

A series of 8 lessons following the Wheel of the Year this course is especially designed for students whose mother tongue is not English.
Much emphasis is made on local customs and one's own pagan heritage.

Usually this series of lessons is given after the Introductory workshop "First Steps on the Path". It can also be given in cooperation with local PFI National Coordinators, so that even if English is not the first language there are enough people around to help with translation.
The course however is still given on a personal basis and demands a lot of dedication and self discipline.

For more information please contact me - also NC's - if you think there are enough people to organise the introductory workshop.

Morgana [Sunshine]


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Rigani Post number 21885 Posted: 29th April 2015     Subject:
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Hello Morgana,

are you still giving this course?

I'm trying to find "wicca experienced" people where I live for many years now but so far without success. The German pfi members don't know anybody around where I live too.
Rigani Post number 21886 Posted: 29th April 2015     Subject:
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Sorry, something went wrong.

Now I decided to walk the path on my own. But I suppose it doesn't work without support an the knowledge who live the wiccan way.
What I need are ionformations how I can start and organize myself when I'm on my own. So far I found it very difficut to keep up things alone while everyday life was consuming me. I Think some supervision is very important to keep up some discipline.

If there was anything like the course you desribed I would be very thankful.

What are the fees for such a course?

Thank you very much.

With blessings

Mountain Post number 24284 Posted: 5th March 2018     Subject:
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Morgana Post number 24286 Posted: 6th March 2018     Subject:
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How coincidental...
We are just busy revising the Guidance Course (English and Dutch) - March 2018

We have a FB page called "Silver Circle Studies" and we are going to be conducting a poll soon to see
what people would like to do.

Please let me know if you would like to be added.

Bright Blessings,
Morgana Post number 24312 Posted: 15th March 2018     Subject:
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So here is the enquete:

Enquête Silver Circle, centrum voor de Oude Religie:
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