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The House of Shamagika

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Morgana Post number 8517 Posted: 15th January 2010     Subject: The House of Shamagika
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The House of Shamagika

Monthly Shamanistic Mediatation in Aalsmeer, with Yanu Szigo:
A once-a-month group is held at The House of Shamagika.

Gatherings will include an introduction to

Cleansing Ceremonies, Shamanic Journeying, Seeking a Vision,
Inner Worlds, Spirit Guides & Allies, Ancestors, etc.

Thurs Jan 28th 7.30pm ~ 9.30pm

Thurs Feb 25th 7.30pm ~ 9.30pm

Thurs Mar 25th 7.30pm ~ 9.30pm
and further

For more information about Yanu:
Morgana Post number 13088 Posted: 7th June 2011     Subject: MONEY CONJURE WORKSHOP, July 3, Amsterdam
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Following the great succes of our last workshop, The House of Shamagika is very proud to present;

With the Infamous De Heer Balthazaar

Sun 3rd July 2 ~ 6 pm
299 Jacque Veltmanstraat,

Cost; 55 Euros

Please book space in advance as we have a high demand for this kind of workshop and limited space...

Famed for its ability to create potent results, hoodoo and rootwork have attracted an impressive reputation in practical magic. In this workshop we will be introduced to conjure with a historical and metaphysical overview of this vibrant system of African American folk-magic.
Money magic is always a hot topic and people have all kinds of beliefs and ideas about prosperity, money and wealth magic - many of which are counterproductive or short sighted.
Hoodoo tradition offers a great range of magical tools and techniques for increasing money and wealth, but also for ensuring that the money you receive stays with you long enough so that you can get the most out of it.
In this practical workshop we will be introduced and explore the topic of mastering money magic. In order to this we will examine several techniques for devising powerful, yet holistic, magical strategies for drawing wealth into our lives using the wisdom of African-American conjure. This will be followed by a hands-on workshop on lodestone magic and magnets - the cornerstone tool of money conjure - to bring all that moola into your bank account, fast and steady!
Additionally, we will be introduced to a range of useful techniques that can be employed to bring wealth into our lives reliably and consistently, ranging from; how to go about constructing a money-drawing altar; to 'fixing' bank notes magically so that they will go out and 'hunt' for even more money; and much, much more.

For more info go to
Or write to

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Morgana Post number 24450 Posted: 7th May 2018     Subject: Welcome to the House of Shamagika - update
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Welcome to the House of Shamagika

Yanu is a Shaman, Medium, Espiritista, and modern day Folk Magician who acts as an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds.
He treats ailments/illness etc using specific techniques to heal the soul and bring about balance.
He operates primarily within the spiritual realms, communing with Allies and ancestors alike, which in turn help in the restoration of balance resulting
in the elimination of the ailment, problem. His various skills are employed not only to align the client with their destiny but also
to effect maximum change in the external environment, leading to a more balanced harmonious state of presence and being in the world.

He has travelled extensively training and working with Shamans, Magickians, Espiritistas and Healers from all over the world.
He has been working, running events and gatherings for the past eighteen years.

His consultas include, soul retrieval, past life regression, tarot reading, dark bundle healing
medicine, cleansings and purification Ceremonies...
House cleansing and blessing Ceremonies are also available. .


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