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Morgana Post number 21021 Posted: 21st July 2014     Subject:
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Book Launch

Aleister Crowley:
The Beast in Berlin
Art, Sex, and Magick in the Weimar Republic

by Tobias Churton

Thursday 31st July 2014

Gnostic poet, painter, writer, and magician Aleister Crowley arrived in Berlin on April 18, 1930. As prophet of his syncretic religion “Thelema, ” he wanted to be among the leaders of art and thought, and Berlin, the liberated future-gazing metropolis, wanted him. There he would live, until his hurried departure on June 22, 1932, as Hitler was rapidly rising to power and the black curtain of intolerance came down upon the city.

Drawing on previously unpublished letters and diary material by Crowley, Tobias Churton examines Crowley’s years in Berlin and his intense focus on his art, his work as a spy for British Intelligence, his colorful love life and sex magick exploits, and his contacts with German Theosophy, Freemasonry, and magical orders. He recounts the fates of Crowley’s colleagues under the Nazis as well as what happened to Crowley’s lost art exhibition--six crates of paintings left behind in Germany as the Gestapo was closing in. Revealing the real Crowley long hidden from the historical record, Churton presents “the Beast” anew in all his ambiguous and, for some, terrifying glory, at a blazing, seminal moment in the history of the world.

Please note that this is a guest list only event so RSVP to this email or telephone 020 7405 2120 to ensure that your name appears on the Magick List!

This handsome hardback offering is just £20.00 plus P&P.
If you're unable to attend but would like an inscribed copy of the book, we are happy to organise that for you too.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Shop on the night for the launch party.

Best wishes
Bali Beskin
Morgana Post number 21191 Posted: 30th August 2014     Subject: Book Launch: Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft
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Book launch: Exciting new Witchcraft title
Book launch with Steve Patterson Friday 5th September 7:30pm onwards

We are very pleased to welcome back Steve Patterson to The Atlantis Bookshop to launch his eagerly awaited "Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft, A Grimoire of the Museum of Witchcraft".

In 1996, whilst helping the then new owner Graham King in refurbishments to the Museum of Witchcraft, Steve happened upon a handwritten manuscript entitled
simply ‘Witchcraft’ and containing an intriguing pot-pourri of esoterica from the hand of the Museum's founder; Cecil Williamson. It is this manuscript which provides
the basis for Steve's book which includes a full annotated transcript of the ‘Witchcraft’ manuscript, a history of Cecil Williamson and the Museum of Witchcraft,
a treatise on Cecil Williamson’s vision of traditional Witchcraft - the practices and the philosophy of the wayside witches, an account of his meetings with Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner, and a controversial account of his witnessing of the birth of ‘Wicca’.
The book is both a valuable reliquary of practices for the traditional witch, and a resource for folklorists and historians alike; telling the tale of a hitherto largely ignored, but hugely influential episode in modern occult history, and one of the great unsung heroes of the twilight world of folklore and witchcraft.

Standard Edition £27.00 plus postage.

If you wish to attend, please reply to Bali to confirm your place. If you are unable to attend, but would like an inscribed copy, let us know and we can organise that for you.

Best wishes

Our mailing address is:
The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom

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Morgana Post number 21417 Posted: 28th October 2014     Subject:
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Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

The Atlantis Bookshop
Thursday 30th October
7:30pm start (arrive from 7pm)
Cost £10

In Latin America, the Day of the Dead which corresponds with our Hallowe'en/Samhain, is a festival of rejoicing rather than one of horror or sadness. For them it is a time when the dead draw close and we can exchange news, express our love for each other and bless them. On their part they can see their loved ones celebrating, happy, and getting on with their lives.

Why do we try to avoid Heaven if it is so marvellous?

For those with the understanding and training, it is time to reflect on those who have Passed and remember and bless them. To acknowledge the lives lived and what they have left behind in the way of knowledge and good deeds and, perhaps forgive old hurt and pain. How should we celebrate this day? A big question... let's find out!

To join us for a special evening with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, here at The Atlantis Bookshop, please let Geraldine know either by email or calling +44(0)20 74052120.

We look forward to seeing many of you this coming Thursday evening.

Best wishes
Bali & Geraldine
Morgana Post number 21903 Posted: 8th May 2015     Subject:
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Thursday 14th May 7pm

Join Chris for a talk cum reading from his spellbinding collection of pagan stories,
Master of the Starlit Grove.

You will enter a world where the old gods are returning, where Odin’s wolves cavort, where maenads dance, where wild imaginings become real, where the sinister mingles with the absurd.

Chris, known by many for his work on Rosicrucianism and Eliphas Lévi, will leave you perceiving reality in a new light.

This is a free event but booking is required to secure your place.
Please contact The Atlantis Bookshop to be added to the magic list!

Thank you.

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Copyright © 2015 The Atlantis Bookshop, All rights reserved.
We only contact customers who have previously asked to be kept informed of what we're up to.
Our mailing address is:
The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom
Morgana Post number 22029 Posted: 22nd June 2015     Subject: The magical tools in the four worlds
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With Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki The Atlantis Bookshop
Thursday 25th June, starting at 7pm


As we progress we learn these are symbolic in form, use and meaning but seldom realise their higher use and power. Rarely are students taught that each implement has a much deeper meaning, use, power and energy on each level of existence, Manifestation, Astral, Mental and Spiritual.

Above are Manifested examples of the Tools, They are linked to the four elements and the directions on this level and their meaning and powers are obvious. However they also have a psychological meaning for the person using them, a meaning that differs from person to person.

When transferred to the Astral level these implements undergo a change and emit a different power and energy. When used at the Mental level there is a distinct increase in the energies and even more so when lifted to the spiritual. Each change affects the person using them in a different way and if one is not prepared to handle the increased power it can rebound and cause an effect that may negate the magical work being attempted.

To use these tools correctly and safely the magician and his/her tools must become part of them and implant their personal energy within them. The more elaborate the tool the harder it can be to achieve this. This is why it is best to make one’s own tools, not easy to do in the case of the sword. Simple, handmade tools are by far the best and will respond more easily to the transformations as each level is attained.

The Cup is a form provider, so is the human body… what the physical cup contains can manifest as an emotion, a concept, or a spiritual energy. The Wand is an indicator, a finger, a direction, it can embody a memory of what it once was. A Sword contains all four elements in its make up and spans all the four levels. It is the spine, the will, the quest, it pierces the mystery and becomes part of it. The Platter displays... offers… accepts… or supports. Each tool on each level will be part of the lecture.

To book your place at this interesting and informative talk, please contact Bali at The Atlantis Bookshop either by email or calling +44(0)20 7405 2120.

Best wishes
Morgana Post number 22153 Posted: 23rd August 2015     Subject: Events at the Atlantis Bookshop September 2015
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Reclaiming Paradise: A Trance Journey
with Jane Meredith
Tuesday 8th September at 7pm
Cost: £7.50

We are pleased to welcome back Jane Meredith to The Atlantis Bookshop. Journey with her back to the Gates of Paradise to reclaim our heritage. Face the angel with the flaming sword who guards the gateway and seek entry. And within the gates... Paradise. The Garden we were born from.

What happens when you wind the story backwards, confronting God with our Knowledge? And if we once again taste the apple, and meet with the serpent to hear those words once again, 'thou shalt be as gods'? Finally stepping even further back in time, we find once again our original innocence.

Jane Meredith is an Australian author and ritualist. Her books include Journey to the Dark Goddess, Circle of Eight and Rituals of Celebration.

Healing with the Wheel of the Year
and the Gifts of Mabon

with Tiffany Lazic
Saturday 19th September at 1.30-5.00pm
Cost: £25

Join Tiffany Lazic, author of "The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year", for an introduction to an integrative approach to personal growth and healing in alignment with the Seasons.

For thousands of years, people across cultures have connected with seasonal cycles. They are present in the traditions of ancient festivals that have their echoes in the familiar themes of contemporary holidays. Exploring these themes allows us to see where we may be ‘stuck in the dark’ and where to work physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically, to move into a life of choice and self-determination.

Through the presentation of the Cycle of Seasons as it relates to emotional blocks, psychological issues, and relevant tools for healing, this talk introduces an approach to self-awareness that incorporates Nature, the psyche, and Energy Psychology. A particular focus on Mabon and giving thanks will highlight insight into the effects of gratitude on Life Purpose and offer the invitation to be ‘both of the Earth and of the Stars’.

Tiffany Lazic is a spiritual psychotherapist with over sixteen years’ experience in Transpersonal Psychology. An international presenter and keynote speaker, Tiffany has conducted workshops for a great many conferences and organizations.

As always, if you wish to attend either of these events please contact Bali at The Atlantis Bookshop either by email or by calling 020 7405 2120 so we can add your name to the list.

Best wishes
Bali Beskin
Morgana Post number 22362 Posted: 5th December 2015     Subject: Jamie Reid Art Exhibition and Private View
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Jamie Reid Art Exhibition and Private View
The Atlantis Bookshop
Tuesday 8th December

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of a very special set of work by the internationally renowned and celebrated British artist Jamie Reid and exhibited here at The Atlantis Bookshop from Tuesday.

For the last ten years, Jamie has been working on a celebration of the Seasonal and Cosmic matrix, creating a beautiful body of work that features a single painting made for every day of the year. In addition to these paintings, Reid has woven photography and text based works into the project (notably on view on the dedicated website

The Eightfold Year box set is published by John Marchant Gallery in association with L-13 Light industrial Workshop, and contains eight prints that celebrate the four solar and four lunar festivals in the Druid calendar - eight times of the year to take stock, and celebrate our place in the universal dance. In addition to these eight prints, there are eight photographs reflecting the seasons and eight text-based sheets of the artist’s related thoughts. These twenty four elements are housed in a custom made clam-shell box and come with a colophon signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of just 50 copies costing £145.

Jamie Reid (b. Croydon 1947) is perhaps best known for his renowned visual work with the Sex Pistols during the 70’s. Defining the look of a generation, with a graphic vernacular that still resonates to this day, Reid continues to work by choice on the margins. Protest movements and reflective ceremonials have benefited from his input over the last thirty years, but the Eight Fold year, an enormous body of work (three hundred and sixty five paintings and counting!) is his most defined project of this millennium. Reid continues to exhibit internationally, with forthcoming exhibitions in Germany, Mexico and the US.

The Atlantis Bookshop and Jamie Macgregor Reid have many connections, not least that Jamie’s Great Uncle George Watson Macgregor Reid led the Druid order in the UK before Ross Nichols, and Jamie’s great mentor John Michell is held in such affection there, hosting the annual John Michell dinner.

You are invited to attend the Private View of this exhibition on Tuesday 8th December from 7pm. If you would like to be there, please inform Bali either by replying to this message or by calling 020 7405 2120 so that she can add you to the guest list. If you cannot attend but would like a set of the limited edition prints (£145 plus postage) please let Bali know and she will be happy to organise that for you.

Best wishes
Bali & Geraldine

See also:


The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom
Morgana Post number 22545 Posted: 24th February 2016     Subject: Tarot of the Sidhe, exhibition and launch 4th March
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Tarot of the Sidhe
Original artwork for sale
Exhibition: Saturday 5th to Saturday 19th March 2015

Private View:
Friday 4th March, 7pm
The Atlantis Bookshop

We are thrilled to inform you of a very important exhibition and Private View being held at The Atlantis Bookshop. We will be welcoming Emily Carding, creator of the Tarot of the Sidhe. This is the first time the paintings have been on public display and been made available for sale.

The 78 paintings were created in 2005/6, using the Glyph of the Sidhe, a symbol discovered by the author John Matthews, as a meditation focus. The meanings are derived from a combination of the Rider-Waite and Thoth Tarots, but the symbolism is original and designed so that each card is a potent gateway to the otherworld of the Sidhe. The deck was published as a majors-only collector’s edition by the alchemist Adam Mclean in 2006 and then as a complete set by Schiffer Books in 2010.

Emily believes in creating art as a gateway to initiation, through painting, writing and theatre. She is best known for her creations The Transparent Tarot, The Transparent Oracle, The Tarot of the Sidhe (all published by Schiffer Books) and Faery Craft (Llewellyn). As an actor she is currently touring with Brite Theater’s ‘Richard III (A One Woman Show) which has been receiving awards and rave reviews internationally.

Original artwork will be available for sale as well as signed decks and prints of Emily's other works.

The Tarot of the Sidhe Exhibition will be open Monday to Saturday 11:00 to 18:00 from Saturday 5th to Saturday 19th March.

If you would like to be added to the Guest List for the Private View, please contact us by email or by calling 020 7405 2120.

Best wishes
Bali Beskin

Our mailing address is:
The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom

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Morgana Post number 22927 Posted: 17th August 2016     Subject: Runes of Yggdrasil
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Runes of Yggdrasil

by Freya Aswynn

We are very excited to be able to offer you a unique opportunity to own this intriguing new deck of rune cards, painted and privately published by the world-renowned rune expert, Freya Aswynn. Created as a signed, limited edition of just 200 sets, they are presented in a handsome metal tin and are accompanied by a booklet providing Freya’s personal perspective on each of the runes.

In her own words, Freya writes “The runes have been central to my life for 35 years and my first book on them appeared in 1984. Leaves of Yggdrasil was revised and updated in 1998 and became Northern Mysteries and Magic... Painting faces of gods is never easy and after a couple of attempts at illustrating the runes, the project was abandoned. Then, in 2009, I found an art tutor, Danny Francis and with the urging of Frank Greens/Freya Sveinbjornsson I started this rune pack. They took a year and I hope you enjoy using them. ”

This exquisite deck costs just £30 and is available exclusively from The Atlantis Bookshop. We are happy to send you a deck if you cannot get to the Shop – just write or call us on 020 7405 2120 for further information.

Geraldine, Freya and Bali at The Atlantis Bookshop

Buy now while stocks last [Very happy]
Bali Beskin
Morgana Post number 23112 Posted: 13th November 2016     Subject:
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A Talk to celebrate the launch of
"Doors of Valhalla"

Tuesday 15th November
7pm start, £5 entrance

We are pleased to be able to welcome Vincent Ongkowidjojo to The Atlantis Bookshop, the author of Doors of Valhalla.
Tonight he will speak about the feminine mysteries of Ancient Scandinavia. The Norns are the goddesses of fate in Norse mythology,
but their appearance in myth, saga, folktale and history shows they are much more than that. The talk will discuss their presence and function in belief and reality.

Vincent has researched the esoteric side of runes and Norse mythology for over 15 years. Books by his hand are Secrets of Asgard (Mandrake of Oxford, 2011),
and Doors of Valhalla (Mandrake of Oxford, 2016). Nowadays, he assists Freya Aswynn with her rune course and school. He also practices taiji, and lives in Belgium.

If you wish to attend this talk in celebration of the launch of his most recent book, please reply to this email or call the Shop on 020 7405 2120 to reserve your place.
If you are unable to attend but would like a book inscribed to you, please let us know and we can make that happen for you.

Best wishes
Bali Beskin

See also:
Morgana Post number 23342 Posted: 31st March 2017     Subject: TAROT for Divination and Magic with David Goddard
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TAROT for Divination and Magic with David Goddard.

David has taught hundreds of people around the world how to read Tarot. But he has only taught the Tarot Magic to very few.
This rare knowledge can become yours, enabling you to successfully navigate the storms of Life.

These evening classes and Master-classes are experiential. You will study and practice with other like-minded folk,
in an enjoyable environment. Each of the three series are independent, so you can choose whatever suits you.

Series 1
Evening classes: 27th March, 3rd, 10th, & 17th April.
Master-class: Saturday: 29th April – 11am to 5pm

Series 2
Evening classes: 24th April, 1st, 8th, & 15th May.
Master-class: Saturday: 20th May – 11am to 5pm

Series 3
Evening classes: 22nd & 29th May, 5th, & 12th June.
Master-class: Saturday: 17th June – 11am to 5pm

Hosted by The Atlantis Bookshop. Phone the shop on +44(0)20-7405-2120, and speak to Geraldine or Bali to book your place.

Our mailing address is:
The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom

Morgana Post number 24453 Posted: 7th May 2018     Subject: London Tarot Festival – 2nd June 2018
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London Tarot Festival – 2nd June 2018

Platform, Hornsey Road Baths, 2 Tiltman Place, London N7 7EE
Saturday 2nd June 2018 10am-5pm

Golden Tickets available in advance (access all areas) £45
On the day entry £15

Speakers include Mary Greer, Juliet Sharman-Burke, Richard Abbot, Jane Struthers, Liz Dean, David Wells, Geraldine Beskin and Kim Arnold. For further information, please click here.

We are once again organising The London Tarot Festival this year in conjunction with Kim Arnold of the UK Tarot Conference. There will be talks, workshops, merchandise, readings, tombola and a chance to connect with the Tarot Community. Join us to experience the best readers in the country to guide you on your journey, or browse our heaving merchandise tables or attend one of our free talks as well as our full programme of in-depth payable workshops ongoing throughout the day.

If you are interested in attending all the events during the day, including the paid workshops, and getting a gift from us you should purchase a Golden Ticket in advance. We’ll hold on to it and hand it to you on the day. Please either click the PayPal button below (which will allow you to pay online even if you don't have a PayPal account - just use the "checkout as a guest" option) then email me with a contact phone number in case I need to get in touch, or call 020 7405 2120 if you would prefer to pay over the phone. Please note that we cannot offer refunds for this event if you are unable to attend.
Morgana Post number 24902 Posted: 9th September 2018     Subject: Hermetic Magic Workshop
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Hermetic Magic Workshop

Magic Western Mystery Tradition
Hermetic Magic for occult practitioners and teachers

Practitioner Workshop Tuesday 9th October
Facilitated by Rufus Harrington and Julia Phillips
The Atlantis Bookshop, 6.30-9.00pm, price £25

Click HERE for more information and to register

Rufus Harrington and Julia Phillips each have more than 30 years of experience of studying and teaching an oral system of Hermetic Magic.
Rufus is an Initiate, a practising psychotherapist, and University Director of Studies. Julia is a published author on esoteric subjects and an experienced lecturer.
Together they have created a practical approach to teaching Hermetic Magic, based upon the principles of classic magical techniques.
There are two options for participation: Practitioner level, which is designed for people who want to practise Hermetic Magic,
experiencing personal gnosis by travelling within the elemental realms; and a Masterclass level of extended study for those who wish to run their own Hermetic Magic teaching groups.

Hermetic Magic: Practitioner
A two-hour workshop that provides an introduction to Hermetic Magic and gives an experience through a guided visualisation to introduce participants to the techniques of working within the elemental worlds. This will be repeated periodically to offer experiences of the different elements.

Hermetic Magic Stages One to Five: Masterclass

Stage One
A two-day experiential Masterclass.
Day One provides participants with four guided visualisations working within the elemental realms, followed by a ritual to create the Temple of the Spirit. Day Two begins with a discussion about working with the Elements followed by a visualisation to call the Inner Guide into the Temple of the Spirit.

Stages Two to Five
Stages two to five will follow the pattern of a two-day Masterclass, taking participants further into the architecture and practice of Hermetic Magic. This includes development of the Temple of the Spirit and will provide participants with ongoing support to run their own Hermetic Magic groups.

This Practitioner workshop will commence with a background to Hermetic Magic followed by a Guided Visualisation of the Air Element. After the visualisation there will be a discussion about participants’ experiences. Each workshop can be taken independently but the series of four workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive experience of working within the elemental realms and demonstrate how this technique can be used in ritual and personal development.

The Practitioner Workshop provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction to Hermetic Magic. Using the principles of the Western Mystery Tradition, this workshop will explore the Elemental realm of Air. Subsequent workshops will lead participants through guided visualisations of the other elements.
Those wishing to progress further may prefer to consider the Masterclass.

Best wishes

Our mailing address is:
The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street
London, Eng WC1A 1LY
United Kingdom
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