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Holy Land Living Waters Journey to the Middle East 1-7 Feb

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Morgana Post number 26029 Posted: 8th December 2019     Subject: Holy Land Living Waters Journey to the Middle East 1-7 Feb
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February 1-7 2020

World Weavers and UNITY EARTH are inviting you to join our international delegation for an historic pilgrimage across Jordan, Israel and Palestine in February 2020. Holy Land Living Water will be a 7 day adventure of spirit and ecology that will include sacred site visits, interfaith gatherings, music and ceremony, as well as ecological tours along the Jordan River.

Celebrating UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, Holy Land Living Water will serve to raise awareness about the groundbreaking efforts of regional NGO EcoPeace Middle East in facilitating collaboration and regeneration throughout the Jordan River Valley and beyond. The event is also presented in partnership with the United Religions Initiative.


This week-long “journey of discovery” forms part of UNITY EARTH’s Road to 2020, a series of worldwide events designed to capture new opportunities for weaving a spirit of unity and peaceful coexistence across the Earth.

The focus area of the tour is the Jordan River Valley, which is of great importance to the Abrahamic religions. The purpose of this gathering is to draw attention to the significant role cooperation over water can play in enhancing livelihoods and engendering regional political stability.

The event aims to amplify the impact of interfaith voices nationally and regionally, in order to uphold a common conviction held by the monotheist Abrahamic faiths: a binding obligation on all to practice responsible stewardship, in reverence for our common home.


It is the intention of this international gathering to bring greater global public awareness to the work of EcoPeace, in particular, its work for the ecological rehabilitation and sustainable development of the lower Jordan Valley, which is shared by Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

The event uses a faith-based approach showcased in EcoPeace’s Regional NGO Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Jordan River Valley, as the symbolism of the Jordan River can encourage Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faithful to actively support conservation efforts of this shared natural resource.


UNITY EARTH is bringing approximately 75 International Delegates to Holy Land Living Water, including religious, indigenous & spiritual leaders, ecological advocates, diplomats, artists, social entrepreneurs, leading academics and media. Approximately 25 Palestinian, 25 Jordanian and 25 Israeli delegates will also join the series of events from Feb 1-7 2020.

We are extending the invitation to be a part of Holy Land Living Water to the general public and have room for a small group to join the delegation.

*PLEASE NOTE: Program commences in Amman, Jordan and finishes in Haifa, Israel; therefore you’ll be arriving to Amman International Airport from your destination of origin, and depart from Tel Aviv International airport.*

Program Highlights What does it include? Payments & Cancellations Reviews (0)
Join a historic gathering across Jordan, Israel and Palestine
Explore region of the Jordan River Valley
Explore Sacred and Historic Sites throughout Jordan River Valley
Explore the Old City of Jerusalem
Visit Church of Nativity, Solomon's Pools and Meggido Park
Join the U Day Peace Concert in Haifa, Israel
Meet and interact with various spiritual leaders and gurus
Engage your mind, body and spirit in an adventure crafted to promote personal and spiritual development and growth
Participate in group discussions and reflections with the guests, our facilitators and Cultural Ambassadors

See: ... yeW3OKHHZ6Tc

From Brother Phil of FOURWORLDS;
A significant and historic step on our Spiritual Journey to the Lesser Peace is the
Holy Land, Living Waters Journey to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. The Website was
just opened today.
Four Worlds has a small discount.
This Journey will conclude with a Sacred Interfaith Ceremony of Unity at Armageddon.
Then to Mount Carmel, the Sacred Mountain that was the home of the Hebrew Prophet Elijah.
The Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Baha'i Faiths,
jointly hold Mount Carmel as Sacred Mountain, just
as many Indigenous Peoples of the Americas have
our Sacred Places, like Bear Butte. It is also the
home of the Universal House of Justice and other
Sacred Places like the Cave of Elijah.

With those already attending, the remaining spaces will fill very quickly. If you would like
to join us, please use the Fourworlds, coupon code, when registering, and you will
receive a 7% discount. I wish the discount could be more, but the regular cost is barely
at the break-even.

Thank you again for all of your love and support.

Thank you again for all of your love and support.
With Warm and Loving Greetings,
Ate, Dekshi, Brother Phil ... on-2020-2030

“World Peace not only possible but inevitable. It is the next stage in the
evolution of this planet. “The Universal House of Justice
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