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Beltane 2020

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Morgana Post number 26272 Posted: 1st May 2020     Subject: Beltane 2020
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Witch N' the Working, Episode 5 Beltain - Fire & Fertility.

IN this episode we talk about about the Sabbat Beltain!!!

I will discuss some of the most important aspects of this Sabbat that has been celebrated by Withes, Wiccans and Pagans for centuries.
Fertility, Maypoles, Faeries, Bonfires, Sex, Love, Dancing, Purification... this Sabbat has it all!!!
Take a journey with me and discover its mysteries and secrets as we unfold the veil from this long celebrated,
most powerful and sometimes controversial, epic storm of intensity called Beltain!!! ... gYMvlfyLMNME

(Edinburgh Beltane Fire festival)
Morgana Post number 26274 Posted: 1st May 2020     Subject: The End of Beltane as ďThe Sexy HolidayĒ
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The End of Beltane as ďThe Sexy HolidayĒ

Oh, do not tell the priest our plight,
For he would call it a sin;
But weíve been out in the woods all night,
A-conjuring Summer in!

excerpt from ďA Tree SongĒ by Rudyard Kipling Ė 1906

The current pandemic has brought many changes to the world at large and to the Pagan world in particular. This year there will be no orgies in the woods at Beltane. Not that I imagine there were ever very many orgies in the woods at Beltane. In my 27 years as a Pagan Iíve been to exactly zero. Iíve been invited to exactly zero. The ones that I heard about but wasnít invited to? Yeah, exactly zero.

Not that they havenít happened at one time or another Ė Iím sure thereís at least a bit of truth behind the myth. And Iím sure this coming Friday a few couples and groups will find a nice isolated spot to express their sacred sexuality.

But the idea that Beltane is a day when everyone should be having sex has been in decline for some time, and this year the hype runs head-on into reality.

read on... ... holiday.html
Morgana Post number 26287 Posted: 6th May 2020     Subject: Beltane in Lockdown
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MAY 6, 2020 Levannah Morgan,
May Day 2020
Beltane in Lockdown
2020 is certainly the weirdest Beltane I have experienced in forty years, and I expect it is for everyone else too. I have to say that living in lockdown and self-isolating in a tiny village in East Devon with a garden and plenty of deserted rural footpaths has not caused me much hardship. We are all looking out for each other here; kindly neighbours shopping for those of us who canít do the six mile journey to the nearest shop, and all us borrowing, lending and swapping whatever is needed. Compared to fellow witches and pagans in cities with no access to outdoor space, I feel very privileged. Nature is recovering from human abuse, for a while at least. How clean the air feels, how quiet it is without traffic and aircraft. At dusk bats flit over the stream and the otters seem bolder than usual. I am woken every morning by the dawn chorus. All in all, I have been feeling very lucky.

Then at Beltane, it really did hit me. For those of us down here in the West, in the bottom left hand corner, Beltane, or May Day as most of us still prefer to call it in our old-fashioned way, is probably the biggest day of the year. Itís the day when almost everyone in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset turns pagan for the day, when people go out in the streets to dance and sing and a kind of wild, infectious collective joy takes over. During the day, we are likely to be found joining in with one of the Obby Oss or maypole customs, or some other form of dancing and carousing. Then as the sun sets, the fires are lit in gardens and woods and moors, and on hilltops and we make our circles and celebrate the marriage of goddess and god. All of it is wild, erotic and glorious and its our day and everyone knows it. You know how it works. We are a necessary part of the process. We are part of it, not separate. The gods need us to celebrate their rites and we must dance and sing and bring in the May. That is how it works. That is what we are for. Not this year. We are not allowed out; not together at least.

Teaser and Oss, Padstow, Cornwall 2009

(read on... )

https://theblogofbaphom ... D0c7yfIp-gPI
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