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World Bee Day 2020 Celebration

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Morgana Post number 26314 Posted: 15th May 2020     Subject: World Bee Day 2020 Celebration
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World Bee Day 2020 Celebration
Public · Hosted by Pagan Federation International and Flame of Frith:

Lovely pagans and heathens

Welcome to the online Pagan Federation International and Flame of World Bee Day 2020 Celebration.

Please, from dawn till dusk, share your poems, stories, pictures, climate actions and more about and for our Bees.

World Bee Day is day of contemplation and celebration in honour of bees and other pollinators.

14:00 - 14:30 CET 13:00 - 13:30 BST (British Summer Time)
Presentation "Bees in the Ancient World" - Agni Keeling

19.30 - 20.30 CET and 18.30 - 19.30 BST / GMT+1:
Online World Bee Day Ritual and Poetry Reading

If you would like to join the online ritual, please be on time.

After the ritual you are welcome to stay for a chat, read a poem and more.

The PFI and FoF online gathering for World Bee Day is in Jitsi. A link will follow in due time.


Morgana Post number 26317 Posted: 18th May 2020     Subject: Last minute call b-day
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LAST MINUTE CALL B-DAY [Very happy] [Very happy] [Very happy]

Dear PFI friends,

On May 20, 2020 PFI and Flame of Frith are organising:

World Bee Day May 20, 2020

Join us for this online event on Facebook: Bee Day celebration: ... ve_tab=about

From dawn till dusk, share your poems, stories, pictures, climate actions and more about and for our Bees or the PFI Forum

14:00/CET 13:00/ BST Agni Keeling 'Bees in the Ancient World'

19.30/CET: 18:30/ BST Online Bee Day Ritual and Poetry Reading

The JITSI link will be announced HERE on the forum page

Happy B’ Day!

#Beehonestcosmetics #worldbeeday
Morgana Post number 26321 Posted: 20th May 2020     Subject: Happy Bee Day!
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Happy Bee Day!

14:00 - 14:30 CET 13:00 - 13:30 BST (British Summer Time)
Presentation "Bees in the Ancient World" - Agni Keeling 🐝💕🐝

19:30/CET 18:30/BST is the online bee ritual:

The link to the meeting is:

See also:
Morgana Post number 26326 Posted: 25th May 2020     Subject:
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We weren't the only ones celebrating World Bee-day:

It’s World Bee Day!
Manny Tejeda-Moreno By Manny Tejeda-Moreno | May 20, 2020

Happy World Bee Day!

To raise awareness about pollinators ad the threats faced by them, the United National General Assembly adopted May 20 as World Bee Day in 2017,
inviting all member states and civil society to celebrate and raise awareness about bees and other pollinators. The UN notes that “the goal is to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees and other pollinators, which would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate hunger in developing countries. ”

The 2017 declaration establishing World Bee Day recognized the fundamental contribution bees and other pollinators make regarding
sustainable food production which is linked to many aspects of human health, livelihood, and the elimination of poverty.

World Bee Day is also intended to express concern about the range of human activities endangering many pollinators worldwide including
the intensive agricultural practices that rely on the use of pesticides, the increasing amounts of pollution, and the extensive changes in land use
that alter not only the availability of flowers but also fragment the ecosystem.

The declaration further recognizes “the contribution of the ecosystem services provided by bees and other pollinators to ecosystem health
by safeguarding the state of biodiversity, species and genetic diversity. ”

This year World Bee Day focuses on the “good practices adopted by beekeepers to support their livelihoods and deliver good quality products. ”

The United Nations notes, “Bees are under threat. Present species extinction rates are 100 to 1,000 times higher than normal due to human impacts.
Close to 35 percent of invertebrate pollinators, particularly bees and butterflies, and about 17 percent of vertebrate pollinators, such as bats, face extinction globally. ”

Pagans have always been a fondness for bees. We even have our own beekeeping group on Facebook.

To celebrate World Bee Day, we did a round-up of some bee news from around the world.

* * *

There was some very good news from Florida last month. The “ultra-rare” metallic blue calamintha bee was re-discovered on the
Lake Wales Ridge by a post-doctoral researcher with Florida Museum of Natural History.

First described in 2011, scientists had been unsure if the bee still existed. But Chase Kimmel, who re-discovered
the blue calamintha, said in a press release, “I was open to the possibility that we may not find the bee at all
so that first moment when we spotted it in the field was really exciting. ”

Kimmel had been living at the Archbold Biological Station on the Ridge that hosts numerous species found nowhere else.
The bee is highly specialized depending on a threatened plant called Ashe’s calamint also found only in this region.
The Lake Wales Ridge is “a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot and one of the nation’s fastest-disappearing ecosystems,
according to a 2015 U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service report. ”

The blue calamintha bee is believed to live only in the Lake Wales Ridge region of Central Florida,
one of the fastest-disappearing ecosystems in the U. S. (Photo: Chase Kimmel via Florida Museum of Natural History]

Florida’s State Wildlife Action Plan now lists the metallic blue bee, whose scientific name is Osmia calaminthae,
as a “species of greatest conservation need” and the project on which Kimmel assists that is funded by
the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission “could help determine whether it qualifies for protection under the Endangered Species Act. ”

(Read on... ) ... af-238023049

A ceremonial celebration of the Apian Beeing
Mantra of the Bee Goddess
Artist: Layne Redmond
Album: Hymns From the Hive
Licensed to YouTube by
CD Baby; CD Baby Sync Publishing

See: ... ure=emb_logo
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