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Planet of Humans

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Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26263 Posted: 25th April 2020     Subject: Planet of Humans
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This is a very powerful and moving piece of film. Yes it's an hour 40 in length, but that time you spend watching will influence the way you view the world. Hopefully we can all work together to make Mother Earth a lasting home for humans. ... ;app=desktop

Every day needs to be Earth Day.
We only have one.

Out among the trees,
Mike the Blacksmith
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26269 Posted: 29th April 2020     Subject:
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Here is a video on the video.
It must have some people very upset.

Make every day Earth Day,
Mike the Blacksmith
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26282 Posted: 6th May 2020     Subject:
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Another news clip and interview on Planet of Humans
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26332 Posted: 28th May 2020     Subject:
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The powers that be wanted the film gone. ... be-copyright

Michael Moore’s controversial documentary “Planet of the Humans” has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright dispute.

The filmmaker executive produced the documentary along with Jeff Gibbs, who issued a statement calling the removal from YouTube a “blatant act of censorship. ” The film was streaming for free on YouTube and asked questions about purported “green solutions” to fossil fuels, arguing that they offer only a false sense of progress on environmental issues and climate change. It posits that only addressing population growth and mass consumption will subvert an apocalyptic scenario.

According to Deadline, the movie was taken down after being viewed by more than 8 million people due to a copyright claim over a disputed four seconds of footage that comes up 37 minutes into the documentary.
Morgana Post number 26333 Posted: 30th May 2020     Subject:
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Hi Mike...

this is very sad and another way of keeping us all in the dark.
Do you know if it has been uploaded to another site... Vimeo, for example?

The clip you have included here - gives a little bit more of background information:

May 5, 2020
Michael Moore's documentary 'has exposed green energy as a fraud'
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26336 Posted: 31st May 2020     Subject:
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Here is another article on censoring views.

Distributed for free on YouTube, the film’s central argument is that the environmentalist movement, fattened by corporate donations, has become seduced by an industrialist delusion.

“The whole idea of the film was to ask a question – after fifty years of the environmentalist movement, how are we doing? ” recounts Moore. “It looks like, not very well. ”

Moore and Gibbs challenged the idea that both the planet and humankind’s current patterns of industrial production can be saved through the magic bullet of “renewable energy. ” The film shows lurid examples of various deceptions, like the oft-used trick of replacing coal plants with new natural gas plants, which are then called “clean” or “green, ” or the hideous trend of describing the burning of trees as a “renewable” energy source.

Environmentalists denounced the film as riddled with “lies” and “misinformation, ” claiming among other things that Moore used old data to discredit green technology. A campaign to remove the film from circulation immediately took shape.

“Within 24 hours of it going out on YouTube, people got to work on trying to take the film down, ” explains Moore. He immediately started hearing about emails denouncing the film that were being circulated to what seemed like “everyone on the left. ”

An “action letter” composed by environmentalist Josh Fox was circulated, describing the film as “dangerous, misleading, and destructive” and demanding an “immediate retraction. ” Films for Action, an online archive of progressive movies, initially bent to Fox’s demands by taking the film out of its library, only to put it back up a half-day later out of a desire to avoid a “messy debate about censorship. ”

An intense campaign of editorials followed, and a roughly month later, YouTube actually removed the film. The platform cited a four-second piece of footage shot by filmmaker Toby Smith that supposedly was a copyright infringement. Moore, who says all his films are “heavily lawyered, ” insists the footage was legal under Fair Use laws, which allow the use of portions of copyrighted work without the permission of the owner. (In one of many ironies, Fair Use laws have long been celebrated by progressives as an invaluable tool for journalists and artists).

https://taibbi.substack ... oring-humans
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26350 Posted: 4th June 2020     Subject:
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More talk on the pulled movie.
Rise of the Planet of the Humans (w/ Jeff Gibbs & Ozzie Zehner) | Rumble w Michael Moore podcast
Mike The Blacksmith Post number 26361 Posted: 7th June 2020     Subject: It"s back
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Back on YouTube
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