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On the subject of Science and Religion

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Mountain Post number 26115 Posted: 30th January 2020     Subject: On the subject of Science and Religion
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"Society is quick to accept the 'facts' presented by scientists. We easily forget that so much of science is mere theories and as such, Science is simply another form of religion, where it's scientists place blind faith in the theories and equations until they either prove them or replace them. It is comical to see the science 'fact' once studied in schools, rewritten with new qualifications for planets that cause an alteration to the solar system as we know it, and the big bang theory constantly subject to change and evolution. The pedagogical presentation of any aspect of scientific theory ought to have clarity in presenation to students, and should as such be taught as theory under the syllabus of religion and philosophy as it really is the largest religion in the world today and yet it is never questioned by the herd that place blind faith in the words of scientists."
Excerpt by ─srupr Cyneapsson
Book title 'The Left-hand of Odin'
Jochem Post number 26341 Posted: 1st June 2020     Subject: Excerpt?! Another summary
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I don't understand what this piece of text is trying to explain, so I searched on the internet for more information. There I found a very different summary of the book:

 In a revised, expanded, and re-set second edition, ─sru■r presents a clearer and more refined edition of this seminal study.

As supreme god of the Norse pantheon, Odin is a truly grey god as he blurs the polarised line between black and white magic and morality. Odin is the archetypal god of Nietzschean ideals. Cynea■sson assesses the roles of Odin as an archetypal god of the left-hand path and similarities between Odin and the Hindu Shiva amongst other deific archetypes.

Through an analysis of the left-hand path, morality and magic, Cynea■sson assesses the lore of Odin from Norse mythology in order to assess his function as an archetypal deity of the left-hand path.

Cynea■sson then presents an approach by which the magus of the left-hand path can redefine themselves and channel their will into magical work with results that manifest either externally or internally. Cynea■sson here offers a practical application of the Runes as an initiatory tool of the self which function as a set of keys to the deification of the self.

(Multiple sites of different bookshops gave this same summary, so I assume this is the summary provided by writer and/or publisher.)

This leaves my question about the text above. Where does it come from? What is it trying to explain? And what is the connection with the book mentioned?

Mountain, could you elaborate a bit more, please?
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