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Summer Solstice 2020

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Morgana Post number 26382 Posted: 17th June 2020     Subject: Summer Solstice 2020
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Chief Arvol Looking Horse ‘World Peace and Prayer Day: Honoring Sacred Sites June 21, 2020’

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” Maka akantula (People of the earth),

This is our 25th year in our efforts to bring attention to the importance of the remaining Sacred Sites around the world; where we have visited Nations and honored their ancestor’s place of worship. One day I would like to see “Honoring Sacred Sites Day, June 21st” recognized all over the world, when people will finally understand their importance. My personal direction and responsibility has been to pay attention to our prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. She said there would come a time when a sign would show where man’s behavior had gone too far in their destructive choices. And our Ancestors have shared from ceremony — “we warned – people would not be able to control what they have created. ”
“In 1994, the same year Global Warming was first announced, in Janesville Wisconsin, a white buffalo calf with black hooves, black nose and eyes was born. She was named Miracle. Many people came from the four directions to pay homage, because spiritual people knew this was a blessing and yet a warning. Since that time, many white animals around the world have revealed themselves to Nations that hold them important in their culture. Memories I recall through this 25 year journey; while with Aboriginal Nations in Australia, a white kangaroo came out of the bush during our ceremony, and being shown pictures of Migalo, the white whale, in the great waters. Many of these white animals are still coming, telling us to pay attention to the choices we have to make, to change our behavior. This attention is to respect the gifts from Mother Earth, to respect one another’s way of life in helping to protect Sacred Sites, bring respect back to Nation’s sacred spiritual items and ceremonies that are now being abused.

We will come together once again during this time, but now we are being asked to stand apart, in order to be safe. We are told we need to keep distance if we respect one another – because a dark spirit has come upon us that is causing much suffering for all humanity. In this present time there is a lot of anger, hatred and racism. We need to create change in all our lives and respect one another’s ways of prayer. We know in our hearts that good will always overcome if we stand in unity.

Some of the places where we have created a sacred fire will be able to join us during this time. We will visit them through technology, where they will share what they have witnessed since our visit to their territory.

I humbly ask people to join together in prayer for a great healing, even by lighting a candle within your home and offer tobacco outside to the earth to give thanks.

These are now the crossroads: either be faced with global disasters, earth changes, climate changes, different sicknesses causing tears from our relatives eyes – or we can unite spiritually, globally – All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.

In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!
It is time all People understand Mother Earth is the Source of life, not a resource.

Onipiktec’a (that we shall live),
Chief Arvol Looking Horse”

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Morgana Post number 26383 Posted: 17th June 2020     Subject:
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World Peace and Prayer Day/ WPPD

All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer.

White Buffalo Calf...
Following the birth of a White Buffalo Calf in 1994, the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations, Arvol Looking Horse, was directed to honor the Four Directions with ceremony on June 21st. According to Lakota Star Knowledge, the birth of Miracle, a female white buffalo, signaled a time of earth changes and the coming of the mending of the Hoop of All Nations. The Summer Solstice is said to be a powerful time to pray for peace and harmony among all Living Beings. Mother Earth’s gifts, the air, water plant, animal and rock nations must be allowed to heal if we are to live in harmony with Her.

All Nations recognize Sacred Sites as Places to gather or perform private ceremony. For countless generations these Sites were honored, cherished and strengthened through ceremony and Our Mother remained healthy. To ensure the lives of future generations for all our relations, we must begin again to honor, cherish and renew Our Mother.

In addition to a main gathering at a sacred site chosen each year, we ask others to join us at their own sacred sites as well as in their churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other places of prayer.

Please let us know where you'll be on June 21st.

http://www.worldpeacean ... -VJ8rgUEN_KQ
Morgana Post number 26394 Posted: 22nd June 2020     Subject: Solstice blessings from The Wild Hunt
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Solstice blessings from The Wild Hunt
The Wild Hunt By The Wild Hunt | June 20, 2020

TWH – Today in the northern hemisphere we honor the abundant light and in the southern hemisphere the returning light. This year the solstice occurs today, June 20, 2020, at 21:44 UTC – which is 5:44 PM here at The Wild Hunt world headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The summer solstice is marked by a variety of Pagan traditions, and the TWH team is celebrating with our community. In the northern hemisphere, the Earth’s tilt faces the sun, while the far south is covered in darkness, and both are moments that are meaningful in science and spirit.

read more... ... -hunt-2.html
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