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Woodland Trust/ Tree Surgery

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Morgana Post number 25547 Posted: 10th April 2019     Subject: Woodland Trust/ Tree Surgery
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New for 2019
woodland trustWe welcome the Woodland Trust and the brand new feature, the Tree Surgery.

Set amongst a collection of native woodland trees, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity will have their own dedicated area at the Show. With talks every day from experts, as well as one to ones where you can come and chat about all manner of tree related queries, the Woodland Trust team are on hand to help.

Whether you’ve got a burning question about tree disease and pests, want to know a little bit more about bio security or simply need a steer on the best trees for all manner of gardens, someone will be able to help. The tree experts will be leaving their usual jobs in conservation and as woodland site and estate managers for the Show to make sure you get the advice you need.
https://www.bbcgardener ... tree-surgery?

The membership team will also be there to explain more about the work of the Woodland Trust, why we all need trees and how you can help create a UK rich in native trees and woodlands by increasing the number of trees in the ground. So make sure to come along to hear a talk and have your questions answered!

Timetable / at the Birmingham NEC 13 June - 16 June 2019... read on here:
utm_campaign=2329059_13483_Gardeners_World_Live&utm_medium=email&utm_source=woodlandtrust&dm_i=2D76,1DX43,8ZN1SL, 4LEKA, 1

TICKETS here: https://www.theticketfa ... 1.1554885236
Morgana Post number 26304 Posted: 12th May 2020     Subject:
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I recently support the Woodland Trust and they sent this link:
See video message:
Hi, I'm Darren Moorcroft and I have the privilege to be the chief executive of the Woodland Trust. Now I hope you are able to stay safe and well during these turbulent times. And perhaps during these times more than ever the work of the Woodland Trust is important.

We're standing up for woods and trees, up and down the UK. As well as reconnecting people with nature. Now that could be taking their daily exercise in one of our local woods, or simply being inspired to get out into the garden to see the spring colours. And also to see the birds, the bees and the butterflies. That's a tonic for all of us at any time of the year, not just periods of lockdown, and we're able to do that for society as part of the support you give us.

As a lead campaigner though, you know the most important habitats in the UK include ancient woodland. They're nature's cathedrals, our crown jewels. They've been standing for centuries and we have to protect them at all costs. If we lose them, we lose them forever. And we've lost too many already. The Woodland Trust stands alongside you in order to protect these incredibly important habitats. But it's only with your support and your lending of your voice that we are able to stand so strong. Your passion and commitment is something that we take energy from and are able to use in our advocacy.

We've seen benefits coming through the National Planning Policy Framework that you helped to support, to campaign for. But also at local levels, where sites have been protected from destruction. We know there will be fights to come and we need as many in the battle as possible. With you alongside us, we can make a real difference.

But it's not only ancient woodland, we need campaigns around climate change. We're in a climate change emergency, where we need action. We've heard talk of 1.5 billion new trees being required. And we need to campaign to make sure that they're the right trees in the right place. That way they'll make the right difference, both for people and for nature.

Only with your support will we be able to make the biggest differences we can. In doing so, we will be able to protect what we've had for centuries, and keep it there for future generations. As well as create new, in order to make a new generation see woods and trees in the same way and with the same passion as we do. So, thank you for your support, please stay in touch with us. You'll see activities in emails that the rest of the organisation has been doing as part of standing up for woods and trees.

With your support, and that of many others, we can go from strength to strength. So, thank you. Please stay safe and I look forward to the time when we can all be out in those ancient woodlands. Enjoying the colour, enjoying the birds, enjoying the bees, enjoying the butterflies, and all the other animals that call that special place home. Thank you.

https://www.woodlandtru ... N1SL,5DH0E,1

And the brilliant Webcam footage of the Osprey: ... =emb_rel_end
Morgana Post number 26399 Posted: 23rd June 2020     Subject:
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This is so nice to follow... from the Woodland Trust

"What a fantastic dad Louis is. Usually, he brings in three or four fish to the Loch Arkaig nest each day, but on Thursday 18th June he brought in a whopping nine! He's a master fisherman and is helping keep the whole family healthy and strong.
At 06.45 Louis does a quick flypast before landing on the nest with a fine whole trout at 06.45.47. Aila sits squeaking away, covering the three bobs, and has an occasional nibble on the discarded eggshell, allowing Louis to eat the head, before moving in and taking the fish from him.

Video taken from ©Woodland Trust nest cam streaming live 24/7, funded by People's Postcode Lottery, wifi by Locheilnet, watch live here:
Morgana Post number 26590 Posted: 19th October 2020     Subject: The Big Climate Fightback The threat we all face...
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The Big Climate Fightback
The threat we all face from climate change hasn’t gone away.
And trees are still our strongest warriors.
Find out how you can join our climate change army and help get 50 million more trees in the ground over the next five years.

https://www.woodlandtru ... htback-film/

In 2019 the world finally woke up to the climate emergency.
We felt united towards a common goal.
One year later the news agenda has changed…
But the threat we all face from climate change hasn’t gone away.

And trees are still our strongest warriors.
Last autumn, the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback inspired people everywhere to join the fight.
By working together, we showed how small actions can make a big difference.

Now the Woodland Trust needs you to join our climate change army and be part of this year’s Big Climate Fightback.
Help us get millions more trees in the ground by planting your own, using your voice to speak out, or making a donation.

Because Every Tree Counts. [Very happy]
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