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Shopping during a Pandemic

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ChristopherBlackwell Post number 26234 Posted: 2nd April 2020     Subject: Shopping during a Pandemic
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Shopping during a Pandemic.

Interesting how a little thing like shopping changes during the pandemic. First the panic buying and you wonder what is so enticing about toilet paper. The first two weeks you literally could not find a way to buy it. While going to the bank which will not let you inside, tshe drive through portion only was open, you note some women going inside with to toilet paper. So you learn where they got it, as some dollar store, and get to buy you first toilet paper in two weeks.

Our local super market did 300% sales for two week. Great for profits, but resupply becomes tricky, because so has every other supermarket in the country. Not so great for the employees, who either had to restock, or man the cash registers during the insanity. Remember like doctors, they are literally on the front lines, and this is for minimum wages, along with the fear of being exposed to the virus.

Success in shopping is literally if you can buy most of what you went to shop for, or if there were at least substitutes for what you normally bought. Excitement was for when you found something that had not been available for two weeks, such as carrots in my case. Frustration is when one of your popular foods is apparently everybody elseís favorite food as well. In my case canned ranch style beans, which my supermarket has not been able to order nearly a month.

Pride is when you have not done any of the panic buying yourself. My normal buying, lets me stock up the two canned items that I buy by three case loads each. The store gives me ten percent off by doing so. So even if I miss week of shopping Iím not likely to run out of food, but just have my diet rather limited for a bit until my next shopping trip.

So enjoy the new strategies of shopping, the surprises, the excitement, the disappointments, but donít get too offended by the extra effort. Instead remember those who cannot buy at all for having lost a job, or just being to poor. If you still can shop at the supermarket, then you are one of the lucky ones. Some do not have that option at all, literally many millions of them.


Wisdom is what is left after you have done all the dumb stuff
Tysonwang Post number 26280 Posted: 5th May 2020     Subject:
Totally agree with you. That's why I am purchasing groceries and other necessary items by using online brands coupons . This store is giving exclusive discount on each purchase.
Morgana Post number 26283 Posted: 6th May 2020     Subject:
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Hallo Tysonwang,

As a new member, please introduce yourself before posting.
Haroldhulbert Post number 26354 Posted: 4th June 2020     Subject:
Exactly, Shopping in this pandemic situation is too hard. But finally My favorite online store offering Father's day coupon codes. So Right now I am thinking to buy many products from here that I can't purchase during the lockdown. List of Things I will buy.
1- X-box for my kid
2-Leather jacket for my dad,
3- Shoes for my wife,
4-Clothes for myself [Laughing]
Nialcoxworth Post number 26423 Posted: 7th July 2020     Subject:
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Avajohn Post number 26672 Posted: 26th November 2020     Subject:
Interesting Topic! It's a major problem for all who are already stuck in home during pandemic situation, i was also stuck at home during lock down, but that time i bought many items from online stores, one of the best i recently bought my winter leather jacket on Thanksgiving sale 2020 it's really good, we don't know about, how long pandemic situation is more but everyone must enjoy at home doing some online shopping playing different home games.
Morgana Post number 26676 Posted: 30th November 2020     Subject:
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Hi Avajohn,

Could you please introduce yourself before posting?
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