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Sybil Leek

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Morgana Post number 24855 Posted: 29th August 2018     Subject: Sybil Leek
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Here is an interesting interview with Sybil

The Witch (Episode 2)
Topics Occult sciences., Witchcraft., Leek, Sybil, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982
Contributor Harry Pollard, Producer; Sybil Leek, Speaker; Geraldine Diepeveen, Speaker; Michele Greenhill, Speaker; Tiger Slavik, Speaker
Language English

Sybil Leek, journalist, writer and lecturer, and witch, meets the panel
consisting of Geraldine Diepeveen, Michele Greenhill, and Tiger Slavik,
housewives and apprentice witches. They discuss the ancient, pre-Christian
occult religion of witchcraft, which involves acceptance of a power greater
than one's self, and the idea of reincarnation. They discuss ceremonies, why
the religion doesn't try to recruit more believers, common ground between
witches and scientists, Sybil's book "Diary of a witch," governmental use of
telepathy, black magic, learning through an oral tradition and apprenticeship
under a guru, meditation, psychic healing and her battles with the American
Medical Association, the etymology of "knocking on wood," unconscious memory,
LSD, reincarnation, ghosts, astrology, growing acceptance of witchcraft, the
use of religion in life, and more. The panel presses Sybil with questions,
but there is also a lot of communion and laughter. At the end of the program,
the host asks each panelist for their assessment of their guest. Produced and
moderated by Harry Pollard. ... es-BB4485.02
Thunderspider Malta Post number 26667 Posted: 25th November 2020     Subject: Sybil Leek
So pleased to see Sybil Leek mentioned here.

The first time I ever heard of her, I was in High School. I found a book by her and I had never heard of her before.

I no longer remember the exact words, but in her book she said if you really want something you must imagine everything about it.
This was visualization of course----but it was something new for me.

I always kept her words in mind and they often came in handy.

Nothing happens without a reason
Morgana Post number 26671 Posted: 26th November 2020     Subject:
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Hi Thunderspider

I met people 'downline' from Sybil in 2018 - Harrisberg, Pennsylvania.
And saw much of the archive material they have.

Sybil's history is remarkable. She was immensely popular and appeared on a number of talkshows.

This is hilarious:
To Tell the Truth - Witch; Author of "The Secret of Cooking for Dogs" (Apr 13, 1964)

I am still in touch with the folk in the US - so if you have any questions about Sybil... I am more than happy to pass them on.

Bright Blessings,
Thunderspider Malta Post number 26673 Posted: 26th November 2020     Subject: Sybil Leek
Dear Morgana,

Thank you for the link to: To Tell the Truth.

I knew it was No 3, since I recognized her right away.

I can't think of anything right now that I would need to ask about her.

Just wanted to mention how much she had influenced me.


Nothing happens without a reason
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