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What is the Seekers Corner?

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Morgana Post number 7203 Posted: 7th October 2009     Subject: What is the Seekers Corner?
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The Seekers Corner is a place where seekers of different pagan and heathen paths can ask for teachers
and/or guides for help and inspiration.

Teachers & guides can respond publicly via this sub forum or privately.

Seekers please state clearly what you are looking for and whether you are willing to travel.

Please note this is not the place to advertise courses, wares or books.
"Marketplace" is the place for that kind of general promotion.
Seekers Corner is more specific and intended to create a meeting place for those who are serious about learning more about a specific path.
Most teachers will be giving private tuition.

Thanks and happy seeking [Very happy]

Dagda Segais Post number 7424 Posted: 27th October 2009     Subject:
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Failte/Hello Everyone,

My internet name is Dagda and I am a Gardnerian in Netherland.
At present I am too busy to do any extra teaching but hopefully next year when Boann and I return to Ireland we will begin teaching and giving Wicca 101 courses over there.

I must admit I thought that there would be more interest in the Seeker' Corner. I had hoped that it would help open the doors of communication between the genuine seekers and helpful teachers throughout Europe, or that it would at least spark the interest and curiosity of both seekers and teachers into its possible uses. Any seekers interested in Wicca may contact me or Morgana and we will try to put you in contact with good teachers that are near you.

Slainte/Good Health

Remember if you don't try you will never know what could have been achieved.
Nuisance Value Post number 7435 Posted: 27th October 2009     Subject:
Maybe you should write a new post here where you describe what you can teach, to whom, etc? You say you are surprised by the lack of response, I was surprised not to read a post offering Wiccan teaching in this section [Smile].

Dagda Segais Post number 7452 Posted: 28th October 2009     Subject:
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Failte/Hi Nuisance,

I hope you are well, Boann and I have taught numerous courses on Wicca, Paganism, Meditation, Celtic Reconstruction, etc, throughout Europe in the last few years
At present we have only just finished teaching a Wicca 101 course in Amsterdam and are going to Ireland for the Feile Draoicht/Magic Festival in Dublin this weekend.
With our present committments and our future up and coming move to Ireland next year we haven't time to do any extra teaching at present.

However for the last thirty years Morgana, Merlin and the people from Silver Circle have ran and are presently running numerous courses on Wicca and Paganism here in Netherland.
Perhaps we can get them to post here what they do course wise along with other Wiccan groups from the Netherland and Europe in general.

Dagda [Smile]
Frigga Asraaf Post number 7459 Posted: 29th October 2009     Subject:
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When people who consider themself to be teachers have conditions as genuine and honorable I consider it wise if they would make it clear what their defenition of these things are! Any conditions one has should be made clear before hand.

#frith #vlamvoorvrede #flameoffrith #flammedesfriendens
Dagda Segais Post number 7461 Posted: 29th October 2009     Subject:
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Failte Alu,

A valid point Alu I agree with you that the conditions of teaching, what will be taught and what is expected of both the Teacher and Student should be thoroughly explained and discussed beforehand between all of those involved in the training.
Also it might be an idea to mention The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame here so that those new to this both teachers and students can learn of any danger signs from dishonourable teachers and seekers.

Morgana Post number 7469 Posted: 30th October 2009     Subject:
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Thanks Dagda for the plug...

I will try and sort something out this weekend.
Was slightly busy with Halloween preparations/celebrations. [Sunshine]
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