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Fruits of Yggdrasil, Freya Aswynn - 19-09-09 London

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Morgana Post number 5984 Posted: 16th June 2009     Subject: Fruits of Yggdrasil, Freya Aswynn - 19-09-09 London
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'A Prince of Our Disorder'

London 19.09.09:
We proudly present the first and perhaps only live performance of this Unique work over twenty years after it first release. Freya Aswynn and Patrick.L. will take the stage to bring to life
The power and beauty of the Fruits. Patrick L. has re-recorded a whole new music score for this event and will back Freya's vocals with a variety of Instruments and percussion.

Yggdrasil is the cosmic ash tree, it is Odin's steed and gallows from whence the runes were delivered to the world. It is the tree of life, a complexity of meanings enlarged and enriched by the music of this CD. The music and lyrics on 'Fruits' are a means of initiation into the Northern mysteries. Patrick's powerful thunderous and sensitive backing music to Freya's spoken and chanted poetry and runecalls capture absolutely the elemental magick and energies of the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse mysteries and the shamanic energy of the Runes. The music ranges from conveying the maelstrom of a curse (Nithing) to the delicate melodic harp tracery of a hymn of praise to Wodan. Leading off with Havamal, Freya's intonation of the eddic poem ' the hymn of the high words' the eighteen runecalls vibrated powerfully into the aether, patrick music giving the words of magick and invocation a spirit of authentic and eldrich power. Whether martial cacophony of percussion, or delightfully melodic (as on North star) the whole of the 'Fruits' has the hallmark of a genuine grimoire. Here is magick of intent, a synthesis of fire and ice, a reminder that these elder beings are not dead! They can be rekindled to interweave once again with our wills and desires. Just listen to the spirited swirling majesty to end ' Ragnarok'. Surely proof enough that the elder beings will live again after the end time...

See for more information:
Nuisance Value Post number 6020 Posted: 19th June 2009     Subject:
Oooh, why am I not a millionaire that I could easily travel all around...

Morgana Post number 6724 Posted: 26th August 2009     Subject: Freya at Treadwells 25-09-909
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Meeting Rune Mistress Freya Aswynn: Life with Odin, the Volvas and Rune Magic
25 September (Friday)
7.15 for 7.30 start £5.00

Freya Aswynn is a key figure in the latest renaissance in rune magic and germanic-inspitred mystery practices. She shot to fame with the publication of The Leaves of Yggdrasil and her debut album Fruits of Yggdrasil in the late 1980s. Through the 1990s, living in London, she developed and disseminated her work with a tenacity that took the whole of Britian by storm. She published and worked experientially in a potent, individualised practice of female-empowered Asatru. Few people, indeed few female magicians of any era, can have been as influential as she was on the preoccupations of a community. In some sense, one could say she has been to the Runes what Timothy Leary was to LSD. Freya Aswynn now lives in Spain, but is back in the UK briefly, during which time she will be appearing at Treadwell's for one night only. Those who have met her will know she emanates pride, intensity, intelligence and utter conviction. Tonight she is interviewed by Christina Oakley Harrington, who invites her to talk about her vision of the runes, her feelings about female magical power, and about the values of her spriritual path. Questions from the audience will be taken too, at this rare audience with a living legend. Book early as places are even more limited than usual.
Note: this interview may be filmed; audience members will not appear, and there should be little or no disruption.

34 Tavistock St., Covent Garden WC2E 7PB

'To sign up for an event, ring with card details, 020 7240 8906. Payment in person to the shop in opening hours also welcome. All evening talks are followed by drinks. More events and shop info on
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