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Raising your children into a pagan tradition

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Faol cu Post number 9353 Posted: 5th March 2010     Subject: Raising your children into a pagan tradition
as a sollitaire pagan i'm not used to celebrate with many people, but now i have a daughter and i have celebrated here name-giving when she was 6 months old, it was a very personal celebration with only a few friends and relatives pressent. but now i wonder what's next, how do i celebrate the other milestones in her life? does anyone have any experience in this matter?
Almathya Post number 12044 Posted: 27th December 2010     Subject:
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I am not a mother (yet) but I do have coven sisters who are. If you wish, you can mail me your question to and refer to this discussion here (provide a link to it).
donīt know if you can open this link (since itīs a discussion posted on facebook, but give it a try), hereīs a very nice piece about pagan parenting:!/topic. php? uid=4843209804&topic=19261

And I also found a publication about growing up pagan, so you might want to dig into searching literature about it. [Smile]
Hereīs the book I found: ... p/0764331434

BB, Almathya
Kerian Post number 12768 Posted: 6th April 2011     Subject: The old way
Hi Faol Cu,

Here is a little trick that almost always works in cases of "how do I proceed as a pagan?": you imagine to be living 2100 years ago. Now I do not know if you are Flemish, but if you are... imagine what Ambiorix' wife would have done. How she would have raised her children and how she would have prepared them for the rites of passage.
But please note that rites of passage are there to prepare children for a new period in their life, so you would need to actually prepare them for that new period. The schools basically "coincide" with those periods: the ages of 6, 12, ! 8 are not necessarily invented by Christians. Six is the age where children can get tasks in the household and start learning in a structured manner, 12 is the start of puberty and 18 should be the start of adult life.
With a bit of creativity and surfing you can find nice rituals to prepare your children for every step along the way [Smile] Good luck!

Marco Nektan Post number 13668 Posted: 6th September 2011     Subject:
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Dear Faol cu,

I was raised in family that practice traditional witchcraft, and also i was dedicated sins i was a little child. All my life i was listening the great stories about Forest Mother (the major force from Balkan Traditional Witchcraft), and other forces (divine powers that exist in our mythology, the Gods and Goddesses), about legends, omens and customs, I have watching how my great ant perform rituals on the major holidays, how my grandfather perform healing and spirit invocations... They have teach me how to chant and how to invoke forces when i need help in my life...
After some time they pass away, and i was the only witch in the family, so i start searching for others and to learn more (we dont use grimoars or book of shadows)... In all my journey i meet some new pagan mothers and they also had this kind of topic, so we start debating about raising the child in pagan or witch family - the question was so complicated... and then i meet one American witch, and i have asked her this question - how to raise the child by the pagan values? - so she say to me - teach them that they must take responsibility for all they acts (like- harm non, do what you will)... I hop i haw been helpful!

p.s. sorry about my english, it's easier for me when i speak [Smile]

May the forces bless you and your child!!!

Being Wild, being Free...
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