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Merlin Sythove Post number 423 Posted: 25th December 2007     Subject: Forum updates
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Forum updates

General announcements of updates and changes to the forum software.
Merlin Sythove Post number 424 Posted: 25th December 2007     Subject:
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The developments for this PFI forum are in full swing.

There were four major areas of development planned:
  1. An extensively expanded and rewritten member page that would allow the full PFI administration to take place on this forum, and give users direct access to their own PFI record. This is the last bit that needs to be finished.
  2. Integration of the user group pages and the member pages to streamline code and allow for more options. This part is now more or less ready.
  3. Development of a mass email page and member address download page to facilitate mass mailings and snail mailings too. This part too is more or less ready
  4. A couple of dozen small enhancements that would allow officer functions to be recognised (NC's, Regional administrators, International Coordinator etc.). These are implemented.
These enhancements will allow the existing forum software and existing design of user groups to be used for the PFI.

In broad outlines, this is how the PFI administration will work:
  • PFI members are (automatically and/or manually) assigned to special forum user groups (called "regions") for example PFI Nederland.
  • The group administrator of such a region takes care of all the member administration for his/her user group. This includes updating member records, sending out emails and announcements to their own group etc.
  • Individual PFI members can always log in (separate of being a forum member or not) to see and edit their own user account, for example to change their address.
  • Each region user group also has a supervisor, the International Coordinator, who has view-only access to the user group records, and can send out mass emails to all region user groups
In spite of the simplicity of this overview, a myriad of possible combinations of who can see and/or edit what, must be examined and tested, so I expect this part to have some minor errors that will show themselves in time.

I will keep you posted on the developments. The next set of changes will be uploaded some time this week, they include the mass email pages and the enhanced user group pages.
Merlin Sythove Post number 640 Posted: 18th February 2008     Subject:
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Upgrade to version 2.0.23

The core phpBB software has been upgraded to version 2.0.23
Obsidian Post number 674 Posted: 24th February 2008     Subject:
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hi Merlin,

good job with the forum.

i think the colour scheme sub_emerald needs some tuning. In emerald it is very hard to see where one posts ends and a reply begins.
Merlin Sythove Post number 681 Posted: 24th February 2008     Subject:
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Can you send me an image and show me the problem?
Obsidian Post number 683 Posted: 24th February 2008     Subject:
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the picture shows the very faint green between the posts, which is hardly visible.
a bit darker would distinguish more between the posts.

(I mean the line between the buttons: Profile / PM/email and the next post, starting with <name> posted:... )


Merlin Sythove Post number 684 Posted: 24th February 2008     Subject:
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I'll make a note. I find it quite visible, but I must admit that if people have the contrast on their screen turned high it may disappear.
Obsidian Post number 686 Posted: 24th February 2008     Subject:
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thanks [Smile]
Merlin Sythove Post number 2111 Posted: 30th May 2008     Subject:
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New features

New features have been added, notably to the posting screen, new bbcodes, expanded bbcodes, saving drafts. Please report things that don't work properly!


Beauty matters
Merlin Sythove Post number 2156 Posted: 4th June 2008     Subject:
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Maestro! Music!

A new feature from Merlin's Software / that allows you to add MP3 files into your posts, either as direct link or using the URL bbcode. The feature then appends a play button to it, that allows you to play, pause and stop playback. Playback is streamed so it starts very quickly. You can still click the link to download the file to your own computer if you would rather do that. Tooltips give explanation.

Harmony Glen


Hint: If you're wondering how it is done, press the quote button to inspect how this message is put together!

Beauty matters
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